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The CU Democracy Wall swindled me because the attention of everyone was really shocking me. I found that everyone's eyes are very hot, that is, they must fight separatism, expel Hong Kong independence, and cannot promote Hong Kong independence, so the mainland female student is doing well! But the point I saw was not here at all. Let me briefly talk about my opinion.


In fact, this matter is very simple.

Whether it is Hong Kong or Lusheng, the logical fallacy of both sides actually shocked me.


First of all, the cadre of the CUSU (Chinese University of Hong Kong Student Union) said that the poster that Lu Sheng could not tear the Democracy Wall, if it was posted according to the regulations, could not really tear it. The Democracy Wall is a feature of Hong Kong's colleges and universities. According to the regulations, students who post their own opinions on posters must indicate their personal information, class names, etc. , and the Democracy Wall, which should be labeled with personal information for each individual poster. No personal information is marked, that is, anyone has the right to tear it off, and the student union has the power to defend posters or articles that have personal opinions and have expressed personal opinions.

So in the video, this Lu Sheng said who gave you power, which is precisely one of the powers that their students will be given. But here, CUSU really can't stop the land from tearing up the posters, because these posters are obviously not in compliance.


As for this Lu Sheng, there is also a logical fallacy. Her first natural reaction is "You can stick me and tear it." "I just think that these things should not exist here."

Yes, she can tear up posters that don't meet the rules; wrong, this logic is problematic. What exactly is "should not exist"? In her view, all Hong Kong independence views and public opinion cannot be approved, they should not exist, and they must not be produced. However, the Democracy Wall is a place to express different opinions to all students, and different views are collided. These posters are only in the position of her opposition, but they are completely opposite to her views. Why can't you ignore these opposing opinions? This is like simply being incited by the mainland media, and then gradually forming a kind of consciousness. As long as it is inconsistent with one's own opinions, it is a three-view, which is a kind of discrimination against the groups with different opinions. And who is the rule that the three views are not correct? Is the mainstream media in the mainland?

After all, the Chinese still can't get used to "I don't agree with you, but I swear to defend your right to speak." Hong Kong is such a place where you can barely express your political views. This Lu Sheng grew up on the mainland since he was a child. He was thrown into such a place all of a sudden. He suddenly encountered such a situation of shocking himself and he panicked. So rudely expressed his point of view. CUSU also said that you have different opinions to post on the Democracy Wall to express your views. The Democracy Wall is a real-life forum, and everyone has the right to post. If you are dissatisfied with the Hong Kong-independent posters, then brush them down in the right way. And in the end, this democratic wall brush screen poster is just the hard work of financial power...


After the video was sent by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, I was shocked to see the bottom of the comment. It’s a fan of your group... The point of view is so unified... This wave of rhythm is good.


The follow-up is a land-based emoticon package covering these Hong Kong-independent posters. However, some of these emoticons include personal information that is not labeled with personal information. The part that is not marked can also be torn off by anyone.

This time, the expression pack is as childish and boring as the FB Taiwan Lu expression pack war. Just like a child's house, many people are proud of it. As long as you don't advertise, there is no problem for anyone to post anything on the democratic wall. However, the Democracy Wall is a place to express their views. In such a good environment that can publicly express their own political views, a place where you can speak well can only understand. Expressing your opinions and appeals with expression packs, this is just like the previous FB Taiwan Lu expression pack war, which is both stupid and time-consuming.

Politics is a serious matter. Under the environment of the mainland, you don’t say that I don’t say it. I can only express my inner jokes and contempt with a few expression packs. It’s been a long time. Everyone has forgotten it. Politics is really one. Serious things require serious expression of opinions and discussions.

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This is a feeling expressed by a student who is studying in CU. The po master has reviewed it. Most of the forwarded content is expressed in one meaning. In summary, you are a keyboard man who does nothing. Why do you want to do it? People who really express their opinions on the expression packs are judged!

You have to do it and do it before you can express your opinion, so if I have to comment on a refrigerator, I still have to cool it?


This is really very simple and quite boring, and both sides have logical fallacies.


Btw, there is another interesting thing about this.

All the praises of the mainland girl's practice and ridicule the Hong Kong students' articles, answers, and Weibo all high praises and forwards, and the most praised point is that the media's contribution is good for terrestrial English.

It seems that everyone likes to pay attention to a hot point. Well, I like it too.


Ah, let’s go back to the title. Actually, I won’t have a problem. So the thing that should be reminded of the title is that politics is serious.



add another point:

I know that the biggest concern of everyone is that "Hong Kong independence" is illegal and unconstitutional. I know that I do not support such remarks.

However, my point is mainly that the first reaction of this terrestrial anxious is to directly tear up the remarks that have produced different opinions based on different positions. First of all, I should listen to it, know what to say, and then rebut it one by one. As for how to deal with these illegal and unconstitutional Hong Kong-only remarks, I think it is ok to give it to the school. In fact, many schools think that these Hong Kong-only posters are just There is no need to control the children's noisy, and it is enough. No one cares about them and it feels boring. But now things are upset by the media, CU will not care.

Also, I don't think that this terrestrial logic is bad. This Lu Sheng still has a well-educated temperament. I mean that she has a logical fallacy because of her urgency. This is a natural situation. It is understandable to be anxious not to keep calm.