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I got bronchitis, what should I do?


I got bronchitis , what should I do?

I have been suffering from bronchitis for many years. When I coughed in the past few years, I was particularly uncomfortable. Before I had a needle, I had already eaten it. I didn’t see any improvement. Every time I cough, I seem to have half life. Like. Since the help of the nobles, I have slowly adjusted it. I have not relapsed in the past two years. Now I will share with you the experience.

1 , keep warm

Recently, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and you should pay attention to adding clothes to yourself in time to avoid catching cold and preventing the occurrence of influenza.

2 , promote drainage

Patients with acute phase use antitussive and expectorant drugs while using antibacterial drugs. For patients who are frail and unable to cough, or patients with more sputum, should be based on sputum, it is not appropriate to use strong antitussives, so as not to inhibit central nervous system aggravation of respiratory tract inflammation, leading to worsening of the disease. Critically ill patients should pay attention to changing the position at regular intervals. The family should help gently massage the chest and back of the patient to promote the discharge of sputum.

3 , pay attention to conditioning

If you need to eat less fatty foods, you should use more steamed and stewed foods when you eat more foods that are less stagnation. If you use acute frying and detonation method, you should stop using antibiotics in time to avoid long-term application. Causes side effects. You can use traditional Chinese medicine to combine with diet therapy, which is better. Yishuangtong formula is a good choice, it is pure Chinese medicine formula, can be cured, no side effects, you can refer to it.

4 , strengthen the exercise

It is also important to exercise for chronic bronchitis. Strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, improve cold tolerance and body resistance. In the cold season, it is helpful to wash your face with cold water, wash your hands, massage your feet and palms before going to bed.

5 , keep it clean

For the care of chronic bronchitis, we must pay attention to daily cleaning, pay attention to maintaining a good family environment, keep the indoor air circulation fresh, have a certain humidity, control and eliminate all kinds of harmful gases and smoke, and strictly quit smoking.

You need to eat less fatty foods, and when you eat more foods with less food and less food, you should use more steamed stew and less fried fried method.