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Individual breakout: the ordinary person's turnaround


In 1932, the British novelist Aldous Huxley described his future world in his science fiction novel "Beautiful New World":

“Culture has become a vulgar culture full of sensory stimulation, desire and no rules of the game; no one will be willing to read again, becoming more and more selfish and blind in the message of the ocean...”

Today, since the media is in power, such a world seems to have come quietly.

01 The more you know, the less free you are.

A long time ago, our problem was that information was scarce and information access channels were too narrow, so people could easily become conservative, ignorant and closed.

I still remember that when I was a child, the TV set was not popular. At that time, many people would gather at the home of a TV set in the village to watch "The Condor Heroes".

Now, on the contrary, the proliferation of information, especially the proliferation of false and inferior information, also hinders the development of our cognitive and capacity development.

For example, the hot search or hot list of major media websites, without exception, are news, entertainment gossip, and hunting news:

In addition, many media platforms today can rely on powerful algorithms and crawler crawling techniques to accurately analyze and recommend content of interest based on user behavior. As long as the user is interested, the source is continuously recommended, and the more recommended the user is interested, thereby increasing user stickiness and bringing traffic value.

So we accidentally get caught up in the whirlpool of spam and it's hard to escape.

This situation is like what Aldous Huxley said:

“If a freedom is given by technology rather than by faith and thought, then this freedom may be quite fragile. For example, steam engines and motors should have freed people from heavy physical labor and made people free, but in the 19th century. The Americans found that sewing women workers, coal miners and steel workers all became slaves to millionaires."

Of course , what you read shows what kind of person you are.

Today, the flood of information requires us to maintain critical thinking and independent thinking. Otherwise, the more unfiltered information we absorb, the more it seems to be hot and omniscient. In fact, it has become a heavy one. Get rid of the shackles and bondage.

In the end it became...

"The more you know, the less free you are."

When we face some important but slightly more complicated problems, it seems that we lose the ability to think and recognize deeply.

02 Don't wait until it is too late

A few days ago, I just coached a classmate who had graduated for two years, about his career planning and job hunting.

A few days later, it was a newly graduated classmate.

Their problems actually have many similarities, and the solutions and ideas for solving them have similarities.

After the tutoring, the two students said that if they were able to follow this routine before graduation, they would save a lot of troubles and take a lot of detours.

Indeed, to explore and plan for the profession, strictly speaking, the first prime time is before the college entrance examination volunteers or the university finalizes the profession.

In fact, in foreign countries, vocational education has long been valued. In the second year of elementary school, Swiss students are required to offer a variety of manual courses to develop labor interests and habits. Beginning in the second year of junior high school, the school must provide systematic vocational guidance to students.

The second silver time after this is before graduation . If you can take the time to do this well, you should be able to lead at least half of your peers, and there will be less trouble later, such as my small Assistant, his cognition and thinking really surpassed many young people in the workplace who have graduated for many years.

The next bronze time is five years after graduation, preferably before the age of 30. If you can't find your own direction after the age of 30, or if you don't have a deep accumulation in your field, it will become quite troublesome and difficult.

At that time, the age and mentality have been very different. The opportunities given by the company are not as good as before. It is unlikely to give you a chance to learn and explore in the workplace, but to work when you think about it. And still do well. If you are still married and have children, you are really big.

There are too many such examples~

It is a pity that when there is such a "enlightenment", most of them are close to thirty or even thirty. This time, it has already passed the gold and silver period. It is barely a bronze period. You can also grab the last tail and let go.

Going back, I don't say there is no chance, but it must be very, very, very difficult!

03 Turning the road to counterattack

In fact, for most of us ordinary people, there is still a way to turn around and counterattack. If you seize the opportunity or get to know the noble person, you will really attack it if you accidentally.

For example, last year's blockchain, or simply rude, is speculation.

But that was a crazy period, and after that, it was a chicken feather.

Daxie also cleared the company back home.

Of course, it is temporary, and the back is still a comeback.

The worst thing is college student Liu Wei,

Not only lost the savings of parents,

Also owed more than 100,000 yuan in foreign debt.

Telling the truth, the more people you have seen and the things you have experienced, the more you will find that there are not so many shortcuts in life, and many things that are rich overnight are not necessarily so reliable.

No one's success is easy for you to copy.

For ordinary people, what is the reliable path to turn over and counterattack?

There is only one: find a good place for you in this society, and effectively develop and enhance your own human resources!

How to find a suitable place in this society?

This requires us to start from two aspects:

  • First, try to recognize the truth and essence of the world as much as possible, about the industry, occupation, position, income, etc.;
  • Second, to better self-exploration and understanding, including their own interests, values, talent endowments, resources and so on.

How to develop and enhance your own human resources?

This requires us to truly understand the path and direction of capacity building, analyze and insight into the character of the self, and on this basis take practical actions to enhance and learn.

These are also the main content of my series of courses - the course aims to lead the students to enhance their understanding of the professional world, let everyone master the methods of career analysis and choice, to understand their own character and strengths and weaknesses, to enhance their thinking, at a higher level Dimensional discovery and planning are the best way for your career.

For ordinary people, this fundamental path is the reliable path to turn over.

In fact, even the coin circle in the video mentioned above has the difference between the new leeks, the old leeks and the great gods. The reason for this difference is that it stems from the knowledge and control of the industry and itself.

For example, coins circle chiefs, "God fish", when 23-year-old university new to Bitcoin spent a lot of time to learn and study it, and strive to build their own knowledge and abilities system;
and the second year in College students, lacking a minimum understanding of this circle, did not learn, could not control their greed and desire, and did not improve their cultivation in terms of character and ability.

For specific details on career exploration, thinking, abilities, personality, etc., subscribe to our courses to study carefully, and to explore and think carefully.

One of our small courses, with 1800+ people paying to participate, and the evaluation score is 4.6 points (5 points), this series of courses will undoubtedly be more in-depth and more systematic, I believe it will be value for money. .

Partial comment screenshot:

If there is a comparison, it will be more experienced. Let's take a look at other similar courses and services. The analysis of the group skills of a job-seeking institution, the price of a single course is as high as 499 yuan, or even 799 yuan!

For this 499 yuan course, we are likely to teach freely for the students who have ordered this course, or to charge a dozen or tens of dollars for the symbolic.

As for other VIP services such as "internship" and "offer", the price is even higher, and it is tens of thousands:

But in fact, these so-called "protected OFFER" are likely to be some marketing tools and methods to some extent, such as:

  1. For the selection of personnel , it must be a student with 211 colleges and above and all aspects of the ability and quality are not bad. In other words, you have the potential to enter these well-known companies, even if they do not pass their training, the probability of passing is also great;
  2. Promises to refund without getting the offer in the contract . Well, part of it, because the training fee is deducted. Similar to eating my medicine pack, you have a boy, don't give birth to a boy, deduct the nutrient fee, and the rest will return you~

I believe that these plans and trainings are certainly useful, including various skill trainings and possible introversions, but they may not be as good as they claim, especially considering the cost of tens of thousands of dollars:

I always insist that my own learning, thinking and action are the most fundamental.

  • For example, professional exploration , we only need to master the relevant methods and techniques, and then personally understand, there will be deeper feelings;
  • For example, job interviewing skills , there are a lot of information on the Internet, we can and should be critically thinking about it, knowing why it is known, not only to cope with the interview, but also for self-assessment, feedback and improvement;
  • For example, the so-called introductory network , in fact, if you really care, you can get to know some industry amnesty (I still have a voice in this regard), and in this process your initiative, empathy, interpersonal communication The ability to interact with others will be enhanced.

In addition, you have to believe that a truly outstanding company must have its own talent selection process and standards, and it is unlikely that it will be recruited only through the interim push of the intermediary company.

However, many people's thinking is indeed chaotic and divergent. There are misunderstandings or misunderstandings about career planning, and they do not know how to truly and effectively learn and improve themselves.

For details, please refer to my previous article: The most reliable career planning is like this.

In view of this, I developed this series of courses.

The course outline is as follows:

It is worth noting that the course is only used as a system framework and guidance. After learning, it can be used as a reference to practice and practice in combination with its own situation.

But in fact, the real effective learning of this is "dry middle school", take a look at our "learning pyramid" to know:

Because of this, we will build a learning community. Students who have subscribed to the course can add me to WeChat (nanfengshukuang). The initial ideas and plans of the community include:

  • Course Q&A : Answer questions about the series of courses;
  • Online courses : In addition to this series of courses, there are free and discounted online courses;
  • Offline training : The effect of offline training is definitely much better, especially in interviews, speeches, communication, etc.;
  • Offline activities : expand offline contacts and other various private hooks, no legal ethics;
  • Case consultation : If there are personalized consultation and training needs for children's shoes in this group, 500/hour within the group and 600 outside the group;
  • Peripheral activities : such as recruitment job search information, internship practice activities, investment exchanges, etc.

In fact, after-school study and communication is even the most important. Just like after reading an article, I probably don't feel much, but after a one-on-one chat, there may be deep feelings.

The following picture is a partial screenshot of my communication with fans:

In the end, it is the price of courses that many people care about.

We don't want 999, don't 399, not even 199.

The original price of the course is only 139 yuan.

As a pre-fan price, it is now as low as 99 yuan.

I think this is a super conscience and a favorable price. After all, this is just my part-time job. There is not much other cost than time and energy.

In addition, if you forward this article to the class group or circle of friends, with a recommendation, and then take the screenshots and course purchase screenshots can also get 6-9 yuan cash back.

I sincerely hope that you can gain something from it and improve it. Don't forget to add me to WeChat: nanfengshukuang

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