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Redwood Science - Chicken Wings, Low-key luxury civilian mahogany


For thousands of years, Chinese people have always had a special natural feeling for wood. People are full of attachment, love and admiration for it, for its poetry, and regard it as the source of life. Especially the rare and scarce mahogany, whether it is the royal family or the civilians, they love it, which also makes the value of mahogany invisibly multiply.

But not all mahogany are "high on the top", but some are obscured but stunning the world. For example, this low-key and mysterious mahogany introduced today is a "clear stream" in the redwood world. As one of the five traditional redwoods, it is not as famous as Hainan huanghuali, nor is it a household name like red sandalwood. However, it is unique in the mahogany market with its unique beautiful wood grain. Its name is "chicken wing wood".

The chicken wing wood, also known as "鸂鶒木", or "杞梓木", has a pattern resembling chicken wings on the string cut surface of the wood heart material. Strictly speaking, chicken wing wood is mostly yadou wood, domestically produced in Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi and other places, foreign countries have "Burmese chicken wing wood" and "African chicken wing wood" (also called "black chicken wing wood" on the market) They are produced in Gabon, Congo, Zaire and Cameroon in Myanmar, Thailand and the Congo Basin in Africa. The chicken wing wood heartwood is mostly black brown or chestnut brown, often with a distinctive and distinct pattern, the material is smooth and delicate; the period of success is longer, generally more than 100 years.

As the name implies, the chicken wing wood is named after the unique texture, resembling the texture of chicken wings and feathers, and has no brown eye lines, and the hand feel is very smooth, hence the name. Chicken wing wood is a general term for a type of wood. It is not the name of a wood species. It is a customary custom. It also has a little-known name - Acacia, Tang poetry "red bean raw southern country, spring to send a few branches. May the king pick more, this thing most love", that is to describe this tree. In "Guangdong Xinyu·Hainan Wenmu", such a passage was recorded: there is a 曰 曰 木 wood, like an iron pear, the sex is very resistant to soil, the big one is sawing it, there is a fine flower cloud, and the skin is close to a few inches. There are yellow and purple points, and also chicken wings. That is to say, Acacia is a chicken wing wood. Since then, the chicken wing wood has been deeply loved by scholars and consumers. In addition, in the folk, people think that the chicken is the closest animal to the legendary phoenix. There are sayings that "there are chickens must be haiji" and "chickens are homophonic", so the wenge is considered to be a kind of auspicious wood. Can bring good luck. With the two meanings of auspiciousness and acacia, the cultural connotation of the chicken wing wood is also highlighted, and it is naturally loved by the people of the country.

At the same time, the Ming style chicken wing wood furniture, generally light without carving, highlights its own texture, simple style, and also mostly small pieces of furniture with less material. The most shaped ones should be considered as chair sets, including four-headed official hat chairs, circle chairs, South official hat chairs, rose chairs and chairs. The new wenge wood is more common in the middle of the Qing Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty. The color is slightly heavier, brown, and the color in the texture is slightly yellow; the weight is heavier; the texture is obvious; the fiber is thicker and the toughness is better. On the whole, the world of chicken wing wood furniture is much less than that of red sandalwood and rosewood. In addition, the pursuit of the dignitaries of the past generations has been more and more smeared with mysterious colors, and it is more "extraordinary."

Chicken wing wood also has high practical value. The texture is staggered, clear, the color is abrupt, and the growth rings are not obvious. It is a very beautiful wood. The surface is shiny, oily and sexy, suitable for high-grade furniture, tea sets, interior decoration, sports equipment, etc. Its beautiful shape and the ancient wood grain color not only add a strong artistic charm to the furniture, but also show the owner's unique taste.

1, furniture

2, tea set

3, chopsticks

4, small objects

It can be seen that the collection value of chicken wing wood furniture is also very high. Although its appreciation is not as large as red sandalwood, Hainan huanghuali, and sour, it has also increased slightly. Moreover, the evaluation of mahogany furniture can not only look at its increase, but more importantly, to taste the cultural value and artistic value it contains, and the cultural value and appreciation value of the chicken wing wood and the identity of the national standard mahogany have laid it The distinguished position in the redwood world.