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What are the benefits of raising a house?


This is a house built for a middle-class family. Located in Seoul, South Korea, at the corner of a crossroad, the terrain has a slope. This land is right at the bottom of the slope. This design uses this slope to do enough.

The house looks bigger than it actually is. Its base is actually only 16mX21m and the building area is only 293 square meters. The reason why it looks big is because this design raises the base a layer. The entrance is divided into two, the pedestrian entrance and the entrance of the car.

Pedestrian entrance

Car entrance

The entrance to the pedestrian (above Figure 1) opens the door and picks up the stairs. This is the platform. This is actually the first floor of the house. This is the biggest feature of this house, so why do you do this?

This is closely related to the terrain. The first is the slope of the terrain. The land is at the bottom of the slope. The conventional treatment method is nothing more than digging up the high places, filling the short places and flattening the base. The slope of the base is not large, and it is not impossible to do so. But there is another consideration, that is, the land is still at the corner of the crossroads, and the traffic is dense. For the sake of privacy, of course, it is necessary to enclose a wall that is at least taller than a person. If the yard is not particularly large, the feeling of the person in the yard must be a bit wrong, which is imaginable. If you use the terrain, raise the base. As shown below, the field of vision is released.

Of course, raising the base is not a full use of soil, but a garage on the ground floor. Under the platform above, it is actually a garage.

Look at the plane.

Ground floor

On the ground floor, there is a garage (1) and a storage room (2) that can park two cars. Of course, there are stairs directly to the platform. These rooms are used to support the platform.

One layer/platform layer

From the pedestrian entrance on the corner of the ground floor (3) up the stairs, through an overhead gray space, to the platform (4), the main functional rooms of all the houses are arranged at this level. Enter from the entrance porch (5), the left side is the wardrobe (6), easy to access the door to pull the coat, after entering, turn left is the master bedroom (15) and its affiliated room, turn right is the public part of the house, the living room (7) , restaurant (8), kitchen (9) and a sun room (11). Going out from the living room dining room or the sun room is an elevated outdoor platform. Look at the street view here, look at the pedestrians, and stay at the top. This is the advantage of raising the base.

living room

Restaurant and living room

living room

Second floor

Go down the stairs to the second floor, which has 3 bedrooms (22) and a study (18). Of course, there are some auxiliary rooms. The living room is two stories high, the study is actually in the living room, the probe goes out, you can see the activities in the living room.

In the middle of the study and bedroom areas, there are outdoor decks and bedroom balconies. These outdoor platforms make the space experience of the second floor interesting. No longer go upstairs, just go to sleep in the room. There are many interesting activities that can be produced on the platform.

The facade of the building is a very simple red brick. However, this is also a decorative tile. Don't misunderstand that the achievement is the envelope structure. Of course, the complete enclosure structure can be exposed. This is just a matter of wearing clothes. First, I don’t want to spend this money. Second, I don’t want this, I have a lot of choice.

how about it? Would you like this kind of home that you lifted up?

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