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I have to do the game in the cerebellum hole (1)

Not surprisingly, game industry practitioners have a dream of making games, and I am no exception.

From junior high school in the paper on OOXX the first Pokemon RPG beginning, always wanted to make a full can play computer games. Since then, I have been in contact with the RPG Maker series. From 2000 to the present, the MV has been interspersed with the love game master 2 , KRKR , orange (also called red), inklewriter , dreammaker , gamemaker and Rubik's cube . tool.

I have to say that the enemy with the greatest dreams is always execution . At that time, I was conscious of the earth-shattering earth. I have not had any products that I have come up with. I only have a set of messy and only set-ups and plans. I want to pick out one of the slightly higher completions, "The Legend of the Spirit," and strive to weave a piece of rags in one stitch.

Talk about the core idea of ​​this game, that is, similar to "Double Star Story", the character can not grow through the battle to gain experience , can only grow through food. The setting for the inferiority is that the edible food - like the seeds in "Dragon Quest" (or some of the fruits in "Pokémon") - can raise a certain attribute value .

Based on this, the first thing to solve is the cooking production system , similar to "The Track of the Air" or "Fate of Life 2". After thinking about it for 3 minutes, I gave up decisively because I wouldn't know js at all, I don't know. How to rewrite related plugins.

Since the normal practice can not be carried out, then the sword will take the slant of the old method, the event - changing . The specific process is to provide the food A to the NPC and the food A to the NPC .

Just do it.

First, if the test principle is successful, add water , meat , soup, and broth to the item bar . What needs to be done is to find NPC A, give him 1 serving of water, he also 1 soup, find NPC B, give him 1 serving of water and 1 serving of meat, he also 1 broth .

Once the props are set, start setting up the NPC, and now set two points on the map to get water and meat.

Then NPC A, exchange water for soup.

NPC B, in exchange for broth.

Ok, let's see the effect.

Hey, although I haven’t added the text of the lost or lost article, I haven’t made the choice of the number of redemptions, and the difference in the dialogue when the item is missing, but it’s roughly what it means.

Ah, go to work, let's do it today.