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After five years of work, I have to send a resume to a famous enterprise, but what about it?


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The first time I wrote a column, because it was worth noting, I received the money from Zhiyou, but I couldn’t make it clear in a minute. I was embarrassed and simply wrote an article for the friend.

I asked a question on the value:

With more than 5 years of work experience, there is no response to the resumes of many well-known multinational companies. I hope we can seek resume guidance.

When I saw the problem, I immediately remembered myself 8 years ago. After accumulating more than three years of work experience in a small foreign-funded company, because I was not satisfied with the salary, I barely searched for a job and delivered a lot of resumes on the recruitment website. Hardly got any interview opportunities. When I graduated, I said that famous companies are not willing to leave Headcount to the newly graduated college students, but they still have no chance after three years of work.

The two months of bare remarks are short, but they are the two most difficult months. My girlfriend asked for a house to prepare for a marriage, and I could not even use a provident fund loan. The resignation was in February 2008, and the first offer was in mid-April and was finally decided at the end of May. Shortly after getting Offer, Lehman closed down and the financial tsunami came...

I remember that when I finally got a few offers, the pressure that had been backlogged for a long time broke out. I called my girlfriend:

I found a job, I don't want anyone, I want to prove that those who gave up on me are wrong.

It’s like making a Qiong Yao drama.

I ended up picking one of the few offers, not the most reliable job, assistant general manager of a Dutch human resources company (and an interview adventure: the impressive thing you encountered during the recruitment (job hunting) process ( People) - Sean Ye's answer ), with the years of exploration of this industry, looking back at the original job search process, there is a kind of epiphany of "non-Chinese army incompetence." I want to share with you some common misconceptions of job seekers in the job search process.

1. The resume HR will definitely look

In fact, many companies invest in the recruitment website are mostly arranged on average, but the position is not evenly distributed on a monthly basis, so even if there is no recruitment demand, many companies will put some on the recruitment website. Recruitment posts to receive resumes.

In the mainstream three major recruitment websites (51job, Zhilian and, such recruitment notices are very common. After all, the advertising fees of the recruitment positions are very low, which directly leads to the user experience of job seekers on these three recruitment websites. Worse, I never know what effect my resume will have.

Of course, this kind of recruitment notice, which is only used to collect resumes, does not only appear on the three major recruitment websites, but also the companies that have seen the rich and willfulness will receive resumes on LinkedIn (1 position 30) The cost of the day may be as high as one hundred dollars).

There is no response after a wide range of resumes, which is a great blow to job seekers. Even a good person will have self-questioning . This aspect of the recruitment website is flawed in the experience design. On the other hand, it is also the dereliction of duty of HR. No matter how many resumes are delivered, it is a minimum etiquette to make a standard rejection template for job seekers. I have heard a lot of HR complaining that job seekers are making a short-term appointment. It is really a bad performance to make a temporary appointment. It is also very bad to not give any feedback to the job seeker. Nowadays, I have developed a habit. Even if I am an intern, I don’t need a resume to write a rejection letter.

preventive solution:

  • Maintain a good attitude . It can be so comforting to yourself: receiving a resume but not giving feedback, obviously the human resources management of this company is not good enough, not to go;
  • Choose a reliable resume delivery method . So far, the most reliable resume delivery method is still the recommendation of the employees . First of all, the in-service staff can know whether this position exists or not. Secondly, HR is more willing to know the position recommended by the employees. After all, there are colleagues who endorse. Third, the incumbent employees may also understand the potential risks of this position and avoid falling into the pit. In the absence of people, LinkedIn's position is the most credible, followed by hunting, and finally the mainstream recruitment website.

2.HR does not choose me because the resume is not enough

When it comes to how to make a colorful resume, I have given advice: how to make a high-level resume - Sean Ye's answer

But in the end, my advice is based on how to make HR more convenient and accurate to understand your real situation.

A good resume is not over-promoting your original experience and ability, but showing your experience and ability in the most intuitive way.

In some cases, HR will not choose your resume for interviews anyway. For example, in the case of foreign companies, the process of resume screening is that HR Assistant or HR specialist collects and performs preliminary screening; the hiring manager selects 5-10 resumes for the second time to the HRBP of the business line, and then HRBP recommends three candidates. To the line manager of the employer department (some companies do not have HRBP, directly transferred from the hiring manager to the line manager of the employer department).

In order to ensure efficiency, the first step of the initial screening stage, the design of industrialization process is inevitable. For example, some foreign companies must be 211 or 985 graduates when recruiting a red line . Then the first step in filtering your resume is to look at the school. For example, some companies have a clear need in recruiting jobs: they are looking for people in the industry, that is, to dig people from the fast-moving industry, or to need management experience... these hard requirements will be Strict implementation, after all, no HR children are willing to risk your criticism by the boss to hand in your resume, even if your resume is too beautiful to use.

In this case, I recommend:

  • Understand the needs of the business. Job seekers should clearly read the company's JD to see if they match, and there is no need to waste time on no possible positions;
  • Each time, according to the needs of the company, a resume is created separately, how to meet the requirements of the other party, clearly displayed in the resume (do not waste, do not waste time, the compilation will soon be exposed).
  • Self-improvement, not graduates from prestigious schools can continue to study, graduate students also have jobs? No relevant experience, study, other people's projects in the company. If I can learn from them, why don't I help? Repeating work is not equal to experience accumulation. Learning new things is an important way of experience growth.

3. I should look directly at the company instead of looking for a headhunter.

Some of my friends believe that I have 3-5 years of work experience, and certainly there will be no headhunters to follow. The headhunting team is a boss who has a salary of several million a year. It has nothing to do with me. There are headhunters who come to me to estimate that they are liar.

In fact, from the industry point of view, Recruiter's hierarchy is probably so divided (each company is called different, but the meaning is similar):

  • Search: jobs with a salary of one million or more per year. These talents are extremely scarce in the market. They can't be found by recruiting notices. They only search for them at a fixed point. Such companies are rare, and the top headhunting companies are four: Korn/Ferry International, Heidrick, Spencer and Economist.
  • Selection: The annual salary is between 200,000 and 1 million. For example, financial managers, such as marketing managers, are not difficult to find in the market. They can find them by means of LinkedIn or recruitment. The most important job is How to screen the right candidate after finding it. Such companies are more common, foreign Hays, Michael Page, Robert Walters (these are pure recruitment backgrounds) Randstad, Manpower, Adecco (these are the recruiting companies in the recruitment company) and domestically funded Cree and several major recruitment sites. Recruiting team.
  • Recruitment: Even if you are a headhunter, you will be asked by HR to do two low-end positions from time to time - you can't just eat meat and bones. On the other hand, there are also recruitment companies. They self-proclaimed to be headhunters. In fact, the annual salary of a job may be only 100,000 or even less than 100,000. In the industry they claim to be ridiculed, but for job seekers, it will not be particularly clear. Recruitment companies are doing low-end recruitment for enterprises, because most of the profits will be limited to RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) for large-scale recruitment of certain types of employees, such as telephone customer service. Cree is a model of domestic RPO. In addition, Randstad, Manpower, and Adecco will also do some RPO recruitment.

Job seekers only need to remember one point: the headhunter never charges the candidate (once the candidate is charged, the headhunter tends to recommend a candidate with a higher fee than the one that best suits the needs of the business). As long as the headhunter does not charge, TA's company can also retrieve the website, so don't worry too much (after all, headhunting is a business without a threshold, many headhunters will even stand on their own after working for a while, and the small headhunting company is full of streets).

The biggest benefits recommended by headhunting are:

With the endorsement of the headhunter, you don't look like a job seeker who is eager to change his job and apply for a resume.

When a company sees someone posting a resume, its mood is complicated. It is both happy and worried. The worry is that the job seeker is so eager to invest in his resume that he can't stay in the original company? Is it not possible to get along with colleagues? Is it a poor job ability? In theory, the best talents of the company should be carefully protected by the company to prevent them from being smashed. This kind of talent has no intention to change jobs. It is called Passive Talent on LinkedIn. This is also the selling point of LinkedIn. Recruiter can search directly. Contact passive talent).

Therefore, I have repeatedly said that job seekers should find a job and have to deliver resumes in a targeted manner. Do not vote for the sea, otherwise it is easy to be considered to be in the original company.

Finding a job has never been an easy task, but the process of finding a job at the same time is also a beneficial improvement for ourselves (I suggest that even if there is no idea of ​​a job change, you should interact with the headhunter regularly and interview several companies every two years. Mastering market conditions, improving communication skills, and reflecting on the value of their own positions have positive significance. Maintaining a good attitude and delivering resumes in a targeted manner will make our job search smoother.

Last wish

And all the friends of Zhiyou can find the right job.

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