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Teach you to make cranberry tarts


Egg tarts are delicious snacks that many children love.

Soft and smooth egg paste, crispy suede

Add some sweet and sour cranberry

Definitely a very delicious snack.

This little editor teaches you to make cranberry tarts:

1 Prepare materials. (Milk Milk Light Cream White Sugar Yolk

Cranberry dry low-gluten flour condensed milk)

2 Pour cream, milk, sugar, and condensed milk into a small container.

3 While stirring, stir until the sugar is completely melted.

4 Let cool the water, add two egg yolks, and mix well.

5 sieve into low-gluten flour.

6 Stir well and filter.

7 Cranberry Dry If the granules are too large, they can be chopped.

8 cranberries are dried in the clams.

9 sifted water, pour into the skin, 8-9 minutes.

10 preheat the oven for 220 degrees, 20 minutes, pour into the second layer and bake.

The sweet and sour crispy cranberry tart is finished~

Is it possible to see DC water?

Xiaobian really can't stand it.

Let me start first~

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