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Is it a good idea to resign and play games?

It’s likely that a game is as painful as your current job: if you just “do the game” to escape the current job, then you are no different from the middle school students who just “run the profession” just to avoid learning.

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Not long ago, a post of "Doing a job or reading?" caused a heated discussion in the community of love and play. It seems that the students now have such an e-sports dream. But I think that the second is not only the students, you have already worked, I am afraid that there will be a "playing game" in the heart. Maybe like the 16-year-old boy, you are not interested in your work, or even very disgusted. This kind of problem may appear in your mind more than once: I want to chase a dream, resign, do it. game?

Is it time to say goodbye to your current life?

May ask yourself: Resignation, for what?

Resigning to play games, what can you get? What do you want? challenge? money? free? stimulate? Like-minded friends? If you don't even know what you want, think twice before resigning.

At the same time, it should be noted that no matter what kind of work you want to do, it is very likely that a game will be as painful as your current job: working overtime, repeated revisions, and delays in the project are all common things in game development. If you just "do the game" to escape the current job, then you are no different from the middle school students who just "run the profession" just to escape learning.

If you make up your mind, let us analyze a few roads you might take:

1, the dreamer:

You must have a brilliant idea in your heart, for example, "I want to make a sandbox game, the screen should be able to second "Horizon", the map size can be second "Star Citizen", the story can be second "Wildness", I also want to It is made into a gold-plated online game, and the kind of card is definitely sold."

It is certainly good to have dreams and to have practical ambitions, and now there are various channels for realizing dreams (such as crowdfunding). However, the most important question is not whether you have a dream or not, but your dream is not realistic.

The pie is not too big, it is easy to pull the egg

Of course, your thoughts will definitely not be as extreme as the example I gave above. But even the most realistic plan, in the brutal game market, failure is normal. Simply search for "XX Indie Game Analysis" and you will get a lot of results, most of which are inspirational stories that "pay will succeed." Although these chicken soups are really suitable for uploading on WeChat. But remember, there are countless failures behind success.

Recently, there was an American producer who wrote about how he sold his entire family and five years of hard work. What is his conclusion?

"If you really want to be an independent game producer, my advice is, don't."

Of course, this is just an extreme example. A more practical suggestion is to make it smaller and simpler when you are doing your first game. Don't think about becoming famous overnight. Although it is important to have a dream, it must be combined with reality. Of course, don't be hit: small games can have great success, even if you don't have this idea at all.

For example, Liang Qiwei, the author of the "Rain Blood" series, did not have the idea of ​​"making a big news" at first. According to his self-report, "Rain of Blood" was originally a product of self-entertainment: "In my mind, after the game was made, the only player was myself, like my previous earth set. same."

"Rainy Blood: Diaolou": an indie game with excellent style and percussion

However, this does not mean that you can succeed if you just make a game. Although there is no big ambition, "Rain Blood" is a game that has been made in a solid way: According to his memories, just one start, it costs three. In the months, "At the time, my passion and hobbies for this game were completely exhausted. Every day I opened the project, I wanted to vomit... At the beginning, I started because of enthusiasm and hobbies. Production, but at this time in a lot of boring repetitive work, I still do it in inertia... Although the project that was originally intended to make myself cool has become a torture, I still do it."

In short, the realization of a dream is not something that can be achieved with the movement of the mouth. You not only need to have a realistic plan, but also have to prepare for a protracted war.

2, lovers:

I think Cary Walkin is undoubtedly the best example of how to balance work and hobbies. In addition to his accounting work, he used Excel to make a turn-based RPG game, "Arena.Xlsm." Although he has a lot of experience in CS module production in high school, he has to make a choice when looking for a job: "When it comes time to decide my life direction, I think there are not many opportunities in the game industry, so I temporarily quit the game production and took the CPA."

Edited by Excel "Arena.Xlsm"

Although "Arena.Xlsm" was a great success, in order to break even, he eventually did more traditional work in the software industry. “I’m just making games as a hobby. I’m just doing games at night or on weekends,” he said. “I sometimes go to forums, university podiums, do some big data and game design, and A speech like the producer's business skills."

Making a game doesn't necessarily take up all of your time. "Arena.Xlsm" is made by Cary Walkin in his spare time. "Rainy Blood" is made by Liang Qiwei while studying. Remember Was it a messy FLASH game "Jin Yong Qun Chuan 2"? This is also the author's half bottle of fairy vinegar made with the scattered time outside of work.

FLASH game "Jin Yong Qun Chuan 2"

In short, playing games does not mean that you can't work, and you can make good games in your spare time. If you don't plan to make money from games, how about making a little game in your spare time? If you want to rely on games to eat, first play in your spare time, and then enter the game industry after success, it is more secure than direct resignation.

3, independent gamers:

Although everyone is generally "sympathetic" attitude towards domestic independent games, Liang Qiwei mentioned in an interview that it is much easier to do indie games in China than in the United States: "The space for domestic original games is very broad. And the success is much less difficult than the US. In the United States, you have to make a really good product, you can get a little attention in the market, but in the country as long as you make a slightly ok product, then the player, the media Industry, capital will pay attention to you very much, and development will be much better. Many products that can't be smoked in the US can be crushed in minutes by the domestic market. We should be grateful for the domestic market environment and development stage. As long as you make a good product, you will have a chance to do it."

In the United States, only works with strong personalities will be remembered.

However, getting attention in China does not mean that you can earn money. The survival status of domestic independent game developers is still very pessimistic. As far as the Chinese people are concerned about the consumer psychology of games, it is difficult for independent producers to support themselves without highly commercialized games. In this regard, the domestic relatively famous Coconut Island game team gives advice: first of all, the game to make a relatively high quality, first to do overseas markets, after a certain response, then get back to the domestic and good publishers to issue. Aside from the familiar PS, BOX, Steam and crowdfunding, there are still many channels for selling games overseas. For example, after the "Blood Rain" was made, it was put on sale on several websites such as bigfish and gamersgate by Liang Qiwei, and earned 600 knives in an hour.

And for how to do independent games, half a bottle of fairy vinegar also gave its own advice: "Generally, my advice to newcomers is that in the Chinese game industry, creativity is not worthwhile, value is the execution, the idea is made, even if It’s a simple or non-influent gameplay. Many people say that technology won’t be art, etc. At present, many people in China are trying to implement various convenient game development tools to realize their own ideas, in addition to the old RPG production masters, and more recently. More fire orange word game tools, ... try to do a few games, find the feeling of playing games, it is relatively easy to enter the industry."

RPG production master

Remember the "Fantasy Westward Journey" stand-alone version of the year? It’s made by RPG masters.

And if you feel that you don't have the ability to make games independently, and you don't have superb art or programming skills, consider the following path:

4, outside the programmer:

Although we talked about "making a game", the first thing that comes to mind is the design and programming work on the table, but the reality is that the game industry is not only the game development aspect. In fact, behind the development of a game, a lot of work is done by people who can't write code at all: Some people have to do historical background investigation for Assassin's Creed, and someone has to record guns and sounds for Call of Duty. Go to the marketing strategy for "Glory of the Glory".

Even a company like a naughty dog ​​must have a character like the executive director to ensure the normal operation of the game: "Naughty dog ​​is a very, very busy company, and my department needs to do a lot of work," The executive director said, “Under normal circumstances, my day's work includes tracking employee dynamics (who is sick? Who is taking time off?), payroll, company surveys, communication with new employees, studios Organizing files, spending plans, event planning, etc. In so many small and small chores, I think our first priority is to help employees and studios solve all the difficulties so that they can concentrate on the game."

The success of "Shen Hai 4" can be more than just code

As mentioned before, behind the game development, most of the naughty dogs actually do not write code. One employee said: “In the company, the producers ensure that the studio’s normal operation and localization work are responsible for handling language subtitles. We also have people responsible for communicating with the outsourcing team.” So, no code will be written. It doesn't matter, there will always be a position for you in the game industry.

After determining the direction?

I think, this time you have to ask yourself three important questions:

Resignation, can I afford it?

If you suddenly have no stable source of income, or if the salary of a new job is much lower than the original job, can you still have a mortgage for the next month? What about the next half year? You may have calculated how much you spend each month on various expenses, but have you ever asked yourself: If I resign, can I still maintain this lifestyle? Calculate your home loan, utility bills, transportation expenses, food expenses, etc. You must spend the rest of your life on mobile phones, computers, Taobao, Jingdong, and Steam. You will find that the mortgage is not yours. The biggest enemy.

Can you happily pick up your hand after resigning?

Do you have a game to support me?

Regarding this question, whether it is to join the studio or to do it alone, this article can not give an exact reference. Not to mention the gap between the US and China's game industry, even in China, the difference between the game department of big companies such as NetEase and Tencent and the small studios on STEAM is obviously obvious. If you really want to join the industry, you have to investigate according to the company or studio you want to go to and the position you want to go. Independent production? It depends on your strength.

It’s good to say that the work you want is enough to support the current lifestyle; but if it’s not enough to support, then you have to start to change yourself: if you spend more on games and takeaways, then You have to hold back the desire to pick up your hands and learn to cook.

Do I have the corresponding ability?

Don't be nervous. The ability to speak here does not refer to the innate "creative" ability, or "programming" ability, but the ability to learn: whether you want to enter the company or be an independent game producer, you The current knowledge is certainly not enough. When the initial ability is insufficient, whether you are willing to start again and learn the knowledge that you have not mastered before is the problem you need to consider most. If you resign to play games, but are lazy to improve your ability, I am afraid it is difficult to make a decent game.

The vast majority of producers who dream of independent gamers are not optimistic.

From reality to ideal:

It’s already 2017, and it’s not the time when a job is going to retire: Why do you have to do what you don’t like in your life? Why do you live like a robot every day? Why not try a new lifestyle?

Playing games, like the main esports, is only for those who are at the top of the pyramid to support their careers. Playing a game is just like any other profession. As long as you have a certain ability, you can live normally. At the same time, it is not that only art students or programmers can join the game industry. "Playing games" is also a project involving all aspects: Are you accounting now? It is better to help programmers study the sheet metal system. Are you a photographer now? Let's do the animation. Are you a civil servant now? Go help the boss to sponsor. As long as you are willing, there will always be a foothold in the game industry.

If you have a clear answer to a series of questions that have been thrown before, don't be afraid to chase your dreams.

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