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Is the sauce scented to be warm or iced?


Winter is coming, some saucers have this kind of idea: I am afraid of the cold, I have also seen the story of Guan Gongwen, Hua Xiong, and simply drink the sauce in the hand!

Some drinkers also used a variety of iced drinks in the summer, so they also drank the sauce.

Can soy sauce be so warm or iced?

This question and sharing, originated from a chat with a drinker on WeChat, he asked me after getting the drink, can my wine be warm, so this article is the answer to this friend.

In addition, yesterday I did an interaction in the WeChat circle of friends and found that many wine drinkers did not know.

Can't drink ice!

Iced drinks are a very fashionable way to drink, but the sauce is not suitable for ice.

Because the sauce is a solid fermentation of pure grain, the brewed fragrant wine contains high-level unsaturated fatty acids, which are only melted in alcohol. Once the temperature is lowered or the water is lowered, the solubility will decrease, and these unsaturated fatty acids will be thinned out. The wine became turbid and lost. Therefore, after adding ice, on the one hand, the temperature is lowered, on the other hand, the melting ice is equivalent to the addition of water, and the sauce will lose its light and be unsightly.

The soy sauce is the most complex distilled spirit of aroma. The reason why it is attractive is because of the more complex aroma. After the ice is dissolved, the degree of the wine is reduced, and the aroma of the sauce is more or less affected. The coordinated aroma is broken by ice, so freezing will reduce the level of aroma in the mouth.

What is the best temperature to drink?

Soy sauce produces more high-boiling substances in the process of accumulation and fermentation. In theory, to understand the subtle flavor of these substances, the sauce should have a higher optimal drinking temperature than other types of liquor.

Some people think that drinking sauce is the most fragrant when the body temperature is 37 °C. However, under normal conditions, the sensitive temperature of the human tongue is 15 ° C ~ 30 ° C, and the most sensitive temperature is 21 ° C ~ 31 ° C. Low temperature can make the tongue paralyzed, and the high temperature gives the tongue a painful feeling.

The relationship between the strength of the seven flavors of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, sauce, dry and paste is different from the temperature change.

Generally, the sweet taste is most easily tasted at about 37 °C; the relationship between sourness and temperature is small, and the difference in taste between 10 °C and 40 °C is not significant; the bitterness is weakened with increasing temperature.

When the temperature is higher than 35 °C, the brain preferentially treats the "hot" information, and the experience of other flavors is reduced. Between 15 °C and 35 °C, the receptor protein is more active, so that the sweetness and bitterness of the feeling is increased with the increase of temperature. increase. This is in line with the explanation of the relationship between temperature and taste in the previous paragraph. Sauces contain a lot of trace ingredients, and thousands of substances contribute to flavor and taste.

Therefore, as a whole, the temperature range of the sauce wine is between 21 ° C and 35 ° C.

Supplement and conclusion

According to the "Liquor Analysis Method" promulgated by the National Food Industry Technical Committee, the room temperature is 20 °C ~ 25 °C, and the sample should be equilibrated for 24 hours in a 20 °C ± 2 °C environment or 1 hour in a water bath.

This shows that in the national standard, the liquor temperature is between 18 ° C and 25 ° C for sensory evaluation. It is also consistent with the temperature at which the sauce is suitable for drinking.

At the same time, for the human body, 21 degrees - 31 degrees is the most sensitive, too low temperature will make the tongue paralyzed, and too high temperature will make the tongue feel pain, so the best drinking temperature of the sauce wine and the perception of people's taste are also Great relationship.

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