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5 reflections that make your work and future promising


No matter which company we work for, in addition to indicators such as position, salary, and treatment, which are easy to see and easy to measure, some indicators and factors that are not clearly quantified are also important, although they are not like the above three indicators. Let us affirm or veto whether to engage in a certain job, but in the process of our work, it really affects us, and also determines whether we can do well and rush to a good future.

How can we identify these factors? Xiaobian believes that it can be measured from five aspects of daily work. These five aspects of measurement apply to every level of work in the organization, whether you are a freshman who has just stepped into the society, or an intermediate manager who wants to climb up, you can check this in your daily work. 5 aspects of the specific situation, and used for self-test and self-correction.

1 , the degree of integration

The first aspect is naturally related to the degree of integration of individuals and companies. When you are looking for a job, you should look for a job that is "toned" and fits with you. In more respects, tonality refers to the company's values, management style, atmosphere, the way people deal with conflicts, whether performance evaluation is open and honest, and whether it is cheerful and easy when meeting. These characteristics are collectively called tonality.

Although you work hard and are very enthusiastic, if your own tonality is incompatible with the company's tonality, you must suppress yourself every day to work, or even change to another face, pretend that you are someone, you can get along with your colleagues. This is the killer who can eliminate the enthusiasm of work. It is difficult for you to identify with the current work and go all out.

If you can feel that you like the people around you at work, you can understand them and play with them. They are very happy with each other and find that their thoughts and behaviors are very similar to yours. Then this is one. It is a great job signal for you to play and stimulate your potential.

2 , opportunity

A person who works in a company or business and measures whether he has a promising signal is related to opportunities. The so-called opportunity here is not only the opportunity that the boss gives you the opportunity to let you do things, let you grow, and the more important measure is whether you can learn new things, whether you can improve your professional skills and comprehensively handle problems.

If you want to grow and surpass yourself, your work should be challenging, if you don't challenge the knowledge, skills, endurance, thinking, stress, etc. that you already have, and the process you are doing. If you improve, you are not improving. At best, you can maintain it or do familiar work. In the long run, it will be difficult for you to acquire new skills and knowledge, and it is difficult to make new breakthroughs.

Good opportunities and good work should allow you to work with your brain, allowing you to grow up in the process of overcoming difficulties and challenging new problems, not just using familiar movements to maintain your work. Especially in the rapidly changing environment of this industry, we must always face new changes, new trends, and challenging capabilities to expand, in order to have the opportunity to open a broader future.

3 , the way out

Opportunity means finding a job that will allow you to grow. The way out is to help us find a job that helps and improves our next career plan when we leave .

At this time, many people will ask whether they should find a job in a big company, or do they work well in a small company?

The growth opportunities and space provided by large companies are relatively small, and one person can only concentrate on one glimpse. It is difficult to get all-round training and development. Therefore, when looking for new jobs in the future, the face will be relatively narrow.

Because of the manpower reduction and the survival of a small company, a small company often allows a person to take up management positions earlier, or let one person be responsible for multiple projects. This can make their employees have more learning opportunities and easily expand. Employees' knowledge and contact, and can develop a person's ability as soon as possible.

In my opinion, regardless of the size of the company, each has its merits, and it cannot be generalized. However, in the work, it is very important to be good at capturing opportunities related to the way out, strengthening and exercising yourself. If you enter a downhill industry, and the company has no future, then you should be careful. Don't just be tempted to have a high income and miss the opportunity to develop or transform in your career.

4 , for whom hard, for whom busy

Almost everyone's career will inevitably play multiple roles to meet their different expectations and needs. So sometimes, you are not just working for yourself, you may also be working for someone else. Therefore, in your work, you will inevitably have to take into account other factors.

When considering whether to engage in and accept a job, in addition to considering our own factors, we must also consider factors such as making money to support the family, raising children, and responding to the wishes of the spouse. Sometimes, just outside these factors, I missed the opportunity to advance.

In order to avoid unbalanced or rebounding in the work of others, I feel that before choosing a job, I must think about whether I am "who is working for whom". This problem is very important, to think clearly this problem, help us to more clearly position itself career development .

5 , work content

Every job has a low tide and a hard time. Sometimes, the purpose of the work is to fill the stomach. However, after reaching these basic requirements, if we want to make breakthroughs and growth in our work, we must learn to love ourselves. jobs. Even if you can't do 100% of everything you like to work for, at the very least, some of them are your favorite.

If you can't excite yourself to some extent, you can't inspire your passion for work. At least, you have to tell yourself not to die there. Believe in yourself, as long as you work hard enough, your mentality is good enough, and sooner or later you will find a job that will impress you. Remember: The best way to stand out is to hand over beautiful transcripts, whether you like it or not. Otherwise, good work for you may become a forever daydream.