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Beijing Workers West Road nightclub group imagery: "There is no foreigner in the nightclub, there is no customer at all."

Big Brother asked them: "Can you sing?" The six girls replied in unison: "Yes!"
"When is the first "Love will fight to win"?"

This is the 202nd story of the true story plan.

Pm 10:00

At 10 o'clock in the evening, for most Beijingers, the day is coming to an end. But at the nightclubs at Gongti West Road, the instigation has just begun.

At this time, there was soothing music in the store, and the display on the back of the DJ stage played Wei Mixiu. Li, a 40-year-old customer service manager, is giving more than 30 accompanying girls a message: "It is absolutely not allowed to play mobile phones during the guest's stay. It is not allowed to go to the bathroom for more than ten minutes."

Several white-collar workers came to the nightclub early, they were not very likely to drink, only two bottles of dry red. Seeing that their atmosphere was a bit deserted, I said, "Would you like me to play with you?"

They shook their heads and asked, "How come there is no one here?"

"You are coming early. When people are crowded, they can't walk."

At half past ten, four Eastern European girls in thongs walked onto the stage and danced around the steel pipe. The atmosphere became warm and there were several loud buzzing sounds in the darkness. After they finished a song, they left under the escort of the insider.

This is a group of Ukrainian beauty, the nightclub gives them 300 per person per night. The purpose is to let the guests think that there are often foreign beauty in the store, giving people the illusion that there will be an international affair, but in fact there is almost no such opportunity. Most of them are international students or models.

A group of foreign boys who are looking for can drink for free in the store, although we drink the rest of the wine with other guests.

The general manager said: "There are no foreigners in the nightclubs, and there are no customers at all."

Several girls walked into the store and soon got together with a few black boys, and a group of people played hot on the couch.

In the bathroom, I met the black man and led the girl into the same grid and quickly reported it to the inner security. The four internal insurances began to whisper and asked them to come out, and then directly slammed the door. After five or six minutes, they walked out of the cubicle. After she came out, she always asked us why we were slamming.

I couldn't help but ask her: "Why do you like foreigners?"

She glanced at me coldly. "Turn off your ass, you will have a waiter."

In August 2015, I was drifting north for the second time. I heard that the nightclub’s income is very impressive, so I went to the Workers’ West Road Nightclub as a waiter. I rarely get tips. After one month, my salary is the lowest in the store, and there are not many cleaners.

We listened to foreign songs at the nightclub, watching foreigners and drinking foreign wine. Sometimes I almost forgot that I am still in China.

Pm 11:00

Eleven. Group purchases must go to the nightclub. At this time, there are not many nightclub guests, and more customers are needed to set off the atmosphere. Every Monday to Thursday, we will post group buying information online, and the gimmick is Hunting.

A guest who participated in the group purchase asked me: "Do you have an affair here?" He looks thirty-five years old and is not very glamorous. After all, it is a guest. I can't beat him. I have to say, "Which nightclubs have so many affair, people and girls come with friends. It is impossible to give you a chance to talk."

He sighed and asked: "Do you have a wine lady here?"

The nightclub was crowded and the atmosphere was high. Ah came to me and said, "I found that there are fewer and fewer beautiful women in your store."

It’s purely accidental to know Ah. At that time, he was preparing to pursue a girl on the deck of my service, but there were several pairs of men and women on the table. He had no reason to go forward. So he gave me a tip of 100, let me introduce it, saying that he is the rich second generation who often come to nightclubs, ask if you can play together.

That night, A successfully brought the girl back home. He was actually a real estate agent, not a rich second generation.

"That is your request for high, I look at the past is all beautiful." I whispered back to him while smiling at other customers.

Ten minutes later, Ah was beaten. The reason is that Ah is a girl, and the boyfriend of the family went to the bathroom and just hit it.

Then I heard a girl say aloud: "Sir, I am accompanying Miss Wine, but please respect me and my profession."

The guest then took out a sum of money from the bag and handed it to her. Then, a fat right hand reached into her clothes, she did not stop, but greeted.

Sitting in the next door, Xiaokang asked me to give him a brandy cup. Xiaokang is 97 years old. After two years of hairdressing, now is the male public relations in the store. Before going to work every day, he has to spend an hour to make up and make hairstyles. He and I entered the nightclub on the same day, we lived in the same dormitory, and he slept in my upper store.

I took the brandy cup to Xiaokang. Xiaokang attached to my ear and said, "After you get off work, help me get the bag back to the dormitory."

"Do you want to be with the big sister?"

"What is it? It is to go out for a meal."

It was more than ten minutes at 12 o'clock in the morning. The stage slowly rose, and several actors began to perform on stage. People stopped playing games or chatting and stood up to see if they had the content they wanted to see. At 12:00, the stage will spray ribbons or fine pieces of white paper on time.


At zero, the atmosphere of the nightclub has entered a climax. Apple took the DJ station and started shouting wheat. He came from Nigeria and came to China eight years ago. He was first prepared to be a singer, but he finally learned to call Mai. He has been to many cities in China and can speak a more fluent Chinese.

Nightclubs often come to the rich second generation, a national husband has come once, there are several people accompanying. The other waiter told me that I knew it was him.

When I poured wine, I accidentally spilled the wine on a rich second generation. I quickly apologize, thinking that this dress will not be tens of thousands? He is very generous and laughs and says nothing.

Lao He is accompanying the guests to play dice. The guest only needs to drink a sip of the wine, but he loses his willingness to drink a whole cup. The night market sales industry has no guarantee, completely based on personal ability, less than 30 years old, old He has got alcoholic fatty liver. He once finished a bottle of brandy in front of the guests, and when the guests just finished drumming, he stumbled on the sofa and could not climb.

"After waiting for me to get drunk, you remember to call me once in five minutes." Old He said to me tonight.

At this time, the service manager Kobayashi finished drinking a glass of wine and poured himself a cup. I quickly rushed over, this is during work, drunk must be led by the leader.

Once Xiaolin asked me: "Do you say my girlfriend is beautiful?"

"It's pretty." I have seen Kobayashi's girlfriend several times. Although not particularly beautiful, but a very cute girl.

"You don't miss me. She is not beautiful at all. It can't match any girl in the nightclub."

Kobayashi started playing with the girls in the nightclub. The girlfriend forced her to marry, and finally returned to her hometown in Sichuan.

Kobayashi recovered from Sichuan, but his girlfriend had already married someone.

Am 02:00

At 2 o'clock in the morning, the European and American pop music was played. There are very few Chinese songs in the night, except for "Little Apple" which has been broadcast several times in the past year or two.

Xiao He called a female friend to accompany the guest today. She drank a lot of wine and got up and went to the bathroom, but stood up and swayed like she was going to fall. Xiao He told me to hold her, lest she accidentally fell. She pushed me away, "I am not drunk, you don't have to hold me."

When she was on the steps, she was awkward, but I was holding her hand, otherwise her nose might be misplaced. She stood up again and squirted a sip of alcohol. "Thank you, I will ask you to find a guest for a tip."

"Nothing, it should be done."

"Okay, but you don't want to soak me."

I smiled and didn't answer, and continued to help her to go to the toilet.

She got a thousand tip that night. Seeing that the guest is a rich person, she hinted that the guest could take her home, but the guest said that the work was very busy and left alone.

Half past two in the morning. Some of the guests left, and some did not. At this time, the sales will call out some boys and girls from the outside to set off the atmosphere. The only condition is that girls are more than boys. If there are more boys than girls, they will refuse to enter. They can drink for free as well, and they are also drinking.

One of the girls pulled me and asked: "Attendant, have you been a star here?"

"Of course, but most of them go into private rooms and are generally invisible in the lobby."

"I am still able to meet the stars." She said with some frustration.

Night club

Am 03:00

At three in the morning, the nightclub music once again became soothing. I thought that there was no business to come again, but a wealthy regular customer was sitting on the deck of my service under the leadership of sales.

I halfway in front of my eldest brother, picking up the lamp and taking the wine list and asking: "Big brother, what wine do you drink tonight, or is it profitable?"

Big Brother spit out a sip of alcohol, and waved his hand, "go."

Later, Big Brother ordered 10 bottles of Martell XO and three six-layer fruit bowls. Six girls sat next to the big brother and raised their glasses to toast the big wine.

Big Brother pointed at the girl around me and said to me: "This is a big sister, this is a second..." I called six cymbals in turn, and each person respected a glass of wine.

Big brother asked them: "Can you sing?"

Six people replied in unison: "Yes!"

"When is the first "Love will fight to win"?"

Let's face each other, no one will sing. Big Brother seems to be very disappointed.

Big Brother smoked a cigarette and suddenly pointed at me and said, "Come, sit here." He patted the sofa around him.

I carefully sat next to my eldest brother. He picked up a cigarette and put it in my mouth. He personally picked up the lighter and lit it to me. Then he said to the six cockroaches: "This is the big brother today, I am the second brother. ""

The plot reversed too fast, which made me a little dizzy. I took a sip of smoke and I almost couldn’t breathe.

Big Brother said to the three girls beside me: "Give me the big brother."

The three girls raised their glasses and toasted me. A small voice around me comforted me: "You drink, nothing."

Am 05:00

Big Brother wants to come to the microphone and preach to the microphone: "I am doing real estate, but I started to be a muddy water... muddy worker. When I work, it is all day, the sun is blowing, the food is not the dish, the inside is fucking. There are also mice..."

Some of the girls are chatting, some secretly take the mobile phone to brush the circle of friends, but when the big brother pauses, they will applaud.

Big Brother said a lot, and at first it was powerful, and then the voice became ambiguous until he slept.

At five o'clock in the morning, I woke up my eldest brother, and he looked awake. Big Brother spent more than 60,000 on the same day, he was very happy to check out. Four bottles of wine that had not been finished, the manager gave it up. Big Brother gave the girls one thousand and one thousand, and I also got a thousand. This is the most tip I have ever received.

Big Brother didn't seem to know me after waking up, didn't say a word to me again.

The nightclubs at five in the morning began to become quiet, as if nothing had happened. A few sporadic waiters are cleaning up the ribbons and wine stains on the sofa, and the cleaners are busy cleaning the paper and dirt in the ground. It seems that all the people who have been there have had a dream together, and only emptiness is left after waking up.

Author Tang Chao, a waitress for nightclubs

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