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Tuogu Baidi: It is not only Adou, but the entire country.


Before the death of Liu Han, the Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Liu Bei’s "Bai Di Cheng Tuo Lian" was delivered to Zhuge Liang together with Liu Han and his Han Jiangshan. This screen is an eternal story, so that countless future generations of the ministers feel. At the same time, there are many people who think that Liu Bei is not really sincere. He even thinks that there are many axe hands buried in the side, saying that Zhuge Liang has a bad response, and he has to be crowded. In fact, this is inevitably a mediocrity, and the hero's belly.

Liu Beiyuan was the heroic righteous person who determined to help the Han Dynasty in the mountains. He won the unrelenting ambitions and won the recognition of the world.

[This refers to the person who is a water fire, Cao Cao also. I am anxious, I am wide; I am violent, I am benevolent; Everything is wrong with everything.
蜀汉昭烈帝: Liu Bei

When Liu Bei was finally Baidi City, Liu Zen was 16 years old and was close to adulthood. According to the stories of the two emperors of the Han Dynasty, he could completely be pro-governance. The reason why Liu Bei wanted Zhuge Liang to take all military powers, not just as a prime minister, Help yourself to assist Liu Zen.

It is because he knows that whether it is to inherit the ideals of the Han Dynasty and the Zhongxing Han industry, or to use the ground-based self-defense and Bao Xi’s foundation as a realistic requirement, Zhuge Liang was originally a much stronger candidate than Liu Zen. Must be forced to inherit the authority of Liu Zen, Weifu self-integration?

The troubled times are not the rule of the great unification dynasty. They do not have enough ability to inherit the position of the monarch. It is also a wise move for the children to hold the tens of thousands of dollars in the downtown area. Just as Tao Qian and Liu Bian’s move before the end of the dying, the move to let the state graze in Liu Bei is also the true heart of the situation.

If Liu Bei struggles to the end of his life, he will only divide the party for the camp. He will use the national state and county to spread the children and his descendants as private property. He thought that he and Zhuge Liang’s unremitting efforts are only to protect Liu’s surname and go to the emperor. To do the right to be a country, in fact, it is too small to see their ambitions.
For example, the "White Emperor City's sacred conspiracy theory", in order to say that this is only Liu Bei's tactics, temptations, and Zhuge Liang, is the insult to the personality and mind of this monarch fish and water.

Such as Zhuge Liang, such as the unparalleled national sect, if you use the power to try the temptation, it is counterproductive and hurts your heart. If you think about it, you can't help but be a self-sufficient hero.

At this time, the Shuhan regime, regardless of territory, military personnel, and talents, was only half or even less than the peak period of a few years ago. Almost a mess of a near-dead country :

In the Battle of Yiling, the 40,000-strong army of Shuhan was almost completely annihilated, and the 10,000-strong Wuling army of Shamo Ke was also completely destroyed. The Jiangbei Army of the Yellow Power Department relied on Cao Wei, and the losses of the remaining troops. The Soochow claimed that this battle was common. The captive army of 80,000 people, although it may be exaggerated, but the heavy hit of the new Shuhan regime is indeed a big injury.

Before the death of the Guan Yu Legion (including 30,000 field elites and tens of thousands of left-behind regiments), together with the fiasco of Yiling, the total number of soldiers lost in Shuhan was more than 100,000. At the same time, the chief general Guan Yu and the adviser Ma Liang died, Guan Ping, Feng Xi Zhang Nan, Fu Wei and other military leaders died in the first line. General Zhang Fei was assassinated. The law was found to be the law, the book was ordered by Liu Ba, the generals Ma Chao, Huang Zhong died; the generals Meng Da, Huang Quan voted Wei; Jingzhou three counties (Southern County) , Lingling, Wuling) and Shangyong County were lost; the South Central Three Counties (Yueyu, Yuke, Yizhou County) were reversed;

This kind of mess, and Chen Youshou’s regime after the defeat of Yuan Shi’s four states and Poyang Lake before the death of Yu Shao. Just as Zhuge Liang said in the "Teacher's Table": "This is the end of the crisis."

Bai Di Tuo Gu, after Liu Bei experienced a fiasco, he was painstakingly thinking about it, completely abandoning his selfishness and regaining his early feelings.

This is the "showing the world for the public", let Zhuge Liang but by his own will, take the country and the country, "Jun Cai ten times Cao Yu, will be able to Anguo, the final event. If the scorpion can be supplemented, supplemented; if it is not, Jun can take it by himself." It is because of the sincerity and sincerity, not the Liu’s surname industry.

And this sentence, together with the warning to Liu Zen that "the 汝 汝 丞 丞 , , , , 事 事 诫 诫 诫 诫 诫 诫 诫 也就 也就 也就 也就 也就 也就 也就 也就 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘 刘The minister killed the monarch in power.

It can be said that if there is no such thing as a glory, Liu Bei’s historical status may not be stronger than Yuan Shao or Chen Youliang, and Adou has to go to Chen Li Wu Shizhen.

In order to restore vitality and raise the military and financial resources needed to recover the South in the South, Zhuge Liang endured for two years. Even in order to appease the premeditated rebellion, the singer of Zhu Xi, he did not hesitate to violate the law and kill the two sons of Yizhou who were in the permanent house.

Shu Han did not die in the first battle. It was all about Liu Bei’s dying in the end, Bai Di’s solitude, and the world’s publicity, which allowed Zhuge Liang to display his talents without any constraints. The White Emperor’s city became a thousand words, greatly improving Liu’s own historical evaluation. It is indeed a name to be true that he has gained a reputation and historical status far behind his own merits.

It is the white emperor city, the so-called solitary, the real meditation, Liu Zen only inherits the name of the emperor of Zhuhan, Zhuge Liang is the actual heir of Liu Bei's true meaning.

"Three Kingdoms": [Brightly weeping: "Chen to dare to squander the power of loyalty, loyalty to the festival, followed by death!

"Romance of the Three Kingdoms": [Kong Ming listened, sweating all over the body, hands and feet lost, weeping in the cellar: 'Chen An dare to spare the power of the stock market, loyalty to the festival, followed by death! 'Words, hoes bleed.

The two relative ratios are the extremely concentrated and intensified later generations of the monarchy. It is difficult to understand the heroic spirit of the Qin and Han dynasties, and smashed Kong Ming into a battle of sorrow and sorrow.

After Liu Bei’s death, Zhuge Liang’s power was monopolized and he spoke in the whole of Han. But he never sat on the dragon chair, rebelled against the position, and took Liu Adou instead. In this regard, the future generations have different opinions.

In fact, even if Zhuge Liang’s outstanding political ethics and noble personal conduct are not considered, it is simply measured by the interests and positions of politicians. The reason is also very simple. It is because of the so-called “rebellion”, that is, the meaning of “rebellion”, the object behind No country or monarch. If it is the actual monarch itself, why bother to seek your own opposition and blame your own position?

If the heroes of the Han Dynasty, such as Yuan Shao, Sun Ce, Liu Biao, and Liu Wei, are regarded as the common cognitive standards of the princes and monarchs, the Han system is adopted, and the Han system is called the princes and is the prime minister. "The law is higher than those of the princes who were "making the king" in the late Han Dynasty.

As the singer of the Han dynasty, the book of Shang Shu, the opening of the house, and the Yizhou animal husbandry, Zhuge Liang, "There is no such thing as a political matter, and the salt is determined to be bright," fully grasps all the rights of the Shuhan regime, and of course is a veritable monarch.

Just like the Han system, Xiangfu is an official who needs to be regarded as a monarch, a county official, who wants to be a pastor, and a guardian as a monarch; the important officials of Shuhan are appointed by Zhuge Liang in the name of Yu Xiang and Yi Zhoumu. In the middle of the government, all of them are one, and there is no difference between them.

Therefore, it is also necessary to use Zhuge Liang as the main public, and he must fulfill his corresponding obligations to the monarch. This is also the fact that Liu Beibai was solitary and unanimously recognized by the people at that time.

Whether Cao Rui or Sun Quan, the minister of Wei Guo and Wu Guo, agrees that Zhuge Liang is the head of the regime equivalent to Cao Rui and Sun Quan, not Liu Zen.

When Cao Wei’s people said that they were ambitious, they were the first to “righteous and bright”. Wu Guo and the Shu Kingdom concluded a covenant between the two countries. In the book, they directly wrote " Zhu Gexiang, Dewei is far away, Wing wears the country, the ceremony is outside, the letter is yin and yang, and the world is in good faith ", not to mention Liu Chan.

Although it is nominally "big Han dynasty", can Kong Minghe and Han Wudi who want to kill can kill, want to change the big Han dynasty, can it be one thing?

In the 223-234 era, the Han Dynasty was the era when Liu Zen was the emperor and Zhuge Liang was the actual monarch .

蜀汉君主,丞相 Zhuge Liang

To evaluate Zhuge Liang's historical status and merits and demerits, the same is the same as the regent monarchs like Zhou Gong and Huo Guang, and it is not just the standard of Guan Zhong, Xiao He, Wang Meng and other good ministers.

In the past dynasties, there was never an "Emperor" and "Tianzi" name, which was equivalent to controlling the monarch of the country. On the contrary, only the famous and unreal emperor, if he wants to seize power from the actual monarchy, is the real "rebel."

Just thinking that there is an emperor's name, it should of course be worshipped and loyal by all the imperial subjects, is the standard primary school thinking. The minister’s loyalty to the empire and the community does not mean that he must be loyal to the emperor himself.

When the emperor actually took the dangerous act of destroying the order of the imperial rule and endangering the interests of the empire's ruling class in order to seize power, it became a public enemy of the empire and was abolished, such as Huo Guang's abolition of Liu He.

Therefore, if the descendants think that Zhuge Liang does not return to politics, he may have a dissent, not a loyal minister, it is really a slippery world.

If Liu Chan thinks that being an emperor, he would like to take over the power of the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. He could succumb to Zhuge Liang’s murder, then he betrayed his father Liu Bei’s legacy, and it was the real “rebel” of the Shuhan regime.

At that time, Liu Bei’s "If the scorpion can be supplemented, supplemented by it; if it is not talented, the prince can take it for himself", the legacy training can be used to change the name of Lu Wang Liu Yong or Liang Wang Liu Li as the ceremonial "sacrifice is the widow".

Fortunately, although Liu Zen’s wisdom is only average, he is obliged to follow his father’s training, and he is fully self-aware. In the end, Zhuge Liang lived a life, and he was satisfied with being a ceremonial person. He did not have any intention to fight for power. He did not bear Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang’s "very large amount of money, too much hope". "Tianjin Renmin, Aide Corporal "Recognition."

蜀汉天子, Emperor Liu Zen

In fact, Zhuge Liang's temperament is in keeping with the Qin and Han styles, and his style is bold and open-minded. He has never been the sorrowful and fearful minister of later generations.

In his letters, he generally called "I", and the letters of the monarchs and ministers are also called "servants", and the latter is called "Chen Liang", and they also dare to call themselves "orphans" to the subordinates. Hiccup.

He not only has a good connection with the Eastern Wu Junchen, but also avoids the suspicion and scruples concerning the important personnel arrangements of the two countries; even with the hostile Cao Wei Zhu Zhongchen, there are often correspondence.

"Ten life can be affected, let alone nine tin", Zhuge Liang dare to write in the letter of the political enemy Li Yan, the two countries of the two countries do not mention Liu Zen, but praise the Zhuge, although the Wu people, It must also be approved by Zhuge Liang himself.

In the later generations, the monarchs who concentrated on strengthening the era of the monarchy were obviously unable to understand the great selflessness of Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang's world, and even Liu Zen, a "mortal", could not understand it.

So in the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi, who was boasted by some unscrupulous literati as "an emperor of the ages", publicly questioned "the white emperor is alone", nicknamed "the Three Kingdoms are sinister, oh!" It can be said that this person is not even Sima. Inflammatory vision.

[Sincere, so that I have this person (Zhuge Liang) to supplement myself, I have today's work! 】——Sima Yan.

When only the centuries-old history of the "Jun Yaochen death minister has to die" has become the law of the monarchy in the public impression,

When even the existence of the prime minister could not be tolerated, the emperor had to rob the prime minister of the work, thinking that the "labor model" was counted as a "good emperor" in the day of the day.

When a group of priests named "Golden" and "Military Minister" were the private secretaries of the monarch, they replaced the prime minister of the Qin and Han Dynasties, "The Emperor of the Emperor, the Assistant Wanji";

I don’t know if the Qin and Han dynasties’ three servants are worshipping the monarchs, and the monarchs must also pay tribute. The ministers left to see the end, and the monarch also got up and sent to the door. These monarchs, such as the Han officials, who are chosen by the guests and the host, can be imagined by the courtiers who are facing the face of the three generations and who are sincere and fearful.

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