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Yan Ding's paradox: 6.1 gold data "bomb" 掀 澜, Trump sacrificed an accident


Yan Ding's paradox: 6.1 gold data "bomb" 掀 澜, Trump sacrificed an accident

I have done one after another, and I don’t spend any time planting trees. I have been doing it year after year. I have no money to go home every year. I have suffered a loss and a loss. I have a new experience in losing money!!! The choice is wrong, let you fall back!

Today, the Asian market issued a macro-faced article "Yanding City: 5.31 Gold Support Moves Up, Beware of Breaking Through the Day, Crude Oil Euro" gives clear operational ideas, gold price is still shocked, and two points have been raised in the day, shocking the market, hesitating Price range fluctuations, conservative choices, wait and see, relying on the strength of the day, ups and downs to see the evening. Sure enough, the gold price fluctuates repeatedly in the evening, and every homeopathic market is a wave of harvesting opportunities. This is the basis for survival in this cruel market: making money. Yesterday, I decided to use the skill of the yin and yang line in the day to judge the technical strength, the hour line is even yin and the yang is rare, which is technically a kind of short-selling performance, and the US price breaks through. After the 1300 line, at 12 o'clock in the morning, the price has been resisting falling above 1300, which obviously shows that it is impossible to fall in this life! Trends, the two times that Yan Dinghua repeatedly emphasized in previous articles, played a key role in today's market. Let's review the gold and crude oil prices yesterday and tonight. Please come with me:

On Wednesday (May 30th) the market experienced a crazy night! Italy's political tensions eased, US data fell short of expectations, the euro took the opportunity to stop the blood rebound, and the big Yang line rose; at the same time, the Canadian central bank deleted a wording in the statement, the Canadian dollar short-term arrogance exceeded 100 points. Affected by this, the dollar fell from a six-and-a-half-month high, approaching the 94 mark. Tonight (May 31), the market will usher in the Fed's most popular inflation data, the US core PCE indicator. At the same time, the global trade situation will be further upgraded. A new round of trade negotiations between China and the US is about to begin. Trump will The EU tariffs make important decisions, and the market will welcome another round of storms!

The situation in Italy reappears on Wednesday. According to media reports, Italian parties are trying to reach an agreement to avoid early elections at the end of July to ensure that the government can pass the budget. Last weekend, the efforts of two anti-establishment political parties to form a new government in Italy failed, which increased the possibility of early elections. There is concern that the election will become a de facto referendum on whether Italy will stay in the euro zone.

After the news came out, the euro/dollar was pulled nearly 50 points in short-term, and the intraday increase was over 1%, eventually closing up 1.09% to 1.1663.

The euro/dollar fell to a 10-month low of 1.510 on Tuesday, rising 1.2% on Wednesday and hitting a high of 1.1675, but the euro/dollar still fell 4% this month.

5.31 night data "bomb" hit, gold repeatedly rises and falls, crude oil is not satisfactory

5.31 night market will usher in the Fed's most popular inflation indicator - the US core PCE data in April. Beijing time on Thursday (May 31) at 20:30 will be announced by the United States in April personal income and expenditure and PCE index. As the Fed's preferred inflation indicator, the performance of the PCE price index will be highly concerned by investors. The price of gold fell first, then rose and then fell again and again. It was more uncertain than the mood of women. It was a pity that investors did not taste it. The fluctuation of crude oil was not satisfactory, and it was really impossible to get a fixed table.

Trump is really a "little man trick", playing the rest of the country as a chess piece. From this point of view, Trump does not have a general style. Following the macroscopic news, it is reported that the United States is said to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU. US President Trump is expected to announce EU tariffs on Thursday. If the two sides reach an agreement at the last minute, US President Trump may change the plan. CNBC on Wednesday (May 30) confirmed that the White House does not intend to extend the EU's exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs, which will undoubtedly lead to EU counterattacks. The EU has previously threatened to levy US products such as motorcycles, jeans and bourbon. tariff. At a time when the "trade war" between the EU and the United States is on the verge, Sino-US trade frictions are continuing, and a new round of trade negotiations is about to begin.

The situation on the domestic side is also not optimistic. The United States unilaterally ruined the contract, although it is detrimental to its image of a big country! But Ding Wei believes that Trump is not a trustworthy "guy", his face is changing too fast, and his partner can't keep up with his speed. At present, the global trade war has once again reignited this week. If Trump announces tariffs on the EU tonight, it will inevitably lead to tensions in the global trade situation, and the market will once again set off a storm.

Relying on today's ideas, look forward to tomorrow (6.1) big non-agricultural market

Dingxiang has always felt that macro news can help us control this market. Do you control the macro news, I don't know, but it is worth pondering! Dharma is to be told to people who can understand, dust and dust, soil to earth, this market should come, it should go, when you understand, making money will become a normal state, doctors are hard to die People, the Buddha is difficult to cross the sentient beings!

To sum up, combined with the technical side, Dingxiang believes that gold may have a strong wave of strength. At present, it has broken through the three thousand. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Relying on the current international form of seriousness, the performance of avoiding asset gold prices will not be too bad. In terms of crude oil, from a technical point of view, crude oil has not broken the 70 mark since it plunged all the way to 70. This shows that 70 has become a new round of pressure points. We must pay attention to this point. I will not repeat it afterwards. I can’t go up, I often fall, how do you say crude oil? This is a topic that is worthy of your guess. OK, goodnight.

Text: Yan Dingzhen / never big loss, occasional big win, small win more than small loss = long-term stable growth

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