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Shanghai Commercial City Special Edition (18th October edition)


Many friends who come to Shanghai or in Shanghai will ask me:

What new projects have recently opened worth seeing?

What are some of the more distinctive projects worth seeing recently?

Can you recommend some benchmark parent-child stores?

Can you recommend some small and beautiful projects?


Waiting for these questions may be accurate for the questioner, but it is vague for me, and everyone's judgment criteria are different. So I want to make a piece of content that tries to act as a universal tool. If you want to visit Shanghai, you can read this article in advance. It will be updated from time to time, adding new ideas, supplementing the opinions of readers, and finally expecting it to be close to being a peer to visit Shanghai for business. References.

Since three projects were opened at the end of September, this is the node, and the 18-year version will be released in advance. If you come to Shanghai recently, I hope to help you.

What new projects are worth seeing?

LuOne, LCM, Shanghai Shimao Plaza

All three projects will be opened in late September. Therefore, if you come to Shanghai once in a while, I don't even recommend that you come to the three projects because they are too worth seeing. If your trip is flexible, After the eleventh holiday, they should have their own surprises. Of course, my relevant market report should also be released.

If you only look at one business district

Jing'an Temple Business Circle: Jiuguang Department Store, Yuou Department Store, Jing'an Kerry Center, Crystal Products

In my opinion, in addition to the lack of first-line luxury brands in the business district (in fact, Hang Lung Plaza is not far away), it is simply the core of Shanghai's most concentrated business.

Jiuguang Department Store, one of the best quality department stores in Shanghai (considering content and performance), the representative works of the retail industry, of course, this is also the pain point of Shanghai business - the lack of a work like Beijing SKP in the core of department store design and performance, But there is no doubt that it should not be left out in the hot period of commercial real estate.

Yuou Department Store, the second store in the business district, Jiuguang’s first challenger, found his position in front of a perverted opponent. It is a classic case of breaking the enchantment of department stores and shopping malls, bringing the experience to the extreme, the ultimate form of department stores - the hand-made system, one of the most popular snack floors, and one of the best windows in Shanghai.

Jingan Kerry Center, although there is no top luxury brand, it is still a typical representative of high-end commercial projects, high-quality brand, design, hardware and software. In any case, Kerry Group is a Hong Kong-style and relatively balanced development. Business.

Jingpin, separated from the competition environment of the triangle of the top three, and the corridor of the subway allows it to share the customer base of the entire business circle. In the case of unfavorable start, it is similar to the department store. “Locating”, the hardware quality of the project is located in the highest level in Shanghai, and has a unique marketing operation.

Of course, if you are wandering in the business district, you may accidentally visit INHOP, which is a metro business, between Ou and Kerry, to experience a different experience.

If you only look at a commercial street

Nanjing West Road

It can be said that it is the most promising commercial street in Shanghai. This is actually an extension of the Jing'an Temple business district, because from the Jingan Kerry Center to the east, it will soon be able to reach the Hang Lung Plaza at the top of the food chain, although the Meitaiheng business district Brilliance has become history, but the store still exists objectively. If you like me to watch the details of the department store, don't miss the Isetan in Meilong Town. The Japanese department store is always worthy of fun.

Finally, although Nanjing West Road will always extend to New World Department Store, I recommend visiting the Societe Generale Taikoo Hui. The latter is of course a station that has not been missed by friends who have opened in recent years and visited Shanghai. Starbucks baking workshop can be The final tip of a commercial street tour or trip.

In the commercial street, it is recommended to turn into Wujiang Road, while the heart can be used as an egg.

If you want to see the commercial street

Nanjing West Road, Huaihai Middle Road

For the sake of reason, Nanjing East Road is absolutely unsatisfactory in terms of the meaning of business and the hard indicators such as the level of rent. However, if it is a business visit, at least the content that it can bring to you at present is really limited. The Shanghai Shimao Plaza mentioned above may be opened after the opening. After the Bund, the central government may not be able to continue, if these projects can continue to shine, That Nanjing East Road should also be included.

Huaihai Zhong Road, the old commercial street, although it has been slightly tired in recent years, due to the existence of iapm and K11, the two sides of the east and west have been propped up to watch this street. Of course, if this version is the end of the 18th year, it will be updated with Xintiandi Square. In addition, single brands such as UNIQLO and MUJI flagship stores can also become buffer points. Although Xintiandi can't be said to be an egg from the specification. But outside the main road, so this is only recommended as a friendship. Finally, Lane Crawford, don't miss the top performance of this commercial beauty.

If you want to see the business circle

Xujiahui, Wujiaochang

Although we can also say that Nanjing West Road is a business district, I personally think that Xujiahui and Wujiaochang have the most "circle" image. You can feel how different projects compete and coexist in one street. The sunken plaza of Wujiaochang has opened several corners, and Xujiahui is expecting to “join” various projects through the overpass.

However, since the Ganghui Plaza is undergoing renovation, it is not the best time to go to Xujiahui. Instead, it is a showcase for the new brand's high acceptance of Metro City. If you have other options, I think it can be suspended.

From the perspective of the quality of the business, the Wujiaochang business district can not give you much inspiration. Here are some endless passenger flows. If your project location has such innate advantages, you can learn from it. At the same time, Wujiaochang Wanda, Bailian Festival City, and the newer Heshenghui three different commercial projects can also be done. There is an egg here - college road, if the weather is good, you must go.

If you want to see quality home and parent-child projects

Pudong Kerry City, Hongqiao Nanfeng City, Hubin Road

There are countless projects based on family and parent-child, but the quality is good. At present, I still choose these three. The positioning of Pudong Kerry City has always been a leader in the market. It is almost a zero-difference project. It can be seen how small and fine the atmosphere is, and the impact of the exhibition on the project geometry; Hongqiao Nanfeng City is almost the only one in Shanghai to continue to spare no effort With the commercial project of the children's IP-led group of customers, the “children who have children” has performed to the fullest, and the volume is relatively advantageous; because the phenomenon of the piglet exhibition, the lakeside road is among them, but the project is in The implementation and innate conditions are not as good as Hongqiao Nanfeng City. Thanks to the excellent quality of Ryan, there is still a look, and the property of the area is also worthy of attention.

Of course, these projects are far apart and will be consumed on the road. Therefore, under normal circumstances, I feel that I can choose one of them when I look at the business district.

If you go to Hongqiao Nanfeng City, you have to go to Shangjia Center and Parkson Youke City Square; if you go to Hubin Road, you will definitely go to Xintiandi, of course you can see Infinitus, Hong Kong Plaza and K11; if you go to Pudong Kerry City , it is true love.

If you want to see the project based on the group of customers

Infinitus + Lakeside Road, Shangyue Bay

In fact, most projects have office building support, so the examples listed here have several commonalities - not directly connected to the subway, mid-week lunchtime is the peak of passenger flow, if there is no theme activity, the passenger flow in the middle of the week may even be greater than the weekend.

Although Lakeside Road has also appeared in the family parent-child category, its location has a large number of office groups. It can be seen as a whole together with the neighbors. I don't think they provide a template for doing office customers, because they are not just doing this positioning. However, many fitness-related segments, such as unlimited infinity, and small catering, are indeed worthy of the office. one look.

As a new project that was only opened last year, Shangyue Bay still has an imaginary space, but at present it is still dominated by office customers.

If you want to see the young fashion trend positioning project

Raffles City, Metro City

The former is a fashion trend, one of the preferred places for brand positioning in this field, more is brand-based investment as a positioning orientation; the latter is more youthful, the theme block is more to reflect the atmosphere and topic orientation, the two brand positioning There are some differences, but it is indeed the most vibrant landmark in Shanghai.

As one of the Xujiahui shopping districts, Metro City has mentioned above. At present, it may be possible to see the adjusted Hong Kong Exchange. At Raffles City, you can walk to Shanghai Shimao Plaza and take the No. 8 line. You can go to Jing'an Joy City.

If you are a Joy City fan

Jing'an Joy City, Changfeng Joy City

Do not blow black, thanks to the appeal and topicality throughout the country, many friends who come to investigate will regard Joy City as one of the reserved projects. Of course, there is no problem. My suggestion is that when you choose to have an event in the mall, you can see the core selling point of Joy City.

Jing'an Joy City can only be said to be a self-contained business circle. As mentioned above, if you go, Da Ke Yizhan Road will return to the mainstream business district of People's Square, and more projects can be seen; while Changfeng Joy City is still not connected to the subway. Therefore, it is recommended to take a taxi to the Tianshan business district after the tour, and take a look at the Hongqiao Nanfeng City and other projects mentioned above.

If you want to see the theme block

Century Hui, Jing'an Joy City, Changfeng Joy City, Metro City, Heshenghui, K11

Asked this question a few months ago, the answer should of course be the Joy City series project to create the theme block label; while Metro City has a theme project on each floor, which is called the theme store; the reason why Heshenghui was selected is The excellent example of the theme of the “City Market” brand; finally, the emergence of Century Hui 1192 has refreshed my understanding of the theme block. If you come to Shanghai to see only one theme block, please go to 1192.

Although the beauty of K11 is not a block, it is also outstanding in terms of the theme.

If you want to see the fine uniform

Lane Crawford, Department Store, Isetan, Takashimaya, BFC

At the design level, the unified test tests the trade level of commercial projects. This is the field of department stores. Most of the products I recommend are high-quality department stores, even if they are not necessarily good in performance.

Among them, Lane Crawford said that it is a collection of commercial beauty; 芮 Europe Department Store has its Assemble by Réel, and Isetan and Takashimaya two Japanese shopping malls still spare no effort to implement the unified installation plan. BFC's Wei Wei · exquisite life is contributing to the latest exquisite assembly case.

If you take the line 2

Lushanguan Road, Zhongshan Park, Jing'an Temple, Nanjing West Road, People's Square, Lujiazui, Century Avenue

I usually travel in the subway, if you are willing to try the Shanghai subway, the second line, you can see here -

Lushanguan Road: Parkson Yoko City Plaza, Hongqiao Nanfeng City, Shangjia Center

Zhongshan Park: Dragon Dream Shopping Park, Changning Raffles

Jing’an Temple is recommended to walk to Nanjing West Road: those I mentioned above

People's Square: Raffles City Plaza, Shanghai Shimao Plaza

Lujiazui: ifc, Zhengda Square

Century Avenue: Century Hui, Bailian Century (may add Dongchang Road next year, where you can see China Resources' Times Square, Yaohan, MOREMEE, Xinmei United Square)

If you take the line 1

Xujiahui, Shaanxi South Road, Huangpi South Road, People's Square

Relatively speaking, the content of Line 1 is much less, which is why I will recommend Nanjing West Road as the preferred recommendation.

Xu Jiahui: I mentioned above

South Shaanxi Road: iapm, Huaihai Parkson, Paris Spring (it is said to be major), but the charm of the two department stores depends on their own creation.

Huangpi South Road: K11, Xintiandi Square (who has to see at the end of the year), Xintiandi.

People's Square: Consistent with Line 2.

If you want to see an open business project

Xintiandi, Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza, Daning International Commercial Plaza, Longhua Middle Road Subway Station Business Circle, Ruihong Tiandi, Shangsheng·New Institute, various various places, various workshops

Traditional open-plan commercial projects will naturally introduce Xintiandi and two popular "international commercial plazas", but considering that these projects are actually well-known, the visibility is not high. On the contrary, it is quite interesting that Longhua Middle Road Metro Station Zhengda Lecheng, Xuhui Greenland Fun City and Poly Time are all open projects; if considering the quality and characteristics, then Ruihong Tiandi is the first choice; Shangsheng·New Office This year's online red case is worthy of being punched by everyone. Finally, it is worth mentioning that various "li, square" are now more and more popular among consumers. Fengli, Happiness, Yongpingli, Hengshanfang, Sinan The mansion, FOUND158, etc., can feel the vitality of the city.

However, due to various factors such as transportation, reproducibility, and commerciality, these projects are not necessary if they are not specific needs or time, because you will feel something, but it may not be very rewarding. If you are familiar with mainstream projects, you can look at them more. Of course, the derivative also includes various characteristic streets.

If you want to see a one-stop large complex

Minhang Three Sisters, Global Harbor

The former is Qibao Vanke Square, Vientiane City, and Yifeng City.

The one-stop large project is hundreds of thousands of squares, which seems to be too tired. Therefore, I recommend three more nearby ones. The distance of three kilometers can be solved by taxi. Qibao Vanke Plaza is one of the projects that I personally think is the most comprehensive level of integration. Especially in the design and planning, it is the best case to “weaken” the volume. Because of the appeal of China Resources, Vientiane City itself is subject to the national counterpart. Concerns, of course, Shanghai stores may not reach the top level in brand positioning; VivoCity is relatively weak, because it is closer to the former two, you can look at it together, mainly concerned with the creation of its top-level open space.

The Globalport is a rare project with a specific amount and popularity. At the same time, due to the positioning deviation in the early stage of the opening, it has shown its tenacity in the process of continuous adjustment. This is a major reason that I admire.

If coming from Hongqiao Airport or Hongqiao Station

Hongqiao Tiandi, Longhu Hongqiao Tianjie

In fact, the individual is quite admired Hongqiao Tiandi. It has the special quality of Ryan's consistent quality and valuable services. It also has the difficulty of “how to attract the surrounding big passenger flow.” The traffic cost under normal circumstances is relatively high, but if it happens to be in the Hongqiao hub. That can go, it is a project with thinking points; of course, you can look at Longhu Tianjie together.

If you want to see a mini project

Kaide Star Trade, Xikang 189

Purely explain one thing - how small a commercial project can be, is a hunting point.

If you want to see an art positioning project

K11, Poly Time, Zena Himalaya Center

K11 does not need to repeat, in fact, the same as the Marathi Center is the art route, but for various reasons failed to play well; and Poly time is to cater to the cultural atmosphere of the West Bank, embarked on the road of artistic creation. Although all three can be labeled with art, but in addition to the K11 is really made, the other two have their own pain points, which shows that the high threshold of art such as the subdivision is not free to control.

If you look at the top positioning mall

Hang Lung Plaza, ifc, Shangjia Center

It is enough to be convincing that only three projects with LV are convincing.

Of course, each of the three has a playful taste. Hang Lung is full of high cold; ifc is the most comprehensive; Shangjia Center has a high positioning in the early stage, and now it is adjusting and sinking.

If you look at the featured items

Ruihong Tiandi Moon Bay, Xikang 189

Both of them have made music their first feature since the first two days of opening. I believe that many projects will try this on the road of “differentiation”, but the positioning of any professional segment needs strong resources. Operational support. As long as you go to the scene, you can clearly feel the difference and get the reference.

If you look at the long moving line project

Xingye Taikoohui, Vientiane City, Global Harbor, Expo Source

I haven't counted the longest single line of these projects, but they are all very recognizable long strip moving lines. This kind of planning is quite difficult in planning. Because of the linearity, we need to set up LEGO for the Societe Generale. Looking for a reasonable explanation for the location? Is the planning between the categories of Vientiane City blunt? The nominal division of the Expo source and the actual effect geometry? In short, personally think that such projects are more difficult to do, even if it is difficult to write, but if your project is similar structure, if you come to Shanghai to adjust to the market, these are worthy of reference.

If you only look at one item


Familiar with my friends should know that my heart is not ta, but objectively speaking, from the level of business essence, comprehensive judgment from various dimensions, I voted for iapm.

In the end, this is not a finished draft, it must have all kinds of omissions. I hope this is a joke, it can become a certain degree of UGC content, you can put forward more "if", add more missing items, the so-called special features of the city can reflect its true value.

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