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Deep experience of new retail super species


Last year, two typical representatives of the new retail box, Ma Xiansheng and super species, opened stores in Shenzhen, causing a lot of shock in the retail industry in Shenzhen. In particular, Yonghui's super-species moved quickly in Shenzhen. In the second half of the 17th year, six stores were opened in a short period of time, and it is said that in 18 years, 13 stores will be opened in Shenzhen. And its competitor Box Ma Shengsheng currently only opened a store in Baoan Yitian Holiday Plaza. I originally planned to go to the box horse to experience it. Since the box horse was too far away from home, I went to Huaqiang North’s super species to experience it. The location is located on the first floor of the mall below Maoye Department Store. LOGO is particularly conspicuous, the entire store area is small, estimated to be 500 square meters (see the official introduction, the actual area is 800 square meters), so the entire store has a panoramic view, the outer side of the walkway is the fresh fruit area, the shelf of normal temperature items, the inside is The dining area, which is more than half the size of the store, has an open design with no custom shopping outlets and cashier outlets.

Going inside is the dining area, including the Bolong Workshop, the Box Niu Workshop, the Squid Workshop, the Wheat Workshop, and the Super Takeaway Five Workshops.

I went directly to the Polon Workshop, the most prestigious seafood area in the super-species.

I have to say that even the people who lived next to the seafood restaurant looked very ugly, the huge Boston lobster, the treasure crab and the breaded crab that were bigger than the casserole fist.

The people who looked at the dining area, in twos and threes, were in the big squid lobster dinner, and the shrimp and crab looked like a lot of flavor and flavor after processing. It was very attractive.

Considering that a person eating a lobster is still a little extravagant, I went to the squid workshop and ordered a blue-and-white fish lunch. After the WeChat scan code was paid, a black electronic reminder was given. Once the lunch was done, a tweet will be sent. Prompt to take a meal.

After waiting for about 5 minutes, I suggested that the mackerel would be ready to take the meal, including a box of lunch and a box of fish soup. The work of the lunch itself is quite delicate. The fish and mashed potatoes taste good. The fish soup is very rich and delicious.

After eating the lunch, I went to the regular goods to look at it. There are not many things, mainly household items, snacks and fruit drinks.

It is worth noting that all the shelf labels are all electronic tags that are very similar to Kindle electronic ink. In addition to the regular name and price, there are also QR codes and barcodes. When shopping, you can directly use the WeChat scan code QR code to directly launch the small program and directly settle the payment online. One small detail is that if you find that you don't have a shopping bag in the payment process, the applet will prompt you to choose to buy a shopping bag, which is more user-friendly.

Then picked a few things, ready to test the payment process, specifically asked a job aunt, she told me to download the APP to engage in activities, can lead the voucher, full 39 minus 10 yuan, very cost-effective. Under the guidance of the aunt's on-site, scan the code and download the Yonghui Life App. After successfully registering with the mobile phone, I immediately got a new coupon of 39 yuan and 10 yuan. After paying the money, you can directly remove the bag, but there is a big problem. If the customer does not pay to leave, or only pay a part, what should I do? After asking her, the answer is that there are surveillance cameras and personnel responsible, generally there will be no problem, but I know the complexity of human nature based on the experience of opening a store, I think this is a challenge to loss prevention.

Back to the APP itself, Yonghui has invested in a super-species offline store, and it is a model of OMO offline integration. In this mode, the APP will carry important online portal functions. So how is the APP designed? After downloading and installing, after opening the APP homepage, I saw this.

Compared with the regular APP, the focus map has added a shortcut to the offline use of the scenes "scan code purchase", "tang food order", "member card". The other parts are the same as regular e-commerce.

The problem lies here. On the online shopping strategy, the super-spec app is a service that is located around 3 km of the store. The traffic can be said to be almost all imported from the offline store. This requires the experience on the offline line to be consistent. However, from the current product version, the experience from offline to online is not a smooth transition, and the connection is not up. The super-species spend half of the store's area, and the experience consumption scene created by heavy money, Bolong Workshop, Box Niugong Square, squid workshop, wheat workshop, the unique cognition established in the user's mind, the online first-level entrance is not reflected.

After the user has visited the super species, after experiencing it, he will establish the following understanding of the experience unit of the super-species, and this kind of cognition can continuously educate users and expand their extension as the operation demands.

Experience the scene under the unit line scene

Bolong Workshop - Imported Prawns - Extended to Seafood and Aquatic Products

Box of cattle workshop - imported beef - extended to poultry products

Squid Workshop - Sushi Products - Extended to exotic cuisine

Wheat Workshop - Bread Products - Extended to Cooked Food

These important scene cognitive units and scene entries are not effectively reflected in the APP.

In addition, I noticed that the super species is pushing the super member, that is, the paid member mode . This mode first experiences, and then pays for the experience. Once the payment is made, the customer has “self-driving” and has the motivation to “earn” his membership fee. At this time, as long as you can always provide a good experience, and often add new experiences for free, then consumers will be inseparable from you. At present, Amazon's Prime members have achieved great success. The data shows that Amazon's per capita annual consumption is 1,300 US dollars, while non-members are 700 US dollars - 99 US dollars, annual subscription income, and an additional 600 US dollars per capita consumption. This lever is very scary. Therefore, Jingdong is also focusing on the introduction of Plus members to improve profitability.

At present, the super-member's super-member annual fee is 100 yuan. After the recharge is completed, 100 yuan in cash, 30 yuan per month, and 10 single-collar 5-yuan voucher activities. This simple mode of stored value cashback is not deep. Infiltration into the entire process of shopping transactions, to a greater extent, requires human marketing. For example, Amazon's Prime membership promotion is terrifying to the point of being pervasive. Another point to note is that super-species is a new retail format. It is not possible to fully refer to the practice of pure online e-commerce. It is necessary to take care of both online and offline to make new designs.

For example, the marketing of super members is only reflected in the APP. The scenes of online stores are very weak. In fact, according to the current passenger flow situation of super-species, most of them are almost all rushing to eat cheap seafood, so in this scenario. At the purchase site, if you can design the benefits of super members, such as free processing fees, choose a focus on selling points, is there a better conversion effect. In addition, the online electronic label and the online product display page are synchronized to remind customers of the super-member price or rights, and subtly transform the customer into a super-member.

In addition, in the related marketing of products, the work is not detailed enough. For example, lobsters and crabs sell very high products, the traffic is very high, there is no associated promotion, in fact, can be associated with its store wine, fruit and other related products for related promotions, otherwise wasted traffic.

In addition, there are not many innovative elements in the overall experience of the APP. For example, in the cooking methods of raw materials and lobsters, the application of short videos is more interesting and effective than the picture display.