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(Celebrity Quotations)


Gu Cheng said:

[People can be born like ants and beautiful as gods.
is a realm;

Haizi said:
[The sky and sky have nothing, why give me comfort.
is a vicissitudes;

Yu Hua said:
[Death is not to lose life, but to go out of time.
is a light;

Yang Lan said:
[The world is its own and has nothing to do with others.
is a calm;

Wilde said:
[Heart, born to be broken.
is a helpless;

Haruki Murakami said:
[In short, the years are long, but it is worth waiting.
is a kind of expectation;

Jane said:
[Like every drop of wine can't return to the original grape, I can't get back to young.
is a pity;

Mu Xin said:
[I feel that the world can be forgiven, but I do not know who to forgive.
is a helpless;

Feng Tang said:
[The world is beautiful, people are not; Chinese medicine is very bitter, you are also.
is a sadness;

Shakespeare said:
[There is no such thing as good or bad in the world.
is a kind of open-minded;

Shi Tiesheng said:
[In terms of fate, it is fair to talk about justice.
is a way out;

Seneca said:
[Why must we cry for part of life, and you will not be seen in all life.
is a kind of cockroach;

Zheng Yu said:
[To be bright and smile, the world is stunned; even if it is sad, it is extremely bright.
is a kind of anger;

Adonis said:
[The world has made me bruises, but the wounds are wings.
is a kind of experience;

Han Han said:
[I have heard a lot of truths, and still have a bad life.
is a torment;

North Island said:
[You did not return as scheduled, and this is the meaning of separation.
is a kind of sadness;

Shen Congwen said:
[This person may never come back, maybe come back tomorrow.
is a kind of self-stupid;

Gu Man said:
[The two most lucky things in my life: one is that time has finally exhausted my love for you. It is a long time ago, I met you]
is a kind of luck;

Wang Xiaobo said:
[It is not enough for a person to have this life alone. He should also have a poetic world.
is an artistic concept;

Feng Tang said:
[There are trees in the back of the sea, jade in the Xia Dynasty, the cloud at the moment, you are twenty years old.
is a kind of beauty;

Nalan Shoude said:
[After the snow, the scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented stalks.
is a kind of laying down.

Beidao said:
[Despicable is the pass for the despicable, noble is the epitaph of the noble.
is a kind of irony;

Zhou Guoping said:
[God gave everyone a life, a heart, look at the life, and settle the heart, life is complete.
is a kind of penetration;

Liu Wei said:
[Every big tree grows to accept the sun, but also tolerate the wind and rain.
is a kind of tolerance;

Lu Xun said:
[Only silence is the highest contempt, the highest contempt is speechless,
and even the eyes do not turn.
is a contempt;

Dostoevsky said:
[The most important thing is that we should be kind, first and second, be honest, and then never forget each other in the future.
is a hope;

Nietzsche said:
[Every day that has never danced is a disappointment to life.
is a fate;

Husseini said:
[For you, thousands of times.
is a kind of movement.

Yang Lan said:
[Your problem is mainly because you don’t think too much and think too much.
is a kind of wake up;

Marquez said:
[The mediocrity will dry your mind to no trace of moisture, and then the glory will move the deepest string of your heart.
is a state of mind;

Haruki Murakami said:
[It is ok to use life as a cookie jar. The cookie jar is not filled with all kinds of biscuits. Do you like it or not?
is a calm;

Matsuura said:
[As long as you prepare a place in your heart that can be seated and calmly talked at will, you can be gentle.
is a kind of gentleness;

The words of the
past are said: [The things that are in the past are: the dried sunflower leaves, the utensils of the young sacrifices, the two blues that are caught in the books, and the pieces of silk cuts that are cut in the colors of the grapes.
is a kind of memory;

Frost said:
[Read, I really like to think of it as a journey, we keep ourselves in the familiar real world. Read, let us be immigrants.
is a pursuit;

Lin Qingxuan said:
[Tengyun passed in the smoke, walked in the rain, everything has passed, what can I do?
is a kind of awkward;

Kobayashi said:
[I know this world, this is as short as dew, however, however.
is a kind of cockroach;

Zhuangzi said:
[The clever person knows how to worry, the incompetent has nothing to ask for. Traveling with vegetables and vegetables, if you don’t want to be a boat, you will also be a virtual swimmer.
is a kind of happiness;

Kawabata Yasunari said:
[At four o'clock in the morning, I saw the crabapple flower not sleeping.
is a kind of beauty;

Dumas said:
[Melancholy is because of his incompetence, trouble is because the desire is not satisfied, violent is a false performance.
is a kind of truth;

Hemingway said:
[Courage is the elegance under pressure.
is a way;

Higashino Keigo said:
[There are two things in the world that cannot be seen directly, one is the sun, and the
other is the human heart.
is a kind of awkward;

Premier Zhou said:
[The Vientiane truth on earth is getting more and more vague, and there is a bit of light in the vagueness.
is a kind of knowledge;

Han Han said:
[Suddenly discovered that the original false alarm is the most beautiful idiom in the world.
is awakening;

Su Shi said:
[Looking back to the bleak place, returning, there is no wind or rain.
is a kind of bleak;

Xin Qiji said:
[There is now a lot of taste, and I want to say it . I want to say that I still have a rest, but it’s a cool autumn.
is a kind of loneliness;

Long Yingtai said:
[The road to practice is always lonely, because wisdom must come from loneliness.
is a relief;

Van Gogh said:
[Everyone has a fire in his heart, and people passing by can only see the smoke.
is an implicit;

Ding Limei said:
[Life may be hard, hard, but the heart can still run towards good.
is a brave;

Russell said:
[Can not stand a boring generation, will be a mediocre generation. Can't be bored, life will become a continuous escape from boredom.
is a reminder;

Mitch Albom said:
"What is the most difficult?" " Speak with life." 】
is a free and easy;

Haizi said:
[When I stand in front of you in pain, you can't say that I have nothing, you can't say that I am empty-handed]
is a kind of affirmation;

Zhang Ailing said:
[The most regrettable thing in my life, that is, the person who pushed me into hell, and also took me to heaven]
is a kind of memory;

Zheng Yuyu said:
[I will turn it into a firefly and use my life to light the lamp for you]
is a sacrifice;

Chai Jing said:
[Every relaxed smile is a soul that once clenched his teeth]
is a kind of tenacity;

Bai Helin said:
[From childhood, I have taken care of the stars of the past alone]
is a leisurely;

Caun Derre said:
[The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by the present.
is an action.

why do you have to sleep for a long time before you die, and you must sleep after death.
Young, no pessimistic right.
action! For the future!