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How to overcome social fears


A series of psychological factors, such as timidity, caution, and excessive attention to other people's opinions, are often small locusts stationed in the hearts of social fear patients. Therefore, when attending a party, staging a lecture, or being led to the office by a leader, the brain is “blank” and is also completely covered by social fear.

Once the social fear broke out, it was out of control. The "little self" of fear erodes the whole mind and moves around. Often when encountering some new stimuli, the thinking level of the brain is very careful to deal with it. The “little self” sees the opportunity to take the lead and promotes the temporary short circuit of the brain thinking level, the tightness of the breath, the sweating of the palms and so on. reaction. Therefore, uncovering the "small me" level or the true self, I can break back to normal with the help of powerful internal forces.

The truth is clear, let’s talk about the little tricks to overcome social fears.

How to overcome the social fear of the perfection of life: Tibetan mastiff skills to learn, cleverly transfer the topic to the field that you are familiar with without leaving traces (still need skillful skills and experience, the use of weak ability to use the grid).

How to overcome the physiological dominance of social fear: body language conveys a strong atmosphere, walk into the venue or social places, stand tall, step-by-step, breathe evenly, behave generously, and win the gas field.

How to overcome the social fear of trying abdominal breathing: the pressure is released by the usual yoga abdominal breathing method and pressing the acupuncture points.

Dry goods are here! ! ! Overcome the social fear coups - (obsessive companion) social fear visitors in the selection of professional psychological counseling

Visitor: Um... I feel that social fears are better now than before.


Visitor: I have one thing. I usually whisper when I speak on the stage. I think this is still causing interference to me. Once I tried to enlarge the sound a little, let go of it, but I will Not nervous, is it really that I can go this way?

Consultant: Of course you can try it, a little bit of it. Of course, for this part, socializing, speaking on the occasion, I will give you specific guidance and tell you how to do it. But now if you want to try to make such an adjustment, such an attempt, you can try to experience it under the feeling of your current moment, of course it is ok...

Visitor: understand...

Consultant: But at the moment, I emphasize that you still practice the current (see also the interest rate method). Our practice includes the troubles we have to gradually carry out. Do you understand what I mean?

Visitor: I understand!

Consultant: At the very least, let our hearts remain relatively stable in daily life. This is a prerequisite, right?

Visitor: Um.. Right!

Consultant: Well, a student said that I don't talk about love now, I don't know how to express my feelings, then don't worry about it... right? You first let your heart stay in a stable state, and then develop for a certain aspect...

Visitor: Yes, yes! I also feel it myself. Under the practice of your guidance, I don’t have the same "grass" in my heart, and I have a lot of peace...

Consultant: Um...

Visitors: Feelings will be better... I have seen the mentality of not insisting.

Consultant: Holding a normal heart for: If I can do it, I feel that this is very good... I feel a little pressure, then I will accept this state...

Visitor: Yes! Only the foundation of good first can be accepted naturally.

Consultant: Enn... Come slowly, the process of life is the process of continuous cultivation and growing up...

Visitor: Well, yes... this thing is not something that can be solved at once.

Consultant: Yes

Visitor: Maybe you don't need to solve it, it will solve it naturally.

Consultant: Um... Actually it is like this... This is the essence of the law, the core of the law!

Visitor: Well, understand!

In this consultation, the consultant gave the visitors the first step of constantly cleaning up and changing the old model and re-architecting a calm heart. This is a deep operation for the heart. So, to overcome social fear, do you have the courage to do this surgery for your "heart"?

If not, please stop!

If there is, this will not be reserved to provide a "healing scalpel" to overcome social fears! ! !

One of the "healing scalpels" to overcome social fear: the observation method

Observing the law, establishing the emotional self-balance by observing the way of breathing is also the role of purifying the inner heart. Breathing is always with life, and the quality of breathing represents the quality of life. The soreness and numbness encountered in the practice of the observation method is the state of entanglement and fear in the center of daily life. How much to overcome these problems can represent the extent to which the inner fear can be overcome and the state of calm can be maintained.

Specific practice steps:

1. Choose a quiet and undisturbed environment.

2, sit in a cross-legged posture, straight back, closed eyes.

3, truthfully observe the breathing, focus on the breathing in and out of the nostrils, just observe the one breath at the nostrils, keep "equal heart" that is "not judged, not analyzed, not entangled, not associated."

4, the initial practice time is 20 minutes, and gradually increase.

The "healing scalpel" that overcomes social fears: the same is true

Specific practice steps:

Body senses (ears, eyes, nose, tongue, body, mind) are in contact with the outside world, everything that is experienced, whether it is seen by the eyes, heard by the ears, thought of in the brain, smelled by the nose, tasted by the mouth The thoughts, thoughts, and actions are all described and added "as it is".

This is a process of constantly keeping awareness and being in the present, helping visitors to break the circle of social fears and being with the truest self at the moment, thus gradually completing the process of letting go.


1, practice can be silent in the heart, you can also say the sound.

2, only add "this is the same" to the current experience, not the last moment or the next second.

3, do not deliberately seek results in the practice, do not do any control, change, find, eliminate the current feelings.

4, practice is integrated into life, anytime, anywhere.

"The Truth of Me" is destined to be related to the outside world. This "I" is integrated with the environment under the influence of movement, blending, turning, and discretion. It does not shift from the will of anyone, from the heart, just return to a "get" The inaction of being calm and indifferent.