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In the past and the time of prediction


Today, the topic to be discussed with you is: "To the time of life and foresight."

The "going" of the past is to give up to the other, and "birth" is the lotus metamorphosis. Deviating from the reincarnation of the aunt, going to the world of bliss, and feeling the lotus metamorphosis, this is the definition of "going to life."

The meaning of the words "going to life" is solemn, sacred, superior, and rare, but now it is equal to death and death. The average person is dead, not death, and it is said to be alive. Of course, the word "death" gives people a feeling of sin and horror. They think that the word "going to life" is unlucky and unlucky. Therefore, there are many taboos and they are not casually talked about. In fact, it is not a good thing to go to life. It is a gratifying thing. It was only used by the Pure Land School. It is a patent of the Pure Land School.

A person who believes in Buddha worship, no matter when he or she knows it, or when he does not know it, will surely go to the world of bliss. However, in general, if you can know in advance before you die, you can be fully prepared. Therefore, whether it is a person who believes in Buddhism or a general public, he hopes to know his death day in advance.

Of course, it is more desirable to predict the time to the Buddha. The average person, if he knows that he will die a few years later, or one day, is actually afraid, but he does not know better, one day. However, if you have a good life, you will be able to enjoy the good fortune, and you will be able to enjoy your life. Therefore, not only are the Buddhas not afraid of death, but they are even surpassing the five blessings that the Chinese hope for.

It is a must to go to Buddha, as to how can we predict the time?

I wrote a few unspoken slang to explain to everyone. First header:

The Buddha is willing to live, and the life will be taken care of;

At the end of the life, the Buddha is now in the pure land.

"When you read the Buddha, you will be born," as long as you read this sentence in the South without Amitabha, and you are willing to live in Amitabha, you will have a pure land of Amitabha. "Must" is 100%, decisive, and it is arrogant, powerful, and unchangeable. It’s like spring is summer, summer is autumn, and when the night is over, the sun rises. It is inevitable, it is natural, and it does not need to be artificially made, nor does it need to be reluctantly made. Unless his buddha is not for the sake of his life, it is only for the benefit of his life. For example, I hope that the Buddha can eliminate karma, increase the fortune, and open up wisdom, let him go in and out of peace, succumb to the sorrow, the death, the family, the business, and the success of the children, or hope that the future will be able to grow, or Reborn as a person and become a wealthy family.

If you only hope for the benefits of the present world and do not want to go to life, then of course you will not necessarily die. However, if you read Buddha and have a willingness to live, then 100% must go. Not only will it be alive, but it will not be determined at the end of the dying period.

"Ping Sheng Ye Cheng" is one of the characteristics of the Pure Land School. The life is the opposite of the dying. Therefore, there is a so-called "peace-to-life" and "end-of-life".

"After the end of the life," is to read the Buddha at the end of the dying, or to read the Buddha for a lifetime, but I don’t know if I can live. Until the end of life, I feel that I am not flustered, righteous thoughts, or seeing the Buddha to meet, he is relieved. Come, I am sure that I can go to life. This kind of thing is called "the end of the industry."

When you are still young, or your body is still healthy, you start to read Buddha and wish to have a world of bliss. In this way, the cause of the blissful world has already been fulfilled, and the great events of the blissful world have been completed, and the reincarnation of the world of aunts has been broken. Although there is no world of bliss, it can be said that it is one of the congregations of the blissful world. This is because of the fruit. "People's life" must be superbly sanctified, because since there is such a cause, it is impossible to have no such fruit; and this fruit is not far away, or the future of more catastrophe, when the results are exhausted, you can go to the world of bliss to receive of.

Therefore, "Ping Sheng Ye Cheng" is also known as "Fanfu Bodhisattva" and "continuous troubles are Nirvana points" , which is the characteristic of our Pure Land Buddhism.

"Ping Shengye is a light-care". "Light" is the Amitabha Buddha light. "Photography" is the protection of life. It is taken at the end of the day and the light is inseparable. Just like the couplets on both sides of the Buddha statue, "the light shines through the world of the ten, and the Buddhas are insulted." As long as you read the Buddha, the light of Amitabha will be ingested and will not be given up. This is what the Buddha said. It is impossible to read the Buddha without receiving the Buddha's light.

Because the Buddha is the true language, he does not swear, and the Buddha's method is the truth. In other words, since the Buddha’s law is the truth, the words in the Buddhist scriptures exude the light of truth; therefore, since the light is taken care of, the Amitabha’s light is overwhelmed, will he go to the six reincarnations? impossible. Moreover, the fundamental wish of Amitabha's forty-eighth wish, that is, the eighteenth willing to say, "If you are not alive, do not take the righteousness." He can't make a Buddha's life alive, he won't be a Buddha, and his Buddha's success is based on the condition that the Buddha must live.

Therefore, since Amitabha has become a Buddha, and with this Wande Hong name, let us recall the Buddha and Buddha, we can see that we must die.

The brightest ingestion did not leave until the end of the dying. The reason behind it was that Amitabha became a Buddha, and forty-eight willing to accomplish it. This is the "care for the life of the industry."

"When the end of life is at the end of the Buddha," when we are at the end of life, the Buddha will be present, as the Amitabha scriptures said, "When the people are at their end, Amitabha and all the saints, now before".

"Lotus leads to the pure land", what is the purpose of the current purpose?

It is for the sake of "Lotus leads to the pure land", and the lotus is used to pick up the Buddha's blissful world.

In fact, people who read Buddha have seen the Buddha at the end of their lives, and they will definitely live in a world of bliss. Because the Buddha is a body, the body is invisible, although he can manifest the Buddha image we are familiar with to us, but assuming that he does not manifest, we will certainly be able to live, this is the natural function of Amitabha.

For the Buddha, he is beyond time and space . In fact, the ontology of the universe has no time or space. Time and space are a wrong concept of the aunts and grandchildren. Even the sentient beings of the nine legal circles, as well as the mountains and rivers, are also empty.

From this point of view, it is known that Amitabha is omnipresent and ubiquitous. We only need to read the Amitabha Buddha in the south, and Amitabha will hear it . He has no past, present, and future. He always hears the Buddha number that we read. Unlike us, the body will grow old and sick, and there will be distracting thoughts in the heart. There will be day and night in the void, so we feel that there is time, past, present and future. Now read the Buddha, wait until you don't read the Buddha, wait for the Buddha to read, and then you haven't read it for a while... For us, there are these phenomena of birth and death, but for the Buddha, there is no birth and death phenomenon, and the same is true before and after. Therefore, Amitabha always hears the Buddha that we read. The delusions we read when we were Buddhist were false. He could not hear it and did not listen. In other words, no matter when the Buddha died, the Buddha was immediately taken over by the Buddha, where he died, where he was taken, and under what circumstances he was taken under what circumstances, so the Buddha must die. .

Second home page:

When you are in the foresight, you will always remember the Buddha, and your heart will be soft and careless;

There is nothing to say about silence, and it’s not too much to keep yourself.

" When you know the Buddha at the time of foresight," it means that you must read the Buddha often if you want to know the time . We are all already chanting Buddha. Why do you still say that you often read Buddha? Because each person's identity is different, the peasant industry and the industry are different, and there are many troubles and sorrows. The Buddha can certainly go to life, but if you don't develop a buddha, you will be ignorant of the Amitabha name in the south. It is not easy.

In this way, does it mean that you must add your own time to read Buddha?

In fact, this is not a matter of hard work . It is only when people are quiet in their hearts that they can have a sense of understanding and feel the state of the body. If the Buddha is quiet, it is easy to hear the body telling us that it is coming to an end, and Amitabha will show us that if the heart is very messy and floating, it is not easy to accept this message, so often Read Buddha.

Of course, those who believe in the salvation of the Amitabha will often read the Buddha, because he is a sinful life and death, a person who will always reincarnate . If you realize this, in his heart, you will be afraid and uneasy, and you will seek liberation to seek liberation as the most important thing in your life; therefore, once he gets the salvation of Amitabha, his life and life The center of gravity is to read Buddha. He will have the inertia of " Looking at Buddha is life, life is to read Buddha ", and naturally " life is buddha, and Buddha is living. " In other words, those who believe in the salvation of the Amitabha often cherish the glory, and thank the Buddha, the natural heart will soften, and naturally they will often read the Buddha.

We are all ordinary people, greedy and ignorant, and we want to have deep thoughts. When the temper will break out, what should we do?

It is to develop the habit of reading Buddha. At first, it was unnatural, and it was rather stubborn. When the realm came, the mind turned around, and the realm passed, and the heart was still turning and could not stop. Therefore, you can fix the number of times you read each day or read the number of Buddha numbers to develop a habit.

I often emphasize that when I get up in the morning, I will read Buddha first , and I will read it for ten minutes, twenty minutes, or one hour or two hours. In addition to the morning, when you have time during the day, you must also read Buddha. As for the way of chanting Buddha, you can walk and lie down, you can do this. After a while, you will develop the habit of chanting Buddha.

The so-called habit of reading Buddha is not to use your brains. This Buddha will naturally emerge from the heart. Modern people, agriculture and industry, not like a monk, or retirement, can professionally practice, not only have no time, but also face a lot of personnel, personnel handling, and the heart is still floating. However, if you develop your habits and you have finished dealing with the personnel, you will naturally read the Buddha. Before you have formed a habit, you must be slightly reluctant.

"The softness of the heart does not care." If you want to know the time, you must always read the Buddha, but also "the heart is soft and careless . " If the heart is too strong, it can't be soft and can't be. Everything is against the people. It is self-righteous, and it is not easy to bear the loss. It is not easy to predict the time.

"There is nothing to be said about silence, and there are not many things to keep yourself." Simply put, it means no more words and no more things . Try to be as quiet and innocent as possible, and don't argue with others. If you often argue with people for a short time, then you can't be silent. At the same time, you must be self-disciplined, don't do much, don't worry about things, and climb around.

The third one:

If you often read the Buddha's heart, you will feel calm and natural;

Sexuality and softness do not care, and many things do not correspond.

This is the cause and effect of each other.

"If you always read the Buddha's heart and quietly, the heart is quiet and natural," it means that if you often read Buddha, you can feel the inner peace . If you experience it for a long time, your heart will naturally be in peace. , there will not be much floating. If you are still quiet, you will soften it when you don't know it, soft and gentle.

"Sexually soft and natural, don't care about anything, and there are many things that don't correspond." A soft-hearted and gentle person often does not argue with others about shortcomings, does not compare, does not care , and does not have full of injustice and distress. After this kind of heart, if you want him to talk more and more things, it will not be corresponding. In the past, I would argue with others, or I would like to chat with you. Now I have no corresponding situation. I will not go beyond climbing my own duties, and I will not find anything. Because the heart does not correspond to these.

Finally, the fourth one:

Practice but for the sake of life and death, no need to read the pure land of Buddhism;

The Buddha is simple and unique, and the Fuhui growth industry is eliminated.

"Practicing but for life and death", the purpose of learning Buddhist practice is to take off the cycle of life and death . To solve the problem is to free the individual's life and death cycle. Bodhisattva is to take the life and death together with everyone. However, among the 84,000 methods, there is no such thing as the method of living in the world of bliss, so it is said that "there is no such thing as a pure land." Because the Buddha is simple and unique, no matter what the times, men, women and children can do it. At the same time, the Buddha can grow his life and wisdom, eliminate the karma, and in the future must be born in the world of bliss, its merits and benefits, extremely incomparable, so that "the Buddha is simple and unique, Fuhui growth industry eliminated."

These four tips, you don't have to remember, but you need to understand these reasons.

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