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Guitar experience of buying piano and guitar purchase experience


The first guitar in my life was bought online, a classic of more than one hundred pieces, full of eucalyptus, fingerboard is not rosewood, is a plastic-like material, you can imagine how bad the sound quality. There are steel bars, the pitch of the strings is quite low, the nylon strings are very soft, and they are comfortable and not tired. If my first guitar is a folk burning fire stick, I may have long been unable to give up. Generally, the inferior acoustic guitar strings are very high, the strings are very hard, and according to the hand pain, even if the steel bars are adjusted, it is useless. It is recommended to buy a folk song or buy a good one, whether you will play it or not.

My second guitar is a bad quality folk song, also bought online.

The spruce plywood and the back side of the coffin, with the pickup, the bass is significantly better than the classical, the volume is generally improved. It’s really better to play than to play classical music. I also changed the piano for this reason. Classical is still suitable for fingering. However, the burning stick is always tiring, the pitch of the string is super high, the width of the fingerboard is not produced according to the standard, and the width is narrow. The upper and lower string pillows completely exceed the standard height. It is difficult to press a chord, so don't say the finger! For a long time, I thought that folk songs were only suitable for playing accompaniment. It was not the sweeping of the chords. Of course, this is just the illusion that my fire stick gave me.

The third guitar is still classical

Because I feel that the classical is good, not tired, the fingerboard is wide, the strings are comfortable, and it is very helpful for the progress of the finger. Moreover, the classical guitar sound is soft and warm, with a little sadness in the gracefulness, and the finger is particularly balanced, lyrical, and comfortable to listen to. This classic has been upgraded to the back side of the spruce plywood and Gaza Billy. It is no longer a poor quality coffin. The sound is really beautiful and a bit timbre!

The fourth is the electric guitar

This is the most expensive toy, with a lot of peripheral equipment. At this time, I have been playing the piano for more than two years. I feel that I have learned a good job. I will continue to work hard to get some stimulation. Now I don’t have the kind of worry about buying a piano and I don’t know if I can learn it. I just bought it once, and I bought a LES PAUL from Gippson. The electric guitar is really different from the wood, just a little bit like it. When I bought an electric guitar, I naturally bought a speaker. After I connected the speaker, I found that it was not so fierce and very tearing. It turns out that the difference is an effect, then I bought a monoblock of super distortion, and sure enough, after the effector is connected, the sound is fierce, so handsome. After playing for a few more months, I bought two compression and chorus effects. With this pressed sound plus distortion and chorus, the sound is more professional. I think the ultimate player of every electric guitar will constantly pursue the perfection of the sound. And a single block of effects is not cheap at all, buy one can change a fire stick, do not know how many effects, really can not afford to hurt, then simply bought a comprehensive effect to experience various effects, although synthetic The effect is more fake, but also make use of it.

The most attractive part of playing an electric guitar is the distorted sound, plus the string, really passionate and tender, especially when playing with the drum accompaniment, I feel like I am in a group band, like a concert, I feel Great, the scene is particularly strong. After playing for half a year, BEYOND's SOLO basically learned, and suddenly felt that playing electric guitar is too tired, every time the wiring is connected for a few minutes, but also adjust the effect, the speaker, can not play when the night is quiet, too noisy, disturbing people With earphones and ear hurts (distortion effect is originally a kind of noise), the piano is heavy, my weight is 15 pounds, more than an hour of play is leg pain, back pain, back pain, some posture is not right still neck pain Not as easy as an acoustic guitar, casual, anytime, anywhere, want to play.

The fifth guitar is a single folk

Because I found that my favorite is folk songs. The pine panel and the back side peach core, mid-range guitar, and the pickup with wheat can pick up the sound of the board. It's completely different from the guitar I used to touch. This work is fine. Everywhere, the acoustic design and ergonomics are revealed. The hand feel is very good, and the appearance is beautiful. In order not to affect the sound quality, the wood is only painted thin, and it can be touched. Feel the truth of the wood.

The sound is sweet, like the echo of the mountains, the long flowing water of the spring, it is very comfortable to listen to, it is natural...

After playing for a while, the texture of the panel is denser and the color is getting deeper and deeper.

The sound has also undergone subtle changes. Maybe this is the legendary opening process. The opening of the red pine is faster, less sensitive to changes in the weather, and the tone is warm, full and easy to drive. The spruce sound is bright and clear, the sound is slower, and it is more sensitive to changes in the weather. It will be melancholy with humidity, and sometimes it will be cheerful. It will not be as good as the pine panel. But each has its own advantages. It is. Also witnessing the sound of your own guitar is a kind of enjoyment, enjoy your own love piano!

It is recommended that friends who want to learn guitar, do not buy inferior piano entry, it will obliterate your interest, whether you will play, try to buy better. Advanced friends who want to change the piano, it is best to buy a good piano once in place, a good piano is enough, ten burning fire sticks are not enough. In addition, it is not recommended to buy on the Internet. You can try it on the piano. This is the most important thing. If you have any problems, you can usually buy your own satisfactory piano. It is very easy to buy a piano on the Internet, a bad piano, and I don’t know what it’s like. Don’t be greedy and lose money. If you are cheated, you’re like sitting alone on the street corner, and the cold wind is waking up... ". Even if it can be changed, it is very troublesome to send it to and from. After all, the guitar is fragile. The god-level piano friends don't have to indulge in the pursuit of high-end pianos. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of pianos. For amateurs, buying a mid-range piano is enough. The high-end piano is reserved for professional guitarists. Of course, local tyrants are free. !

Also maintain your Aegean in time, be careful of changes in humidity, pay attention to moisture and dry, and often play is the best maintenance of wood.

I wish you all a happy piano and enjoy it!

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