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The boss called on employees to go to work with pets: this can improve work efficiency! Wonderful!


Dogs are good friends of human beings, but we often have to put dogs at home because of their busy work. When they finally come back, it is often very late, or because they are too tired to take it out to play. ~

Recently, an advertising company in Bangkok, Thailand, thought of a good way to allow employees to bring their dogs to the office, which not only solved the dog's loneliness at home, but also made the office atmosphere better and better~

If you walk into this advertising company for the first time, you may be surprised by the sights: There are some cute dogs next to the employees, or sitting on their laps, or playing with other dogs. With...

The employees moved the mouse with one hand, and the other hand touched the dog's head from time to time.

One of the company's employees said, “Whenever we finish the meeting with the customer, we are very tired when we return to the company. But we play with our dogs for a while, touch their heads, hug them, or just relax. Watching them running around quietly, I have already relaxed a lot ..."

Anankanat said, "I hope that for our employees, it is not a cold office, but a warm home. Whenever they come to work, they will feel like seeing friends with pets and play with pets. The staff are very happy ..."

And surprisingly, some people in this company didn't like dogs very much, but they have been with them for a long time. Seeing the dogs are so cute, they slowly began to like it... even a lot People later owned their own Wang, and they were willing to do the shovel.

Now, about 20 dogs are playing happily in this company every day, and they bring a lot of happiness to everyone~

In fact, pets are allowed to come to the office. This company in Thailand is not the first one. There is a Japanese company that has been tested 2 years ago. The effect is not bad~

The company is an internet marketing company in Tokyo, Japan. The pets of the employees are mostly cats. Together with the 9 cats adopted by the company, dozens of comets are happy to live here, and our arrival allows employees to relax. And because there are a lot of topics to talk about, the relationship between employees is more intimate...

The company also stipulates that if an employee adopts a cat, it will give a subsidy of 5,000 yen (about 300 yuan) per month~

Even when hiring new employees, “love animals” is a very important condition~

In recent years, there have been more and more such companies, some like the two companies above, allowing pets to come every day, and some companies are still in the experimental stage.

For example, some high-tech companies in California have recently allowed employees to bring dogs to the company on specific dates. This is not only the company’s increasingly “humanized” performance, but also the personal and corporate interests. Win-win~

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found that “pet work can help employees relax, create a good working environment, and improve employee productivity~”

However, there is no doubt that after a busy day of work, it’s great to have a relaxing time with the cats and dogs, or just watch them quietly~