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Millet again out of the price butcher meter home car air purifier measured


Time has entered the Gregorian calendar 2017, the last note of the monkey year is about to fall, but the smog on the land of the Central Plains still has no signs of leaving. When the air purifiers in the home protect their homes, the second "home" of many families - the car is still unable to escape the smog attack. The author deeply worried about the health of the family. After some consideration, I started the Mijia car air purifier, hoping to give my family more comprehensive care. Clean air is so hard to find, Mijia car air purifier (hereinafter referred to as Mijia car net) can improve the air quality, perhaps after reading this article you will get the answer.

Shape: Founder shape works well

The Mijia car is not extremely pocket-sized, rectangular design, but the size of the 380x112x112 does not occupy a huge space, and according to normal logic, the car net is always placed behind the rear seats, so in fact Even if the Mijia car is bigger, it will not cause much trouble.

There is a reminder sticker on the net of the Mijia car, which reads “Warning! The air outlet is installed upwards, and the button is installed for the last headrest of the cab”. The upward installation of the air outlet can avoid the impact on the direct blow of the passengers. After all, air purification requires a process, and the bad air blows the user to believe that it is not so pleasant. The most key operation is the driver, so it is more appropriate to place it in the position that the driver can touch. It must be acknowledged that simple note reminders are extremely helpful for installation and are extremely convenient for later operations.

The surrounding body of the Mijia car is almost designed with a gradual round hole, which is convenient for absorbing the air inside the car and transforming it into a higher quality air. The large venting hole is a very reasonable and necessary design.

On the net side of the Mijia car, there is a very obvious Mijia logo. Many of Xiaomi's products are classified under the Mijia brand. I hope this brand will become a globally well-known symbol in the future.

The design of the air outlet is actually similar to many car air conditioners, but the blades of the air outlet of the Mijia car are fixed, and of course there is no need to flip.

Press the button at the end of the Mijia car. As mentioned above, it needs to be as close as possible to the driver's reach. There is also an LED indicator on the button to display different working states according to different colors.

As an empty net product, it is obvious that the Mijia car net must also contain a filter element. There is an open design on the corresponding side of the air outlet, and there is also a power input interface for power supply.

In fact, the filter design of the Mijia car is not complicated, and the two pull rings can help remove the filter from the fuselage. However, it must also be noted here that the pull ring should face the outside when installing, otherwise it will greatly increase the difficulty of the next removal.

For accessories, a power cord is required, in addition to a mounting bracket, which is described below.

Overall, the shape of the Mijia car is not eye-catching, but the details of the workmanship are quite in place, and the intimate small design such as the filter ring is everywhere.

Installation: easy to complete the white is not afraid

First of all, it must be stated that although the net size of the Mijia car is not large, it has been explained above that the most perfect installation position is still in the rear seat behind the driver. For the convenience of shooting, the author temporarily placed the Mijia car in the co-pilot position.

The first step of the installation is to fix the mounting bracket of the accessory. The mounting strap passes through the seat headrest and is fastened. The basic shape is completed.

The second part is to place the Mijia car on the bracket and tie it with the mounting strap. The operation is simple and straightforward, even for the small white grade sister paper users can easily complete.

Connect the power cord to the cigarette lighter and you're done! But there is still a problem here, that is, the installation belt leaves two black bars on the front seats, which makes people want to vomit!

However, the pain point of the user is the selling point of the merchant. The Mijia car also comes with a leather head mat, which can perfectly hide the two black thin belts.

Attached below are some installation renderings, remember that the switch button is close to the driver's position.

Test: What is the effect of geometry?

The most important indicator in the haze, PM2.5, is an important factor threatening the health of the people. Therefore, the author also uses this as the main test item to test the net effect of the Mijia car. The test method is to completely open the door so that the air inside the vehicle is consistent with the outside world. According to the actual measurement, the following data are obtained:

As can be seen from the above figure, the initial PM2.5 value in the car is 343. After the cleaning of the Mijia car for about 9 minutes, the PM2.5 in the car is stable at around 50. Moreover, from the downward trend of the curve, the initial two-minute purification effect is the most powerful, and the curve is also steepest. Later, it gradually enters a relatively gentle purification process until it remains stable.

Summary: there is a price butcher in the place where there is millet

Xiaomi has always appeared in the image of price butcher, Mijia car air purifier is no exception, the price of 449 yuan is obvious, and the workmanship is good, and with the relatively good purification effect, for the users in the hazy air of life Words, it is a very good choice.