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Two or three things you need to know before baking


Answering so many questions, I feel that most people learn to do baking not to be a professional West Point or Baker, but just hope to share delicious snacks with family and friends. I came up with the idea of ​​making a home baking column, specializing in some home baking guides to answer some of the problems of home baking.

Maybe there is something inside you that you are already familiar with or have done, but you may wish to follow me to discover some new ideas; perhaps you have never been exposed to baking, it doesn't matter, this column can help you systematically and more comprehensively learn the skills of home baking, it will Let baking be a part of your life.

In the first part of the column, I want to talk to you about some of my views and suggestions on baking.

Two suggestions for baking beginners

I met a lot of friends who just came into contact with baking and almost asked me the same question. "I don't have xxx in this recipe. Can I replace it with xxx?". In fact, I think this is also the biggest misunderstanding for many people to learn to bake, that is, they always want to change their formulas - not a drastic amount of sugar reduction, that is, white sugar, sugar powder is not clear, the place with butter always wants to change into vegetable oil In the place where the high-gluten powder is used, the cake powder is accidentally used... In the end, it often leads to the far-off of the finished product and the imagination, or how can it not be seen in the recipe photo.
The biggest difference between baking and cooking is that the former is not as free to play as the latter, and does not have to be done completely according to the recipe. Baking is the result of a series of physico-chemical changes, often pulling the whole body, and some seemingly subtle changes in raw materials and operations can lead to completely different results.

Therefore, my first suggestion to the early "playing" baking friends is - don't change the formula! Each recipe is carefully crafted to achieve the desired effect. If you don't like the effect, okay, it can only say that you and the formula are not right. Instead of blindly trying to modify the formula to suit my taste, I think it's better to try other formulas with understanding and assumptions. It is also a kind of learning in the process of trial.

There are many baking recipes on the Internet, but a large part of them are also the result of repeated revisions. In fact, there is not much guidance for beginners to learn baking. A professional formula will work together in all aspects, which materials and techniques are mutually responsive, and you can clearly see the author's ideas when you look at such recipes. So my second suggestion to a friend who wants to learn baking a little bit is to start with the recipe of a professional West Point teacher and compare the differences between them.
If you still have difficulty in curbing your desire to change your formula after trying different recipes, learn how to correct a formula step by step to achieve the desired effect, and this learning should be based on each A thorough understanding of the raw materials and techniques (that is, to have a good theoretical basis).

Let's start learning baking together. I hope everyone will grow up with a good home-baker~ with my column!

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