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Old driver's rivers and lakes



The southern faction refers to a blast, and the north sends its feet like lightning.

This is the jargon of the driver community.

The last time the taxi driver told me about the story of the North-South dispute, he talked about the eyebrows and dances. I listened to my heart. But I know that the story of a taxi driver cannot be fully believed. In China, the knowledge of a taxi driver is no less than that of a master of Chinese studies. That time, I don't believe it, I don't believe that a black car can open a big river.

But this time I believe.

Because this master is very different.

He holds the steering wheel and is very stable. Give oil under your feet, very quickly. Smoking, I have a chat with me. I saw him look different and mundane, and asked carefully: "Master, I heard that you drive the South and the North, which one are you?"

The master did not talk.

At this moment, his mobile phone came with a "drip" sound, his face changed slightly, his right hand was moving away from the gear, I couldn't even see his movements, and when he shook his god, he returned to his home, only the mobile phone sent out. A clear vocal voice.

“Congratulations, the success of the grab.”

"Good fingering, so to speak, are you a Southerner?"

"Expert." He handed me a cigarette.

In the driver world, the southern faction is like a blast, grabbing a single tyrant, and the wind is fast, but he is quick to grab a single finger. The northern foot is like lightning, the brake throttle is switched back and forth, and the road is played into a QQ speed.

I ordered a cigarette. "Master, just grab a single fingering method for this hand, can you not practice it in a five-year fire?"

"In order to practice this fingering, I poked fifteen millet phone screens."

"Why don't you use Nokia?"

He took a deep breath of smoke. "That is bad for my finger."

"The master business is good, I don't know how the North School has been?"

He smiled. "There is no way to grab a single, can't eat, miserable." Then he looked dark. "except him."


Who is he?

I really want to know.

But my destination is here, he sent me off the bus and said sadly. "Give me a five-star rating."

I landed on the star and my eyes locked his eyes. "Who is he?"

He didn't think I had this hand. "He is the head of the Northern School and his feet are like lightning."

"Foot fast?"

"Soon." He looked at me. "He drives a car, just like running a go-kart. Do you know what the morning peak of Taiyuan Street is? He dares to drift there." He paused and added: "Only he is quick to win ours." single."

I pulled the door open.

"I am looking for him."

The master looked at it and didn't seem to know what I meant, but after thinking about it, I basically referred to the mobile phone. "Order."

"Don't be afraid of being robbed?" I joked.

He smiled slightly. "No one is going to pass me."

He did not take me directly to find his feet like lightning.

He drove the car to the west, and on the way, dozens of sounds rang, he ignored it. In this way, the car finally came to the train station.

"If you want to find your feet like lightning, you should find a mouthful of lotus."

"Do you spit lotus?"

He looked at me. "The world only knows the north and the south, I don't know the driver's rivers and lakes, there are things."


"The West sent a spit to the lotus, and the East sent a hand to empty."

"The West sent a spit to the lotus, and it was a must-see for a 10-piece job. Let him talk about a hundred." The master smiled. “I often shake in front of the airport and the train station, I don’t know how many passengers are killed.”

I was surprised. "No wonder the mouth is spit lotus."

"No, it's because you don't take the car, he spits on your face."

I was speechless and had to transfer the topic.

"What about the East?"

"East sentimental hand is empty. He does not rely on pulling work to make money." His face changed slightly. "He deliberately stole you in the car to let you find it. Afterwards, he will find it for you. You have to be rewarded with kindness."

"How can it be so bad?"

He sighed. "This is the rivers and lakes. If there is good, there will be bad." The master paused. "But most of them are good, they are exhausted, but they are still empty."

"On the southeast and northwest, is there anyone else who is in the sky?"

He didn't say a word this time, he smoked a few cigarettes, and finally he couldn't help but open his mouth. "This person does not say anything, we four, we must hide from him."

Hiding away from him? Great wind!

"Look at this to your home, don't look at only 500 meters, but block it! Blocking can't move, you get on the bus, I think you are cheaper, 20 ?? Blowing air conditioning, comfortable, not fighting Guest, go straight, become!"

"Old spit." The driver master greeted him. Spitting a lotus flower. "Old finger, what are you doing?"

"With the ear." The driver said a few words, looked at me, and looked shocked. "Would you like to call Xiaodong?"

The driver frowned in disgust, nodded helplessly.


The driver master got on the bus and headed in one direction.

“Do you mean a wind?”


I should have thought that whoever has this confidence will not miss it. Only the head of the Southern School is like a blast.

“It’s better to meet up!”

All the way, we finally stopped in a small alley.

Drivers in the four high schools of the rivers and lakes finally got together: the southern faction is like a blast, the north sends feet like lightning, the west sends mouth to spit lotus, and the east sends empty hands.

"You are lucky today." The driver master said. "Today is our Sujia martial sword. Once every five years, we will be in the city. When we first reach a thousand, we will come here and reorder."

"what about me?"

"You are here to be a witness."

I promised. The four people were rubbing their own engines in the alley, only waiting for me to order. I screamed. "open!"

The northern faction went straight up, the south party’s mobile phone ticks constantly, the west sent straight to the airport, and the east sent to sneak at the rich on the street. And I am here, waiting for them to come back.


The car finally returned!

At the forefront is the empty space, the other three are close behind, but soon, the North, South, and West have gradually surpassed the East, and I am here to witness their winners.

Seeing that the North School’s car was the most fierce, I made an amazing move.

I rushed to the north with the strongest momentum!

The feet are like lightning. "Quickly open!"


In order to win, his feet are fast, and he is reluctant to step on the brakes.

In this way, I was hit by the first car and then flew to the second, third and fourth behind. Every car slammed me, then I fell to the ground.

It means that if the wind blows off, I will fly to my front. "Little brother! What is your intention?"

I smiled, climbed up, and moved to the lower bones.

"Southeast and northwest, pay money."

The four men took a breath.

"You... are you the king of porcelain in the face of porcelain?" The mouth of the lotus was shocked.

I smiled. "In the next life, there are countless porcelains, and I want to compete with the four kings of the southeast and northwest. I didn't expect it."

The four kings shook their heads one by one, and I took them one thousand of them today. I went to the empty space and I snorted. "You give me five hundred more, I don't think you are upset."

The hands were empty and the money bag was lighted. It really became empty.

I sneered.

"What age is it, don't you install a driving recorder?"

It means that the face is like a blast. "I didn't expect that you are the outsider, the sky is outside, and you are convinced that you are losing."

Satisfied with the charge of 4,500 dollars, I am eager to get out of the alley. Suddenly I saw the police around.

"XX alley, someone is driving, we have been recording the whole process, the evidence is conclusive."

I am a glimpse. "Full recording?"

Looking at the four masters one by one, I was trembled in my heart. An old policeman came to me. "Hey, touch the porcelain, you should understand."

I sweated hard and stuffed a 4,500 envelope into the old policeman's hand. He smiled and patted my shoulder, and I sighed.

I watched the high-sounding police car slowly go away, and the four master cars were still parked in the box. I thought to myself, where is the outsider, where is the sky, this person and the sky, there are other people.

Toss a game, the bamboo baskets hit the water. I suddenly tasted the words of the old driver. "Exhausted, empty hands, this is the driver's rivers and lakes."