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How do some Amoy customers get millions of dollars every year?


Taobao, I believe many people know, do not introduce this, do not know Baidu.

Now a lot of Taobao customers are taking a screenshot of the income, tens of thousands of dollars into the monthly, and then let you add WeChat, basically in addition to training, selling software, there is nothing else.

What are the annual milestones of Taobao?

Many people say that it depends on resources. I have 1000 QQ or WeChat groups. I have a shopping guide website with a daily flow of millions of dollars, and so on. Of course, this is part of the annual income, but this is not the scope of our discussion today.

There are also shops that have been advocating recently, opening 100 Taobao stores, which collect high commission goods. This is completely to collect those IQ tax that has no brains. The most terrible thing is that a lot of white people listen, it is quite reasonable, and I don’t know how to think about it. Do you try 100 stores? Not to mention whether you can open so many stores, various copyright issues, people report you, and the store will be closed within a few days. And your PID has to be reported, and even Ali's mother account may have been blocked.

There seems to be some other Amoy agent. I also think that it is really not enough for Chinese idiots. I can go to Ali’s mother to get merchandise promotion. The commission is all my own. Why should I become a proxy for others? Will the money earned be given to others?

Want to make more money, you must change your mind

I wanted to give an example, but I was afraid that someone would say that I would advertise, then I would not mention the name.

Everyone who knows how to be a hawker should know that Ali’s mother has a bridge activity. Regardless of who promotes these items, the event organizer can get a commission of 5%.

For example, I organize merchants to participate in my bridge activities. If there is one merchant, one product participates in my activities, the price of the goods is 100 yuan, the commission is 30%, and then assume that the event has promoted 100 pieces in total.

The total commission is 100*30%*100=3000, and the event organizer can get 150 yuan.

From the above picture, we can see that the promotion of these activities for 30 days is tens of thousands. We assume the first activity in the above picture, each commission is 20 yuan, that is 77,508, the commission is 1.5 million, and the commission is 5%. It is still 77,508 yuan.

What does it mean?

It is the organizer of this event that can earn more than 70,000 by 5% per month.

How did they play?

Let's talk about those who sell Amoy software, but also by selling the shopping guide CMS. Do you think they are making money by selling software? (To be honest, it’s not a business mind to make money by selling software.)


We assume that you bought a Taobao software. Generally, do you fill in your own PID and then you can automatically send goods in the group?

Where does the product come from? Some software has a collection function, and some software claims that it has a so-called commodity library. You don't have to worry about it, they have helped you with the goods, and the audits are good. They are all good quality products. They are better than the quality collected by you. They will be thousands of people and say that the quality of the products you collect is not good. Coupons are not well maintained, etc. We will help you review them and do everything well. You just need to synchronize our products automatically.

Where are these products coming from?

The answer is: the bridge activities that they have organized, the bridge activities they organized themselves.

for example:

Suppose I am a software seller. I have 1000 users. These 1000 users can promote 10,000 items per day and can promote 300,000 items in 30 days.

Assuming a commission of 20 yuan per commodity, these 1000 users will receive a commission of 6 million yuan.

Is this finished?

On the other hand, in fact, I am also the organizer of the bridge, the 300,000 items promoted by my 1000 users, assuming that 100,000 pieces are from my own organization, that is, there are 2 million commissions from my bridge activities.

How much can I get?

It is 2 million * 5% = 100,000.

It is already very clear here that the sale of software is equal to nothing, and earned 100,000 pieces a month.

Then, if the software is easy to use and free, is there more Amoy will use it? I also provide a shopping guide website for free. What do you want me to offer, you just want to promote it, and the money you earn is your own. Do you think it is very good?

However, some domestic software and cms platforms can achieve annual revenues. They are constantly organizing the bridge activities every day. Each event can sell tens of thousands. You can think about how much you can earn!

Knowing that borrowing the power of others, rather than relying on your own strength, is the key to success!

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