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Do you recognize these masked papers?


Author: pineapple soda
Address: These masked paper, you know they do?
WeChat public number: boluoqs

Recently doing a product packaging

So I traveled around the corner of the city.

In order to find a beautiful, temperature paper

That's right


Paper is indeed temperature

a good piece of paper

Full of emotional tension

When you touch it

You can really feel it

The creator wants to bring you

Every inch of strength

Soft, strong

Vicissitudes, or mediocrity


There is such a company in Japan.

Called "Bamboo Tail"

Have been studying how to give a piece of paper

Soul and vitality

Bamboo tail is Japan's largest professional paper company

Produce a variety of art papers with excellent craftsmanship

Also working with some famous artists

Created a lot of amazing paper art


7th floor, Itoya, the largest stationery store in Ginza

Bamboo tail paper selection shop

More than 1,000 kinds of paper are displayed here.

Such display method

Convenient for customers to choose paper by color

Of course, you can also press the function

Showrooms in Chiyoda, Shibuya, Osaka

Is another unusually pure style

Every square on the wall can be opened

Collection of various paper materials

Bamboo tail holds an artist's exhibition every year.

They use the performance of art

Perfectly present the shape and strength of the paper

When the reel of a piece of paper is peeled off by the sharpener

You will see a world of paper that you never imagined.

They even made flying paper

Under the precise study of the weight and folding of the paper

Deductive aesthetic and light picture

Bamboo tail will also regularly select the winning works of art.

Encourage people to make more creations with paper

Mr. Masahiro's award-winning work "The Chocolate of the Tochigi"

These tough lines

Almost forgot you

It turned out to be a piece of paper


Of course, it’s not just bamboo tails that love to make paper.

With the mood of "Hey! The original paper can be like this"

Let us appreciate some of the artist’s handwriting.

Japanese designer Ohno's work "Carved Paper Series"

Polish designer Pawel Piotrowski's "Sandwich Book"

Ok, these are ~

Author: pineapple soda
Address: These masked paper, you know they do?
WeChat public number: boluoqs

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