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Why do I like Li Zhi?

The first time I heard Li Zhi was in a group of Xu Wei, one of them sent a self-singing city of the sky, and the following was a good comment. My heart is wondering, this Hong Kong Island sister, Spanish pie, this thing is listening to such a soil, but also a love is the fart of life, I feel that this stupid person has so many people holding, I have to listen.

In this way, I ran to the memory of Zhengzhou and felt that the lyrics were OK. When I was about to turn it off, the summer prelude of Shanyin Road began. The first time I listened to Shanyin Road, I didn’t have any impression on the lyrics. It was the beginning of the short paragraph, and there was no desire to turn off. I immediately felt that Li Zhi was acceptable.

Originally, the impression was not bad. I listened to a few more songs, read the lyrics, what "fucking", "dry" and "on", and instantly felt that this person was absolutely a cultureless punk, looked at the photos, and looked very ugly, then Also came an idol singer. Suddenly, I feel too much to force, too jump (after all, the old Xu is very low-key), do not dare to listen in the public, worried that a big hat can not be washed for a lifetime. Then the mentality at that time was "You said Li Zhi, I feel very junk."

Until, I heard, the sunflower on the wall of I/O, the front of the dawning of Hu Xin in Rock Nanjing, forced the brother to open "What is us, a separate excuse, what can make me, for whom to stay" I am embarrassed, and then suddenly feel that "you are a glorious leaf, falling in my despicable heart" is very reasonable to write, "My youth is a flower, open on a grave without sunshine" Very in place, "River River Road is like Jintan County in the 1980s, rubble dust from the indus, and a variety of grocery stores" made me have an inexplicable dependence on Nanjing. In short, this stage is that Li Zhi said that swearing is innocuous, in essence, the song is good, although the words are a bit vulgar, but still make do.

Later, I saw an interview on Netease Cloud, and I watched the words of the night, and slowly learned some backgrounds. I found that the stupidity was me.

"Plaza" (later changed the name to "place"), at first look at the lyrics, I said what the song wants to express, a scooter for a while and a grave pistol. Later, Google took Li Zhi, Wikipedia looked at the introduction, and learned the background to know that it is not so simple, a song with such a "clean" surface has such a deep result. Slowly understand the song of a song, slowly see Li Zhi’s loneliness, Li Zhi’s uneasiness, Li Zhi’s persistence.

Li Zhi’s New Year’s Eve, even if the loss is going to continue; Li Zhi’s album, which cannot be sold, will be destroyed; Li Zhi’s scene, if the state is not good, will be free again; Li Zhi’s copyright, even if the head is broken Also make contributions to the mainland music market.

Therefore, I love Nanjing, I love Li Zhi.

Even though, he is just an idol singer

because there is an attitude.