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The Spurs’ wonderful things

Yesterday, a wonderful news about the Spurs once again refreshed my world view: in the recent French presidential election, a French voter did not vote for any popular candidate, but voted for the Spurs core player. Kawhi Leonard. I said this French buddy, are you serious?

The reason for adding "again" is that as the league's Evergreen team, the Spurs players often not only play well, but also have many other talents, such as bats and musical instruments. For this reason, there are some strange events that happen from time to time, and the Spurs are also called "unusual human gathering centers" by fans.

Let's take a look at it. This team that used basketball as a sideline has had some wonderful events on and off the court.

NO.1 "Pampas vulture" hand bat

It was a regular season in the 09-10 season, and the Spurs played against the Kings. A bat suddenly flew into the middle of the game, and the referee had to stop the game because it kept hovering over the field. The staff and mascots at home of the Spurs used all the methods and failed to catch the bat. When it was proud, it flew to Manu. I saw that Manu’s eyes were fast, and he made a move to the palm of his hand. He shot the bat in the air and the audience screamed: This hand is comparable to Kato’s teacher!

Although the bat was successfully caught, the game continued, but Manu received the vaccination and was also protested by the Animal Protection Association. Later, the Spurs appeared several similar situations at home, but Manu did not make the "scratch bat" school.

No.2 master and apprentice hit the ball, the apprentice was miserable

The specific time can not be remembered, probably in a training session of the Spurs in the regular season five years ago, Bobo felt that Duncan became more and more dissatisfied with discipline, so he decided to single-handedly and gave him long memory.

In the video, we saw that Bobo first approached Duncan quickly, and forced to stay back and forth, but he was accidentally caught by the master. The two sides stalemate for a few seconds and then ended up with a jersey. A round of competition; naked body dumb decided to find a face, so he raised his fists, set the standard action of free fight to meet the enemy, the old man saw: you dare to resist! Suddenly angered the heart, the center of gravity sinking, burying his head and rushing to the dull, who knows that this fierce iron head work was dull and easy to resolve. The unskilled wave is a flower: I have to watch the rest of the game for you! In the end, the mentoring war ended in a draw.

Video stamp, this rookie player is not rules, Duncan vs. Popovich is smashed

NO.3 is stunned and laughed at the scene.

This should be familiar to everyone, then I will add some details at the time. That was the 2006-07 Spurs away game against the Mavericks. Because the two sides were the third in the West and the first in the West, the game, which was regarded as the preview of the Western Conference, was very tight. The game went to the end of the third quarter, Duncan was replaced by an offensive foul, but he was blown by Crawford to blow two technical fouls because he was laughing on the bench.

The first technical offender was blown after Terry missed a free throw. He was stunned and dumbfounded; the second time after the next contract, Howard Howard made a foul, he was stunned and stunned. It was a towel. Who knows that Crawford gave him a technical prisoner and sent him off the court. This time, he was directly forced to face. Before being sent off, Duncan scored 16 points + 7 rebounds + 6 assists + 2 caps, but in the end the Spurs lost the game.

According to Crawford, Duncan complained to him about the whistles and chatter in the first three quarters. Therefore, he felt that Duncan’s smirk was deliberately provoking his authority; but he said that he was just laughing at his teammate’s foul. After the event, he was fined 25,000 yuan in the league, and Crawford was suspended for the rest of the season. The latter is said to have gone to see a psychiatrist.

NO.4 iced underwear is cool

The Spurs' die-dead fans will not be unfamiliar with the name Sean-Marx. He won the 2005 championship with the Spurs as a player. After retiring, he entered the Spurs management and won the team as a coach. The annual championship. In February last year, the Nets officially announced that Marx officially became the new general manager of the team.

Although this guy played the ball in general (11 years career average of 2.8 points +2.2 board), but did a thing that fans remember. After a regular season game in 2005, Marx, who was still a rookie, moved his brains. He put the panties that Manu had to put in the refrigerator in advance, and put it back in the bath. After bathing, I didn’t even think about putting on this cool iced underwear. It is said that Manu was turned into an Argentine tenor at that moment, and the Spurs fans outside the arena heard the screams of his heartbreaking.

NO.5 old drunkard

The assassin knows that Bobo's biggest hobby is drinking (see his rosacea), and he may be more obsessed with basketball than basketball.

Bobo has a super-large wine cellar in San Antonio's home, and the collection is over 3,000 bottles of quality red wine, ready for him to enjoy. It is said that during the 13-year finals, Bobo drank four bottles of red wine for a meal. Coincidentally, during this year's playoff game with the Grizzlies, the father spent $5,800 at a restaurant in Memphis, in which the tip actually took up. The reason is that the wine in this restaurant is good.

In order to make a good drink, Bobo is really an old alcoholic.

NO.6 has no sense of rotation

The Spurs like to guarantee the health and status of the players through the way of rotation. However, in recent years, their reasons for taking a break have become more and more non-existent. For example, they are older than the soil, their hips are tense, and they have eaten bad sandwiches. Here are some of the Spurs' odds. reason:

2011.3.20 vs. Bobcat Duncan took a break from "too old, mad cow disease"

2011.4.13 vs Lakers all-American live broadcasts all rounds off

2012.2.22 vs Trailer Duncan, Parker's rotation "We need to recuperate"

2012.11.30 vs Hotfire GDP rotation "We are all tired"

2012.12.1 Spurs were fined 250,000 by NBA for taking a break

2013.12.20 vs Warriors GDP rotation is "older than soil"

2013.12.22 vs Thunder Leonard toothache

2014.1.5 vs Clippers Dior pharyngitis

2014.4.12 vs Sun GD round off, Bonner food poisoning

2015.3.11 vs Raptors Manu Gastroenteritis

2015.11.19 Manu hips are absent and absent

2015.12.8 vs 76 people Leonard ate a spoiled sandwich , gastroenteritis


The home of the NO.7 accident frequently

In addition to repeated bats, the Spurs have had many other accidents at home.

Before the second game of the 14-year Spurs and Trail Blazers series, the visiting team's locker room actually appeared a poisonous rattlesnake, almost not scared the Blazers players present. Because the Spurs have a guy who likes to keep a snake - Danny Green, the Greens who lay the gun was asked by the media and the Blazers half-joking geologically. In the end, the Spurs successfully won the game, and did not know how much victory the snake brought to them. Video stamp this pioneers locker room emerges rattlesnake shock undecided mistakes again and again _ panoramic NBA_ Tencent video

In addition, in the 14-year finals of the finals, the Spurs home air-conditioning strike caused the temperature inside the pavilion to be as high as 32 degrees, during which the once cramped James was also suffering after the game;

After a 15-year regular-season game, the visiting team complained to the media that the Spurs' visiting team's locker room did not have hot water... You said that the squalor at the Spurs home is not very good, otherwise how are there so many accidents?

NO.8 team logo into a gangster logo

There are a lot of Spurs fans who like to be on the team's team logo, but now the tattoo may bring unnecessary trouble to them, because the Spurs' team logo has become a symbol of a local prison gang in San Antonio.

In this way, when the customer wants to go to the spurs team logo, the tattoo master will remind them that if the Spurs logo is in the wrong position, it may be used as a gang member. Therefore, if there is no such thing as a fan of the Spurs team logo, it is really a spur of the Spurs. However, this also shows the charm of the Spurs, even the gangs regard them as cultural totems.

Big brother of the Spurs, this younger brother I am completely dressed!