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Good friends have always insisted on unreliable dreams, what do you do?


After reading "Wrestling!" After Dad, when I got home, I brushed up the "Singularity" and just saw that "good friends have always insisted on unreliable dreams, whether to discourage" .

Suddenly I feel that this movie is quite like this topic. In India, a country with a low female status, as a father of retired wrestlers, withstood the dissent of the neighborhood and the naughty of the daughter, breaking through the shackles of traditional views, training two daughters to become excellent wrestling. hand. The dream of winning an international gold medal for the country was finally completed. Prior to this, India had never won an international gold medal in the wrestling project.

Can this dream be called unreliable at the beginning? But in the end it was realized, so inspiring, so inspirational and moving.

So, if your good friend has always insisted on a dream that is not reliable, what would you do?

1. To discourage VS from dissuading

The point of standing on the side of dissuading friends is:

1. Don't deprive your friends of your right to evaluate your dreams.

2, friends are looking at each other with a landscaping filter, if friends feel that it is a dream that is not reliable, it is really difficult to achieve.

3. Those who can be discouraged are those who dream only three minutes. For those who really want to realize their dreams, dissuasion will inspire their fighting spirit. Discourage does not mean blocking.

4, the dissuasion of good friends is also a test that TA needs to pass , otherwise it is called "always sticking to".

The party who does not discourage friends believes that:

1. Do not discourage and support. Everyone is the master of their own life, and friends can't judge which one is good for you on this road, which is not good. Blocking may be due to embarrassment.

2, there is a direction, a goal is better than no goal. When a ship sails on the sea, if it has no direction and no target, then any wind that is blown is a headwind.

3. Don't use dissuasion, but keep adding information to your friends. Not reliable enough to pop up the perfect movement. Persistence is a very shining meaning.

4. The essence of dreams is to create accidents. The experience of realizing your dreams is exciting.

5. Reliable and unreliable are completely caused by cognition. The world changes so fast that I dare not judge with a friend's heart.

2. Real efforts are happy

Regarding this debate, Luo Fat said: The essence of dreams is to create accidents. All actions must bring accidents, so when you are faced with one thing you choose to do or not, don't escape because you feel that you don't get anything or it is difficult, tell yourself to do it! Because your purpose is not important, the accident is irritating.

Many times in life, it is not just for that result. In every process of persistence, the life experience we have gained includes many wonderful things, or many unexpected surprises.

It’s hard to stick to it, but it’s really not that hard to stick to something you like, but it’s going to be very happy. The essence of hard work is not to force yourself to do things that you are not willing to do. Just like many people who have realized their dreams in life, when they recall the past, they often say that the difficult years are also very happy.

So when you are pursuing the life and dreams you want, you will be very busy and tired during this process, but you must be "enjoying" the process and state of this effort.

3. You have a dream that you have always insisted on. It’s good.

This is an era of dreams. If you ask me, what is your dream? I might tell you, probably a novelist. The general meaning is actually, I am not sure, I like to read novels, I admire the novelist's unfettered way of working, as if everyone must have a dream, so my dream is to be a novelist.

Look, I don't know what my dream is. So friends, I will envy you have a dream that has always been insisted, whether it is a reliable measure of secular evaluation.

In "Dear San Mao" there is such a passage: In this increasingly fast era, we look at the streets, and often see a piece of cold and numb, no expression of face hurried. I always guard myself, don't live in such a big environment for a long time, and unconsciously become one of them. They make me feel so timid that I don't even dare to look in the mirror.

Going to work every day, it takes about ten minutes to walk from the subway station to the company. There are too many people walking along the way. The lines are hurry and faceless. Each of us is working non-stop for "decent living"... Finally, we are gradually numb in unconscious living habits.

Sometimes, like us, the heart will feel a sense of sadness, just like the cold moon in the night sky, in the darkness, but waiting for the light. Waiting is too slow, you need to chase to get closer to the light. Therefore, when my good friend knows and always insists on his dream, I will support TA. Whether you will accompany the TA to celebrate later, or cry with a headache.

This is an era of dreams. If you ask me, what is your dream? I might tell you, probably a novelist. The general meaning is actually, I am not sure, I like to read novels, I admire the novelist's unfettered way of working, as if everyone must have a dream, so my dream is to be a novelist.

I have a good friend who is an English teacher at an educational institution. She once told me that she really wants to work and live abroad, but she does not have enough courage to realize this dream.

As more and more people study abroad and go abroad, as we learn more about the world, many people, like my friends, look forward to or dream of living a different life abroad. But it is not a good way.

Imagine if you have a platform that offers a lot of foreign job opportunities, and this platform can solve most of your practical problems. At that time, will you give up the dream of different life? And if you are a business manager, would you like such a platform to recruit foreign employees?