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What exactly is blocking the ordinary people's counter-attack road?


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Last month, the class solidified topic broke out.

chain reaction. It directly led to the recent outbreak of the topic of breaking the class. But after reading a lot of inspirational articles, the one that made me feel close to reality is only a paragraph of the teacher who is full of fog:

If you are eager to change your destiny, break through the constraints of the existing class and enter the Fortune Castle. Not only will the people in the castle try to stop you, but the class you are in outside the castle will also drag your life on your hind legs.

Frank and profound!

Ordinary people's counterattacks are destined to be lonely, because it is the whole world that obstructs you.

I remember that I mentioned this in the article "How Many Efforts Are Destined to Be Good and Poor Living":

The poverty of the poor is actually forced.

The chicken soups that “the poor refused in suspicion and the rich proved in suspicion” are actually nonsense, because the poor are not born with timidity, but resource constraints.

The same is 10,000 investment, the risk is close to 0 for the rich, but it may be the poor. So they will become clumped and repeat the trap of poverty.

At that time, many readers who read the article expressed their deep recognition of these contents. I began to sigh how deep I am...

But an interesting phenomenon is that no matter how long they sigh, how can they be unfair? When the end of each indignant text ends, they always confide in their own words and bury their hopes for themselves:

Fortunately, we can also change our destiny through learning.

Hope is of course there, as Mr. Qian Zhongshu said. It will be optimistic to leave hope. But it is precisely this high-profile "learning to change fate", so I finally figured out a long-standing problem:

What exactly is blocking the ordinary people's counter-attack road?

Can learning change fate?

In theory, it is ok. Because all growth and change, in essence, the cognitive blind zone is eliminated. That is, people never know, they become known. Similar to how you learned a certain dance and mastered a new language, you can call it the elimination of the previous cognitive blind zone, which is the so-called gain.

This is the meaning of learning.

But what is described here is actually an "idealistic" learning state, which is pure skill growth. And return to the relationship between poverty alleviation and learning...

Most ordinary people want to learn to counterattack, but it is not easy. Because we can't escape the three major obstacles: education mode, class environment, and human weakness.

1 Education: Forced class reproduction

Many people around me actually believe in such a sentence, called "reading and changing fate."

So, although they didn't want to understand how reading changed their destiny, they insisted on sending their children to school.

This of course is no problem. There are also many successful cases. It’s just that more people don’t realize it.

While education has brought us growth, it has also brought us shackles.

Because the original intention of education has never been used to change the fate of who...

As a kind of education system, the education system shoulders the role of stably transmitting the traditional values ​​of society and ensuring the reproduction of social classes while establishing the foundation of civilization.

Yes, the education system is actually more similar to tools, similar channels. It is essential at many levels. But in a sense, it actually reinforces the class barriers in the opposite direction, allowing the poor to continue to be poor.

Whether it is its model content or a so-called diploma.

1 School models and content that do not adapt to social survival

Look back.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand the phrase "education is not used to change the fate."

Suppose education is used to change the fate of students...

After students enter the society, they should not hit the wall. They should hold the content that the school gave them, and they will be invincible in the real society. After all, there are things in the mind that change fate. Who will feel anxious because of the arrival of graduation?

Why do students who drop out of the college entrance examination cry when they step into the society? Because they are waking up in the face of failure, it is a three-year effort to be rejected by a thin paper. It is understood that the spirit of the decade is never recognized by the real society.

Review the entire education system.

Regardless of the mode or content. You will find that in addition to the cultural part. What it teaches us is only the linear thinking of giving a reward, the noble morality of giving dedication, the fairness of equality for all, and the concept of success that will be successful.

In short, there are few competition environments that adapt to the real society. As graduated, the teacher euphemistically said: school and society can be different...

So, does anyone think that it is used to change your destiny? of course not. Instead, he may keep your destiny unchanged.

How to understand?

Anything can exist for thousands of years. In fact, it has its own cleverness. Education is no exception. On the one hand, it is a guarantee channel for cultural inheritance and a prerequisite for building a foundation for civilization. But on the other hand, if some of the patterns and values ​​contained in it are useless, it is not necessary to use it until now...

To be straightforward, those "traditional ideas" that have been delayed for many years have been found to be dragging on you, and may have other purposes for others.

Of course, this is not a personal guess. In fact, the French sociologist Bourdieu has long proposed the theory of reproduction in the education system:

Educational action. Regardless of his imposing manner, or from the scope of the content and objects imposed by it, it is fully in line with the objective interests of the ruling group or class, although the form adopted is always indirect.

In fact, because educational actions are in the interests of groups or classes in different positions in power relations, they always contribute to the reproduction of the cultural capital distribution structure between these groups or classes, and thus contribute to the reproduction of social structures.

It’s simpler and straightforward.

Educational actions are often used to convey traditional values. And because some traditional values, in fact, some people in order to safeguard the interests, summed up to you afterwards. Therefore, the higher the upper class, the more deliberately strengthening the correctness of traditional values ​​and educational actions. In order to stabilize your position.

How to understand?

If you don't tell me that diligence and saving are virtues, and you don't define profit-seeking as moral corruption, you may not be able to accept your own poverty while comforting yourself at least morally noble. If you don't tell me that hard work and getting rich is a fine tradition, how can you let you work hard and bring enough income to those who manage you?

And so on, if you don't infuse you from various channels, you can call it the right way and the virtue. Well, I don’t know how many people will be more resentful than others when they are born. Seriously affecting social stability. Thus breaking the peace of those higher classes and threatening their interests.

Look, the class is actually so stable, and the stable society is stable. It’s not what you think of breaking the hierarchy.

Therefore, whether it is the content and mode of most educational actions of the group or class, you will find that there are non-violent means to protect your own interests.

Just, interesting is. The training of the company, because of the immature teaching methods, we often see the motives behind the interests. Occasionally, one sentence: "By giving us brainwashing, we want to make more money for ourselves. Shameless!"

But because it has always been. Where is your deep-rooted value? What is the purpose of it? You will rarely think about it. Although you find that from the perspective of personal development, these concepts are not so useful...

Perhaps this kind of thinking can only happen when one day we put our eyes on the world.

When you discover people from different countries, there is such a big gap between the concept of struggle and the concept of life. Then I finally realized that it is not completely convinced that a certain country of your struggle concept is not completely forced. At this time, I can probably understand that everyone’s concept from a young age really brings what...

Oh, yes, it’s not for you to look up in the circle of friends. After all, no matter where the successful people come, we will automatically become a model of hard work and wealth.

Despite the fact that both the poor and Kobe have seen the darkness at four in the morning...

Speaking of this, some people probably can't help but refute: the education model is actually relatively fair. He does provide a rising channel for ordinary people. You can't deny his value.

Am I denying his value? No! People cannot but accept education. If a model does more harm than good, it will not follow the millennium.

In addition, do not raise the national flag several times, without a few red scarves with red blood, no one knows what is the responsibility of the country's rise and fall. Then when others want to bully you, we all have to finish.

Every class has the rights and obligations of each class, and education has played a stabilizing role to some extent. This is understandable.

But what we are discussing today is the relationship between education and counterattack. So is it fair?

unfair! For example, education...

2 Education actually strengthens class barriers

Many people have an illusion. It is felt that too many poor people have broken the class by entering a prestigious university, and they must be able to do so.

Actually not. You feel more, just because the poor have a large base. So I always feel that many people have succeeded. Actually not successful more

To be frank, the poorer people are less likely. This sounds unfair. But after all, education is never used to maintain fairness. One of its core is to convey a hierarchy of ideas that represent unfairness...

I remember that a reader who added my WeChat yesterday, when asked me questions, the first sentence is this:

I graduated from junior high school, I have no ability, I feel very inferior. Now I have to change my job especially without courage...

Let's see, we have already used habitually to distinguish between high and low, high and small.

If you can be lucky enough to see which poor family has a student at a prestigious university. You may even find that their parents, who are over half a year old, have begun to straighten up for many years. My family finally has a senior person!

At this time, if she is standing next to the parents of other children, her expression is usually somewhat lost. Perhaps, at the time, she felt that the family would be low-level.

Of course, this is not the most absurd. What is really bad is that not only do we personally think that the whole society is assessed by such standards.

If you have a degree, you will be able to play with you, but you are not guaranteed to have fun. But if you dare to be passionate, regardless of the level, you will be involved in this competitive game. Then someone will respond to you with the most savvy action:

No education, you are a low-level goods, you play a fart...

Of course, you may feel that the process of obtaining a degree is at least fair. This is the hope of ordinary people. But I have to say it straight. Hope is there, but education itself is inseparable from the class. Why do you think it is fair?

It has long been investigated that the background of a person’s education is itself composed of the family’s economic status and family background. Take the example of Gao Xiaosong, who is often said recently.

Gao Xiaosong’s grandfather is an academician, his grandmother is a doctor, and his grandfather is a reformer. He is a scientist, his mother is an educator, and his father is a professor of Tsinghua. He himself also went to Tsinghua.

And what is the education of your family's three generations? Where did you graduate?

So is the education fair? unfair.

Some people receive education from a young age better than others, but on the way to obtain education, they also ask ordinary people to compete in the same way.

I don’t know that a school in a county township has a Tsinghua student. In many quality education environments, Tsinghua University students can achieve mass production.

Everyone is working hard to get a degree to break the class. In fact, it is only constantly strengthening the class barriers.

Because if the society only recognizes academic qualifications, the better the family, the better they can have a good education. So most ordinary people have not had the chance to get on the stage and they have been rejected by one vote...

2 The social environment is bound by the poor.

All beginnings are hard. Then the middle is difficult. The last end is difficult.

Therefore, it is said that ordinary people come from the first layer of "obstruction" of the main education, and we will continue to talk about the second layer:

Obstacles from the hierarchical environment.

In fact, the role of the stable class in the environment, I have not mentioned it for the first time. The core part of it is the opportunity brought by information. The most terrible, I call it the bound spell.

Opportunity, though, is a vague concept. But in fact, everyone is not too difficult to understand.

The environment determines what kind of information is obtained. Information determines what opportunities and benefits are brought. This logic, even those who write the story of chicken soup, knows:

Li Jiacheng’s driver arrived at the age of retirement. Li Ka-shing is preparing to give the driver a pension. As a result, the driver said no, he has money. Li Ka-shing asked with special curiosity, you are so a little salary, how can you have money?

The driver's answer made people shine. Every time I drive you, I hear you call and say where it is worth investing, I will buy some. So over time, there is also a little money.

This story is of course somewhat absurd. After all, this gap between poverty and wealth may form a barrier that is not easy for ordinary people to follow. But what I want to explain is actually the information dilemma of the poor.

Generally speaking, better resources and more valuable information will never appear to ordinary people. High-value information always flows within high-value classes.

What can flow within your class is always what the class brings. Just as you don't know where the property is going to go up, but I heard that the shop next door is on sale.

Otherwise, where is the so-called class barrier?

So, those who say that the poor have no vision, you can now go and swear. The information flow does not come out, can you have a glimpse?

Of course, everyone knows this basic concept, and I will not start to entangle. The most terrible place in the environment is their bondage to us. It is also the reason why you want to change your life through more “learning”, but it is difficult to succeed...

To tell the truth. Although as poor. But we are never short of those who hold your head and shake it, asking you to wake up and get rid of the article of the poor thinking as soon as possible.

Although I write it occasionally, this content is collectively referred to as correct nonsense. Because it is almost impossible to bring substantial changes.

As we often say, after listening to so many reasons, we still have a bad life. Just like why you have collected so many dry goods and deep good texts, it seems that there is still no depth.

To be frank, ordinary people may have caused so much anxiety because of the Internet and excessive contact with information. Let the times passively enter a false prosperity for all people to learn. And this kind of learning, except for training

The rise of the industry. Most did not bring practical significance. Of course, I mean most.

As you have read a lot of articles, whether you want to change, or let you insist on growing up is not a minority. You have indeed been touched for a moment, and you have a tearful speech to say rhetoric. But ask yourself, yes

Not many changes have failed?

why? Is your personal quality not good? No, it is the environment.

The root cause of your thoughts and thoughts is the environmental suggestion. As long as the environment does not change, the hint will soon establish a new reflection.

It's like asking you to behave like a normal person in a mental patient. After a long time, you may even feel that you are not normal.

In the heap of the poor. If you are constantly in contact with the "poverty information", and continue to have poor people guiding and pulling the hind legs, learn the rich to think and tell him to be out of the poor. At the same time, he can't get feedback from the rich in the short term. Then, this difficulty can be said to be infinite.

This is essentially similar to what you plan to lose weight, but always stays in the bakery. You are going to read a book, but you are always in the game hall. You plan to save money, but you are shopping all day. Invalid and wrong.

You rely on a momentary mind, but you must fight against the constant creation of the environment. Who tells you that the odds are great? It's like you are going to forget the pain of breaking up for a while, but the house is a memory of the past. As long as you open your eyes, does the environment create new hints?

Many people still enjoy it every day, I think this is probably the legendary battle with the sky....

So it is difficult for the poor to learn and change.

Most ordinary people are involuntarily because environmental constraints usually follow the Matthew effect. Let "good is better, bad is worse". A quality environment can push you forward. The poor environment continues to drag us into the abyss.

And, the worst thing is that there is a big problem in our traditional values. It is to over-promote personal qualities, to promote violations of human nature, and to make people seldom think about using the environment to reverse themselves...

For example, we often hear the words: You can't insist, you are poor thinking, so your personal quality is bad! Why can't you suffer, why not reflect on your own reasons. You are not diligent!

And so on. But is this logically reasonable? This is not reasonable!

As I mentioned in an earlier article, if one thing doesn't always get positive feedback, it's hard to stick to it. And as long as the salary of the work is not bad, you still have to punch the card after hard work...

Those who over-promote their personal qualities do not consider the real environment at all. What they are best at is to stimulate your short-term fighting spirit, or to feel guilty about not being able to maintain high quality. So you are wasting your time and destroying your mood.

Many trainers and managers are good at this theory that you can't refute. It is similar to what we said at the outset. The vested interests are strengthening the correctness of mainstream values. After all, when you learn to always attribute the problem to personal qualities, they will always have a bit of squeezing your meal to eat...

The obstacles from the environment are roughly mentioned here. This is of course not exclusive to the poor, but only that some people may have a better environment. So the environment often gives them more positive feedback.

As the previous paragraph said, when the economy is good, everyone is busy making money. When the economy is poor, the whole village is playing mahjong. The poor environment is actually a bunch of people playing mahjong. After all, it is hard to see the things that make money...

But here is not to say that learning and change are useless. On the contrary, they are all very valuable things. Therefore, if you have not abandoned your hometown from your partner to go to Beishangguang, you will realize the importance of the environment. Not in the story of "Mengmu three move", passed on to the wisdom of the ancestors.

I still hope that you will at least choose to read in the study, not on the sofa in the living room. At the very least, it’s time to know how to reach out to good people, instead of playing a game together after work...

From the little things. When you start to use the environment to guide behavior, you will find that you are not guilty of your personal quality because of your boss's theory.

3 Unavoidable human weaknesses

I finished the two "obstructions" of relative reality. In fact, it is difficult for ordinary people to counterattack. And for personal problems. Because human nature is complex and changeable, it only mentions a typical weakness that belongs to the poor.

Refuse to taste new.

As I said before, growth is due to new perceptions. Whether you are trying a new environment or trying new ideas. In fact, it can eliminate cognitive blind spots to a certain extent, bringing opportunities and growth.

But the problem of the poor is precisely the rejection of the new, stubborn holding of the past.

Despite those ideas, they only brought poverty to them.

For this mental model, it is still because of fear. But helplessly, this is almost exclusive to the poor. After all, our anti-risk ability is generally low...

Trying new means a short-term decline in efficiency, which is easy to cause anxiety. First, it will bring small risks...

I remember that when the PC era first arrived, many people around me learned keyboard typing together. But at the time, because beginners were mostly "one-finger Zen." Typing speed is relatively slow. I often hear that my classmates complain that keyboard typing is not as efficient as writing, and many of them simply give up practicing.

Many years have passed, and most of them have learned to type. Just thinking back now, it was really short-sighted. Is writing efficiency higher than typing? At least, almost no one around me can write faster than keyboard typing.

Therefore, to taste new as a groping behavior away from the scope of their familiarity, for the poor, it is not simple to reduce the efficiency of typing. It may mean a reduction in work efficiency.

And when 200 pieces of daily income are reduced to 100, people are easily caught in anxiety. And the poor, do you like anxiety? No, we like to protect.

Secondly, Tasting New represents the exploration of the unknown, representing the dual risks of material and spiritual levels...

The material level is well understood. This is similar to how we go to unfamiliar cities and environments. I often choose a restaurant that I have seen to eat. The terminology is called reducing the risk of choice.

Return to the topic of the poor. Attempts to material often represent a reward that may not be expected. For example, it took a high price and ended up eating a very unpleasant meal.

So when they didn't take a bite, they bought a single person and changed the place to eat. They often refuse to take risks and try. For example, spend money to learn. For example, buy new tools and improve efficiency...

The risk at the spiritual level is hidden. You know, life can't be without a sense of accomplishment. Just like silk is often deeply addicted to online games, and they only love to play the one they are good at.

The same is true of poverty. You will find that the more poor people, the more they like to point to the country on the wine table, swearing at the party, and even seeing through the life and death of a country.

why? A sense of accomplishment is needed.

This is of course no problem. The richness of the material world has been occupied by others. Is it still not allowed to force me into the spiritual world? There is no such reason.

But as the saying goes, the hero can see the same thing, it is precisely because the views are not much different, ordinary people form their own group.

Therefore, the taste of new often represents the out-of-group, which means giving up the position of the local disc to force the king and go to a new field to be a rookie. Most people can't accept this kind of loss of control. After all, material life has gone so badly...

But because of the fascination with this sense of accomplishment, it is also a wrong opportunity to change ideas.

Look, the cost of learning for the poor is even higher. Because the material is already scarce, and those who understand your spiritual world are few brothers and sisters.

At the same time, it is even harder to add. The solidity of these substances is often not adhered to by you alone. It is a group of people who are stuck, may come from friends, may come from a difficult brother, may come from your parents and relatives....

So, whenever you are undecided, you want to tell them your own ambitions, want to start a new learning attempt, and find some recognition. They often can only disguise their fears as loving you:

Have you forgotten the failure of the last attempt? Why don't you listen to the arrangement? How is it so rebellious? It is not worth spending this money! He may be a liar in brainwashing! Don't jump, work hard, get promoted soon!

Of course, now that the network is developed, the people who can give you advice are not so simple. And I believe that your life has not yet reached the point where it will be destroyed. So, say so much, are you going to face difficulties?

Written in the last words:

I often do such a dream.

People in this world live with me in a muddy forest that is constantly sinking. But they are different from me...

I live in the center of the mud, only to expose the nose, barely breathing. Some of them are close to the shore, and they can borrow the fulcrum on the shore to reveal half of them.

Therefore, they saw a more vast landscape. And what I want, only half of them, and those who have been looming...

In order to ensure that I will not be swallowed up by the mud, I am struggling with the people around me. The people on the shore also enthusiastically guide me how to do it...

Hey, don't say, listen to their guidance, I really haven't been swallowed up. Although, it didn't get up...

Struggling for a long time, I am very tired. Then ask the people around me: Why are others exposed, we

The head is still in the mud? They thought about it: Maybe we are not strong enough?

After that, I was a thin man in front of me, stepping on two strong-body people on the shore. Vaguely, I saw someone on the shore taking the handle...

I am puzzled and asked: Isn't the person on the shore able to go ashore if you are strong? Why is the skinny ashore? The people around me answered: I don't know, you may have read it wrong, exercise first...

"But the shore is on the side, not in the center. Without the exercise of the fulcrum, we can only live strong in the mud? Oh, forget it, you don't know, I will try to move on the side first... ”

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