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Abstract: Converging the strongest brain in DT era, depicting the development trend and blueprint of cloud computing, showing the technological ecological panorama of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. In 2018, the Yunqi Conference City Summit has been successively in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, Held in four cities in Shanghai. Next, let's review the most exciting cloud computing event of the year and see what the 2018 cloud computing world has brought us:

Nowadays, the term "Yunqi Conference" is mentioned. Every developer will not be unfamiliar. From the local stationmaster meeting in 2009 to 15 years, it was officially named and settled in Yunqi Town. This is sponsored by Alibaba Group. The developer event has now become a top priority in the global cloud computing arena. The Yunqi Conference is not just a simple meeting, but a broad platform covering innovation, entrepreneurship, and big data, reflecting the booming side of an industry. Both technology and service are equally important, and applications and ecological co-construction can be said. The Yunqi Conference is the vane of the development of the cloud computing industry.
Converging the strongest brains of the DT era, depicting cloud computing trends and blueprints, showing the technological ecological panorama of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence booming. In 2018, the Yunqi Conference City Summit has been successively in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Shanghai. The city is organized. Next, let's review the most exciting cloud computing event in the first half of 2018. Let's take a look at what the 2018 cloud computing field has brought us:

Shenzhen Summit 3.28-3.29

as the opening drama of the annual science and technology community. 2018 Yunqi Conference • Shenzhen Summit is unprecedented. Feel the intelligent era of the Internet of Everything and gain an insight into the new future of digital transformation. Yunqi Conference will showcase the panoramic view of Alibaba Cloud IoT Eco-Science, Smart Life, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Store, etc. 20+ special, covering AI, new retail and other digital transformation solutions.

[Enterprise Internet Architecture Special]

2018 Aliware Cloud Products Frontier
Create application full stack monitoring: ARMS commercial release
Born for the Internet of Things - High Performance Time Series Database

[EMAS special]

EMAS platform panorama introduction
Mobile App Continued Delivery
Android component implementation
Pan quality management solution
Mobile App R&D Acceleration - Cross-Platform Solution

[Flying Technology Exchange]

High-performance storage engine leads the industry in new changes
Cloud trilogy on traditional database
Migration to the Cloud - Massive Data Migration Solution
Alibaba Cloud Self-developed Database POLARDB Interpretation - My Cloud Computing Cognition
How CloudDBA helps users manage databases more easily
New choice for enterprise storage disaster recovery and backup
The storage technology of the tens of millions of Feeds streaming systems
One Box: Interpreting the transaction and analysis integration database HybridDB for MySQL

[Clouder Lab special]

Alibaba Cloud MySQL Cloud Database Product System Introduction

【Cloud Ecology】

Technology empowerment and ecological promotion of enterprise digital marketing innovation
Pratt & Whitney Ecology: Eco-driven, transformation on the cloud
New technologies, new situations, new opportunities - Hande assists enterprise innovation and transformation

[Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center Intelligent Hardware Special]

Ecological Link to the Intelligent Hardware Ecology of Alibaba Innovation Center
Voice Interaction in Complex Acoustic Environment: Technology and Practice
Translation is a kind of sharing is to let us communicate better with the world.
Skin Intelligent Skin Sensitizer - Skincare Consultant for the Beauty and Skin Care Industry
Creator era

Magic staring D1 smart access control machine

[Alibaba cloud support and service special]

Journey on the Cloud - Alibaba Cloud on the Guide Frame
Galaxy Real Estate's Shangyun Road real estate company ushered in the cloud era, and Galaxy Holdings stepped on the cloud
Escort - guarantee the rush hour on the cloud
Practice and Application in the Cloud of the US IoT Platform---Intelligent Exploration under the New Generation Strategy of Human Machines
How to quickly build a game distribution technology system with Alibaba Cloud
Ali cloud intelligent service panorama reveals

[Alibaba Cloud IoT Internet of Things]

Analysis of 2018 China Internet of Things Industry
ICA Standardization System Strategy
Alibaba Cloud IoT practices standard service ideas
Alibaba Cloud IoT chip module cooperation beauty
Alibaba Cloud IoT Industry Cooperation Ecology IoT Market (Link Market)
The operation and transformation of the partner ecosystem in the Internet of Things era
Cloud market supports the Internet of Things market Link Market to run fast
Alibaba Cloud IoT Eco Product Release
Home Internet of Things: From Whole House Intelligence to Data Services
Feifeng Platform - the practice road of Hongshan Town, Wuxi
Edge computing empowerment intelligent manufacturing
Ali Communication IoT Connection Management Platform
One-stop development of the full link of Alibaba Cloud Link IoT platform
Explore the gateway for the last ten seconds of the connection "falling time"
From idea to prototype: rapid development of IoT applications
How developers and ecosystem partners access Alibaba Cloud Link Security
LinkEdge cloud edge integrated computing platform
AliOS Things integrated development environment lowers development threshold
One-stop development of the Internet of Things using Link Develop
AI-enabled voice interaction solution Link Voice

Nanjing Summit 4.26

The strongest brain in the era of convergence, depicting new technology trends and blueprints, showing the thriving technological ecological panorama of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and so on. Today, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties ushered in the Yunqi Conference, a fusion of enterprises and artificial intelligence. The conference centered on the “Jiangsu Sample” of Digital China, covering how cloud computing and artificial intelligence can make industrial manufacturing, the Internet of Things and other industries. To create value for the city.

[Alibaba Cloud IoT Internet of Things]

LoRaWAN wide-area connection technology standard application experience sharing

Wisdom builds a home to create a better life

ICA Security Standards Group Test Certification Sharing

Sharing smart city trillion business opportunities with Alibaba Cloud IoT

Wisdom of Things, Building a City Brain

Alibaba Cloud IoT Academy - the beauty of ecology

Alibaba Cloud IoT Industry Cooperation Ecology IoT Market (Link Market)

Taobao Merchant Service Ecology Intelligent Service Provider Upgrade Plan

The advanced path of the ICA Alliance Ecology

[Alibaba Cloud Eco Day]

Alibaba Cloud University Training

Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise's Shangyun Road

Fengyun voyage

Financial assistant under new consumption

New era | new foreign trade | new thinking foreign trade transformation ideas

Baicheng Qian County, Wanqi Yiyun

How to let the "cloud" fall

[Alibaba Cloud Communication Session]

Cloud Communications Partner Program

Interpretation of 517 Cloud Communication Carnival Gameplay

Fengyun voyage

Ali cloud communication strategy new product release - international / Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan messaging services

We Are Together Ali Cloud Communication CLUB

Alibaba Cloud Ecological Empowerment System

Ali Communications IoT new product release

Ecological empowerment helps partners grow fast

[Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center Special]


A new form of future commercial art - new media art

Smart Incubator - Produced by Alibaba Cloud Innovation Center

Have credit - easy to start a business without a force

Content-driven game distribution

[Flying Technology Conference]

Media industry digital transformation network architecture practice

High-performance NAS helps enterprise business on the cloud

ECS flexible bare metal server product (Dragon) deep analysis

How does Alibaba Cloud Database cater to the digital transformation of traditional enterprises?

[Financial Technology Sub-forum]

Self-developed financial database OceanBase's road to innovation

Financial intelligence solutions - financial brain, financial understanding of "you"

Technology achievement financial value

Technology Empowerment——Thinking about the Transformation of Nanjing Bank Fintech

The road to the birth of the super app "Taobao"

Financial distributed middleware sharing

Cloud Efficiency Helps R&D Efficiency Improvement of Digital Transformation of Financial Enterprises

[Enterprise Internet Architecture Special]

2018 Aliware Cloud Products Frontier

Efficient and continuous delivery of “enterprise” behind 168.2 billion

The exploration of enterprise-level database architecture

ACM helps enterprise IT services to iterate quickly

[Enterprise R&D Cloud Special]

Containers help companies digital transformation

Application of static code scanning system in Alibaba Mobile

WLA-Yunying plans to accelerate thousands of innovative startups to become unicorns

In the post-IaaS era, how do companies play business development on the cloud?

Cloud effect helps new retail operation and maintenance efficiency improve

AIOps intelligent fault management in the successful practice of Alibaba Group

Cloud effect helps companies move toward agile and makes value flow smoothly

[Dream of New Dream City in DreamWorks]

New internet architecture

Government Cloud and Big Data Practice

Data Drives Smart Government Affairs——The Way of Government Digital Transformation

New smart city construction in the data age

New internet

Data security under urban data

【Cloud Ecology】

Flying cloud-specific cloud, making digital transformation fast and agile

Digital government, cloud upgrade

Ecological panorama: ecology, driving digital transformation

AI Traffic Commander connecting reality and virtual world

New ideas for hybrid cloud digital transformation

Ali Cloud Eco Technology Alliance

Baicheng Qian County, Wanqi Yiyun

[Intelligent Manufacturing Special]

Alibaba Cloud High Performance Computing in Manufacturing Applications

ET industrial brain helps enterprise intelligent manufacturing transformation

The road to manufacturing upgrade in the new era of intelligence

Intelligent manufacturing case sharing in the integrated circuit industry

Cloud project management

Avenue to Jane - SAP Cloud Solution

Alibaba Cloud Jiangsu "133" Engineering Stage Summary

Industrial Internet helps enterprises digital transformation

Wuhan Summit 5.23

The 2018 Ali Yunqi Conference Wuhan Summit was held on May 23 at the Hilton Optics Valley Hotel. With the theme of “Drive Digital China”, the conference focused on IoT, smart manufacturing, new retail and other industries, depicting new technology development trends and blueprints, and presenting a panoramic view of the thriving technological ecology of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. The road to digital transformation of enterprises will help the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, accelerate industrial upgrading, foster new kinetic energy with information technology, promote new development with new kinetic energy, and create new glories with new development.

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Shanghai Summit 6.7-6.8

When the college entrance examination meets the Yunqi Conference, the Magic City Science and Technology Festival is destined to be lively. 2018 Yunqi Conference • Shanghai Summit will focus on “Intelligent Digital China” and focus on artificial intelligence, finance, new retail, IoT and other industries, focusing on how to use “digital technology” to drive enterprise transformation and promote industrial innovation. Not only that, Shanghai Yunqi Conference also set up a number of special forums such as big data, security, ET agricultural brain and so on. Next, we will focus on hot topics and follow the industry's people to review the exchanges and collisions about emerging technologies!

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