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What is the best homosexual feeling?


If a gay-themed movie, the two boys did not come together, would you feel pity?

In "Farewell My Concubine", Cheng Dieyi finally did not make a positive result with Duan Xiaolou; in "Spring Breeze", Li Yaohui finally left He Baorong.

These stories are somewhat embarrassing.

The Thai film that I want to share today, "The Love of Siam", the two protagonists inside, still did not come to the end.

But the ending is not sad at all.

"Siamese Love" tells a very simple story. The protagonists Mew and Tong are friends they met when they were young, and later separated because of moving;

After a few years of meeting, Tong’s father lost his daughter and was in a downturn. Mew found June, who looks like Tong’s sister, helping Tong’s father out of the downturn.

The feelings of the two boys gradually came to the surface after the encounter.

The feelings between them are probably the best gay love I have ever seen.

The relationship between Tong and Mew is pure and clean. The most intuitive embodiment is the biggest scale of the whole movie, but it is a kiss between the two.

Compared with Mew, Tong's sexual orientation is not clear from the beginning. It has gone through a process from ambiguity to gradual discovery and finally firm choice.

Before I met Mew again, Tong’s girlfriend asked him, “Do you want to continue to associate with me?”

Tong replied, "I don't know."

This is more like his answer to his sexual orientation. "I don't know if I like men or women."

But Mew gave him the answer.

Their feelings are like a Platonic love. In the movie, Mew and Tong are lying on the bed, Mew said. "Is it possible? I won't love anyone, so I will live alone."

But he didn't really think so. It's just that Tong is more clear about his sexual orientation than Tong, so he will be alone.

Mew is lonely, and Tong is also.

Mew once asked Tong, "If you love someone very much, when he is gone, can we really afford it?"

Mew's problem seems to imply his own sexual orientation. Because I know that I am gay, I know that when I like a person, I have a high probability that I can't go to the end.

But when Tong and he said, "I can't be with you, but that doesn't mean I don't love you." He just smiled and said, "Thank you."

Probably he finally understood that the relationship that sustains them is the understanding and companionship given by the other party when they are lonely and lonely, rather than possession.

It really confirms the sentence of Chai Jing, "Love is the attitude of one soul to another."

Many people comment that this is actually more than just a gay movie.

Because it has a deeper meaning, love.

In the movie, the feelings of Tong and Mew were the biggest obstacles, from Tong's mother.

Because of the loss of her daughter, Tong’s father used to drink alcohol all the time, and has been struggling to support this family. It is Tong’s mother.

In the movie, she always wears a sleek professional attire, her eyes are sharp and firm, and she never speaks. To a certain extent, she is not a likable character, but it is a character that people can't hate.

She opposed the feelings of Tong and Mew. Like many traditional parents, “I hope my son has a normal future”, but she has another reason to be sad. “I have lost my daughter, Tong is My only hope."

In Tong eventually "Little Boy" jewelry pendant, hung on the Christmas tree, meaning when his sexual orientation, she said, "you think to choose the best of it."

She is like a mother who can be seen in our lives, trying her best to make a fragmented home as complete as possible.

Although her approach is not necessarily correct. But true love is always right, so in the end, she chose tolerance and understanding.

There is also a girl Ying in the movie, who secretly loves Mew.

The love curse in the book says that the person's hair is put into the ragdoll, and he will not open it for three days, and the person he likes will like himself. Ying actually believed, and practiced it.

She is like Mew, just like the first boy who likes most girls when they are in the first place, simple and romantic.

But emotionally, she is different from the maturity of the girl. When she found out that Mew liked the boy, it was Tong, she chose the blessing.

" Because I love you, I hope you are happy" is probably the best description of her.

Her love is great.

In the movie, there is a very important metaphor.

Mew had a little puppet with a missing nose, and later Tong sent the nose of his little puppet. When Mew took home, he found that the size of the nose was not suitable.

Implying that the relationship between them is not appropriate from the beginning.

I once read a comment, "In life, homosexuality is not easy. I hope that in the movie, they can have a good ending."

But a good ending is not necessarily that the protagonist must be made into a positive result.

Just like the relationship between Tong and Mew, it is actually very good.

" I may not be with you, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. "

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