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Ye Shengchao Blockchain Part 12: Risk Free Brick and Hedging Arbitrage


Hello, I am a super, today teach you a way to make a profit, so that you can make money quickly in a bear market, this method is actually moving bricks and hedge arbitrage.

What is moving bricks?

Moving bricks is like purchasing. For example, buying an iPhone from abroad or Hong Kong, and then selling it in the country, earning the difference.

The same is true for moving bricks in the currency market. For the same virtual currency, different exchanges will have different prices. From the low- priced exchanges, the virtual currency will be purchased, and the currency will be exchanged to the high-priced exchange to sell the virtual currency . This is Moving bricks.

However, this is a traditional way of moving bricks. The difference is relatively large. If the price difference is not large, there will be certain risks in moving bricks: for example, the currency is sometimes poor, the price of the currency is fluctuating , and sometimes you have not finished moving bricks, there is no difference. Now!

This traditional method of moving bricks is only suitable when the price difference is large enough. For example, when the price of bitcoin in the Korea and China exchanges reached 5,000 yuan or more in the bull market last year, it is appropriate to use this method.

Now it is a bear market, there is almost no market, the price difference of each exchange is not so big, how to move bricks?

This is the hedge cashing that Shengchao wants to say. The principle of hedge arbitrage is the same as the traditional brick-moving bricks. It is bought at low-priced exchanges and sold at high-priced exchanges, but it needs to have certain funds at the same time in both A and B exchanges ( For example, USDT) and the currency to be hedged (such as BTC).

It is unnecessary from A to B transactions mentioned currency exchange , saving time, when the two exchange arbitrage opportunities in the two exchanges are sold at high prices currency exchange, buy cheap currency exchanges , not Carry out the coin-raising operation, thus avoiding the impact of the coin delay on price fluctuations.

So how to hedge?

For example, the price of BTC on okex exchange is 7000USDT (USDT is equivalent to US dollar), and the price of BTC on ZB exchange is 7200USDT. We buy 1 BTC at low price okex and sell 1 BTC at high price.

Can be realized: your BTC holdings the same amount, but the number of USDTs held in your hand is 200 , which is equivalent to a hedge arbitrage of 200 US dollars. Of course, the more your funds, the greater the profit, here is just an example. .

Not only can you hedge BTC, but also other virtual currency, not only can earn USDT, but also earn BTC or ETH (bitcoin and Ethereum are cash in the field of digital currency, you must always remember).

Winning this is a brick-and-mortar, you can flexibly apply hedge arbitrage, and actively look for those currencies with spreads, which is also a way to increase revenue. The specific spread can refer to non-small or coinmarketcap market.

The essence of moving bricks is to buy low and sell high . As long as the same currency has a difference on different platforms, you can do hedge arbitrage, learn to hedge cash, and let you earn money quickly in a bear market. If your funds are limited, win. It is recommended that you directly make a fixed investment . This method of hedge arbitrage, the more funds, the profit is attractive.

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