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How do men self-test sperm quality?

I want to have a baby, I have a good baby, and my sperm is not good. Some men are inevitably pregnant after half a year of pregnancy. Is it not okay? Will it be a problem with my own sperm?

In response to this situation, I will explain to you today how to judge whether your sperm is normal by self-testing.

1. The color of color
sperm is mostly determined by the composition. The normal semen will be gray, milky white and yellowish. The yellow semen is common in men with longer abstinence. If brownish red, reddish or bloody, it is not normal. It may be caused by seminal vesicle inflammation and prostatitis. It is best to go to the hospital for examination. In addition, if the semen color is lighter, it may mean less refined.

The sperm that has just been liquefied will show a thick jelly. Generally, it will appear liquefied in two to three minutes and become a watery liquid. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, but if the sperm is excreted outside the body. 30 minutes is still called jelly-like, this is the pathological situation, medically known as semen does not liquefy, will cause male infertility. In general, the reason why sperm does not liquefy may be caused by bacterial infection, urine irritation or mood anxiety.

3, sperm quantitative
life, many people will think that the more sperm excluded, the better their sexual function, in fact, this is a wrong idea, generally male normal discharge volume should be 2 ml to 7 Between milliliters, too much is too much morbid performance, but the discharge of sperm will also be affected by the frequency of sexual life between husband and wife. If men ejaculate frequently, it will also cause too little sperm excretion. This is a normal phenomenon. Generally, the extended life cycle can be solved, but if the sperm is still less than 1.5 ml for a long time, it is less azoospermia.

Beware of the four major killers

1. Long-term abstinence and

sexual desire are an inseparable part of human life. Intentional killing and endless troubles. In addition to affecting psychological and physiological functions, abstinence may also cause infertility. When sperm is generally formed in the testis, its form The structure is basically mature, but it does not have the ability to recognize and exercise. When the sperm reaches the scrotum epididymis, about half of the sperm will age and decompose, and will be absorbed again by the human body. If the male is abstinent for a long time, the sperm will generally be in the body. Disintegration in the vas deferens has caused a serious decline in sperm quality in the long run, and when men restore sexual function, the first few ejaculations will contain a considerable amount of aging essence, deformed essence, and even long-term infertility.

2, living habits
sperm growth needs to be 1 to 2 degrees lower than the body temperature, its response to temperature is very sensitive, due to the protection of the scrotum, it provides a good place for the development of sperm, to ensure that the male sperm source continues to produce, if When the outside temperature is too high and it is not suitable for sperm development, it will cause a decrease in the number of sperm. Many people who like hot springs, saunas or long-term sedentary, male friends who like to wear tights and bicycles, will have sperm quality decreased or too little because of the high temperature of the scrotum!

3, smoking, drinking,
smoking and drinking have a great impact on the normal function of male sperm, they not only affect the normal activity of sperm, the sperm deformity rate will also be significantly improved, and according to research, long-term alcoholism can also cause testicular atrophy, resulting in male The indicators of reproductive organs are reduced, so we recommend that the men and women who are pregnant here should quit smoking and alcohol in three months or six months to give birth to a healthy and lovely baby!