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"Yanwei Raiders" is a promotion for a career person!


Recently, Yu's new drama "Yanlan Raiders" is really a mess. The madman opened the video with a curious mind, and did not expect to watch the twenty episodes.

It seems to be a Qing opera, but how do madmen feel vaguely familiar? That's right! "Yanlan Raiders" is now, it is a story of a workplace person entering the workplace to play bosses! Do not believe, look!

Workplace version of "Zhangyu Raiders"

The story takes place in the largest company in the Qing Dynasty, the Forbidden City.

On this day, the Forbidden City recruited a number of design interns. The leaders in the group took them around the company to get familiar with the environment.

The one with the protagonist's aura in the intern is Wei Wei. She is about to become a designer, she changed her English name Vivian.

After less than a month in the group, Vivan was loved by the design director because he was able to work overtime.

So the director handed over a big case to her, which was to embroider a birthday present for the company's second-largest boss, Queen Empress.

Due to her ability to be outstanding, Vivian was embarrassed by other interns in the same period and stole her project budget.

Witty, she remembered that the boss was very diligent and saved, and quickly replaced the ordinary materials, and finally handed over the work before the deadline.

On this day, she left the leader alone to come to the scene.

Among other opponents, there are more people who are stupid.

Have good insights and understand the pain of the boss.

There is also a very hard background, I don’t want to cooperate, it’s purely a boss.

Fortunately, Vivan's reply to the manuscript is very exciting. She first boasted the boss first.

Again, there is an argument, "This is what you said."

Finally, I moved out of my ancestors and spoke with history.

This saying that the boss is a singer, successfully won the boss's favorite.

Due to the excellent performance of the draft, Vivian successfully turned positive and was transferred to the more central department - Changchun Palace. It has become a different fireworks than other interns.

Have you seen?

This is not a living

Conquer the boss with a small cost idea

Do you have a classic case of blaming a promotion?

As for the story behind

If you change the line, you won’t give it to everyone.

I wish everyone will meet the same boss as Fucha Queen.

Always treated with tenderness by customers

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