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4 signs of a person becoming more and more remarkable


4 signs of a person becoming more and more remarkable

Author: lupine breeze (rich book signing Author)

The movie "Three Stupid Bollywood" said: "In pursuit of excellence, success will chase you away. "

Incorporating the concept of excellence into everyday life, every moment will infiltrate the sense of quality.

Shrink out the aperture and store the extra thoughts

Dr. Wu Jun is a time management big bull I admire.

In one year, I wrote the column of the "Spirit of Silicon Valley Letter", and completed the investment, lectures, scientific research and other matters;

In addition, you can take time to go to Europe to listen to music festivals, visit museums around the world, and shoot Aurora Borealis in Alaska. It can be said that work and life complement each other and envy people.

His cheats are to focus on the present, to do less, and to use good weapons.

During the day, he arranges up to three important things for himself, excludes or outsources other things, and then devote himself wholeheartedly to strive for efficient completion.

He clearly knows that attention is a valuable resource that must be used sparingly.

Many people can't extricate themselves from the "entertainment to death" product, 5 minutes of study, 3 hours of Internet access, uninterrupted shopping Taobao, brushing and shaking, it feels very happy at the time, and it is really boring to look back.

In the long run, it is more difficult to concentrate, inactive in inefficiency, and let yourself be unscrupulous, that is, to bury mine in the future.

Just as a computer opens many programs at the same time, it takes up a lot of memory and will run slower.

If a person is in a state of distraction for a long time, it will become shallow and the cognitive ability will be degraded quietly.

Compared with ordinary people, the cattle are better at managing their own attention, switching between the state of the game and the state of concentration, and accommodating their own thoughts.

Apple founder Jobs said in an interview

Focus and simplicity have always been one of my secrets. Simplicity is harder than complexity: you have to work hard to clarify ideas and make them simple. But in the end it is worth it, because once you do it, you can make a miracle.

According to Vice President Jonathan Ivey, Jobs is the most dedicated person he has ever encountered in his life. Every minute he is wondering how to create a simple, user-friendly and user-friendly product.

After returning to Apple in the same year, Jobs immediately drastically reduced the variety of the company's sales. The iPhone was the only one model, and the interface was changed very simply. There was only one button, but the function was very rich. When it was launched, it made a sensation in the world. .

It can be said that it is the achievement of Jobs.

As stated in Focus:

A focused person can often concentrate his time, energy and wisdom on what he wants to do, so as to maximize his enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, and strive to achieve his goals.

The martial arts superstar Bruce Lee also said: "The truly successful warrior is actually just an average person, but he has a laser-like focus. "

Reducing the attention to the aperture and accommodating the extra thoughts is the first sign that a person has become superior.

Continue to plow and create cumulative gains

I recently saw a news that from 2001 to 2018, Japan won an Nobel Prize on average every year.

Their craftsmanship has been integrated into all aspects of society, and the words of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, Nakamura Shuji, are very representative.

He said this: "Keep alone, I can not be influenced by these things, approaching the essence of things, which allows me to generate new ideas."

In his view, to remain lonely, you can redefine energy; focus on yourself, you can directly hit the core; decades of persistence on the cold bench, in exchange for the moment of inspiration.

When focusing on the elements of time, it is the rhythm of the sky.

A flywheel effect is mentioned in "From Excellence to Excellence" :

Suppose there is a huge wheel in front of you. When you push the wheel, you can make a whole solution. The wheel only moves a little bit, and completes one or two circles very slowly, and the speed does not change significantly.

But when the wheels turn to 100 laps, you suddenly realize that the wheels can fly at their own inertia.

Achieving a leap is to work continuously in one direction, one action and one action, one circle after another, and the combination of all factors makes the wheels fly.

Amazon's president Bezos has been investing heavily in cloud services since the company went public in 1997, creating a third-seller platform that gives customers the best experience.

Even if the loss is persisting, when the peers are selling advertisements, he insists on making slow money and gradually forms a grand business chain: a good experience to retain buyers, cloud services to retain businesses, and the collision between the two produces greater economies of scale. The proceeds are then used to optimize the infrastructure.

Amazon has been in business for nearly 20 years, and Bezos has never wavered in the process.

Every year, he writes a letter to shareholders and attaches a manuscript of the first shareholder letter of Amazon in 1997. He wants to tell others that what we have done in the past 20 years is no different from that in 1997. We must firmly believe in the power of time. .

When others see what he wants to do, there have been huge industry barriers, and they can only hope to sigh.

I think of a paragraph I saw on the Internet before: " The road to success is not as crowded as it is imagined, because in the long marathon of life, most people take the initiative to retreat when they run less than half. "

Continuously plunging into strength and creating cumulative increments is the second sign that one becomes superior.

Introduce external supervision and make good use of loss aversion

Speaking of loss and disgust , you are certainly no stranger.

That is a psychological preference that people rely on. The pain of losing 100 yuan is much more than the happiness of earning 100 yuan.

Luo Zhenyu mentioned in his program "Knowledge is Power" that he insisted on sending 60 seconds of voice every morning. He admitted that he could go to today and was "kidnapped."

In my opinion, it is the power to lose disgust.

On the first day, his five colleagues paid attention to him. After the first week, he had hundreds of fans. In the third month, his official number had tens of thousands of users. Does he want to sleep late?

Maybe I have thought about it in my mind, but when I think of the fans’ expectations, I’m still biting my teeth.

Today, he has more than 10 million fans, and he has set up a tower of 60 seconds of voice per day. He has no ability or qualification to withdraw.

Sometimes, we can go very far, not because of the self-discipline, because the cost of giving up is too great.

Xu Wei is Luo Yonghao's master slideshow creator. For Chai Jing's "Under the Dome" documentary, even Huawei hired him to do corporate slide production training at a high price. He earned millions by selling his own PPT course. .

Before becoming a master of slideshows, his hobby was to learn to play guitar, use his spare time to practice, use a year to learn to fingerstyle guitar, and also got a fingerstyle guitar training, a fingerstyle guitar tutorial, Taobao sold tens of thousands of sets.

Xu Wei himself believes that he can learn to pay for the expensive guitar that he borrowed for 47,000 yuan. If he bought a few hundred guitars, he might give up halfway.

He said that holding a guitar so expensive, a minute of laziness is unforgivable to him. Because of the big price, I will urge myself to use it more, and I always want to make up for the money I spent.

On the road to excellence, light is not enough, it has to be binding, and the latter has a better boost.

This can explain why some people will put their goals in the circle of friends in order to lose weight, and pay a deposit of 1,000 yuan to friends, and deduct 200 yuan for each gluttony.

This mentality is to take advantage of the loss aversion to reduce the possibility of giving up.

Introducing external supervision and making good use of loss aversion is probably the third sign that a person has become superior.

Built-in complex thinking, start thinking engine

Have you discovered that some people in life do things without saying:

The same mistakes are repeated and repeated, except that they have no qualifications in the company, they may work hard, but lack a core ability - resilience .

"Repeat" is originally a term of Go. After the game, the player will re-set the piece in his mind or on the board, thinking about the number of the other side and his own style of play.

People who know how to reinvent and do not know how to reinvent themselves are essentially different lives.

Entrepreneur Liu Chuanzhi believes that the secret of his success is to work hard, he said:

It is very important to recapture the lessons. Through summing up the lessons learned, especially the failures, we must be serious. We should not give ourselves any feelings to think clearly about this matter, think about things, and then we can move and then move.

The ability to resect determines the upper limit of a person's self-growth. Through a process of deduction, you can clarify how your future path should go.

Before the establishment of Xiaomi Company, Lei Jun worked at Jinshan Software Company and was recognized as a model worker.

He passed the 7X16 hours of work per week, and in just 8 years, he rose from the bottom to the general manager.

At this point, he encountered a bottleneck in his career. Jinshan Company was defeated in the confrontation with Microsoft. The situation was not optimistic. As a veteran of the Internet circle, he did not reach his self-expectation and thought about why others made money. It's so easy.

Through the re-discussion, he realized the importance of the wind and shouted out the widely quoted saying: as long as you stand in the air, the pig can fly.

Lei Jun talks about the theory of flying pigs, which reminds himself at all times that individual ability can only reach this point. If you want to be successful, you have to rely on opportunities, environment and potential energy.

The tactical diligence is to play the little brain, and the strategic diligence is the highlight.

After the reorganization, he clarified the direction of struggle, started hardware entrepreneurship in 2010, and set foot on the time of smartphone replacement. In just three years, he made China's first and created 4 years of 600. A marketing miracle of billions of sales.

Wang Wei has an incisive summary of the resumption:

The compound is that after doing the work, I will go through it again, analyze the gains and losses, find out the reasons, recognize and summarize the rules, and constantly correct the target. The rewind is to not fall in the same kind of pit, not to fall in love with the same bastard.

Real masters have deep resilience. Instead of spinning around in the low-level hard-working hutongs, they will actively judge the future trends, embrace change, and make people look at each other.

Built-in rethinking and starting the thinking engine is the fourth sign that a person has become remarkable.

Behind all the good is the self-discipline of asceticism. Excellent people are on their way to dreams every day.

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