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Full-time mothers return to the workplace, how to cross-line cross-border, salary is still up 70%?


This article was published only a while after I returned to the workplace, because I wanted to write out the most sincere feelings of leaving the workplace for three years and returning to the workplace.

Preliminary preparation

1. Lock your target job before giving birth.

For example, my goal is to work as a financial foreign company to do HR. This is very different from my previous work in science and engineering. The interview is also a lot of HR asked why I will transfer to the post. In fact, the industry I have done in the past has not been stable. I need to follow the project when I bid for the project, so I need to re-do a career plan. I am interested in investment, English, and interpersonal relationships. Naturally, my career planning is the HR of financial foreign companies , and I am determined to go on this road for more than 8 years until the Director of Human Resources.

My past article on how to choose the ideal work in my heart: "What is a part-time job for a full-time mother?" 1 circle helps you think clearly . There are some ways to mention it.

2. Refine other professional details.

It is to write other refinement requirements for your ideal work. For working mothers, it is generally necessary to have a double break, work as little as possible, and close to home, so it is easier to balance the family.

For me, salary is not my primary consideration. I need a company that allows me to fully understand the six modules of human resource management and grow into HRD space . This is the most important thing for me.

3. During the period of taking the baby, we must pay attention to the dynamics of the industry and the frontiers

Get to know the industry contacts + about the industry public number.

People: At present, there are many paid courses on the Internet. After joining, there are some communities. These communities are also relatively high quality because they are paid. For example, I paid for a HR training before, and I was willing to spend money on training. Most of them are not transactional grassroots HR, but the network of human resources managers and managers.

Public number: Now the public number of the industry's new policy interpretation will be much faster than the traditional media, pay attention to 30 relevant public numbers and organize articles, you can quickly understand the industry's terminology.

During the period of bringing the baby, you should take the industry certificate and get the entry permit for the work that will come back in the future. In addition, the academic qualifications will be upgraded on the current basis, and the road to return to the workplace will become flat.

look for a job

1. Resume.

Many people have persuaded me to falsify my resume and fill in the blank period of three years. After all, it is not difficult to find a way to get a job certificate. But I didn't do this, mainly because I was cross-border and changed careers. I didn't have practical experience. If I add fakes, I will not be confident when I work. And as HR, I understand that if the resume is fraudulent and is investigated by the corporate background, it can be unconditionally lifted.

Although we can't make a resume, we can still "beautify" our resume. From 0 to 1, this kind of outrage is not possible, but from 3 to 5 this optimization is still very desirable.

Specific resume skills can be searched for "CV". I will share a few points here:

a. Do not use passive words such as “participation” to use such active words as design, drive, and operation ;

b. If you can't find the advantage from a large perspective, you can find a good point from the subdivision, and then use the quantitative data to show it;

c. Align the job responsibilities on the job advertisement to write resumes, such as requiring strong communication skills, then carry out this point, so that HR can easily see your keywords when systematically screening resumes.

I have selected 7 more effective recruitment platforms from 30 recruitment platforms. Others like the 58 city, the market, I feel more ineffective recruitment, that is, hanging sheep head selling dog meat, will go to the scene will persuade to do other occupations, the company is relatively less standardized.

2. Interview.

For a full-time mother, we are inevitably asked "Why not work for a while?", "Do you need a stable job when you come back to work?"

This question is answered in 3 steps :

a. Pay attention to the reasons for external reasons , not to mention any workplace bottlenecks, and personal problems such as the leadership does not come, so we can honestly say that no one cares for children, generally female HR will understand us more;

b. Proactively indicate to HR that the “problem” has been resolved , for example, the body has recovered, the child has been taken care of, and sometimes HR will forget to ask, we need to take the initiative to supplement;

c. Proactively indicated that the resignation period has been very motivated.

Is the job suitable? Is it difficult to find a job?

1. Is the job suitable?

After leaving the workplace for 3 years and 2 months, I returned to the workplace again. I was surprised that I didn’t feel comfortable at all. Instead, I felt that it was really easier to go to work than to bring my children. After all, it is possible to go to work in a whole period of time to deal with affairs, and take the children to follow the children's time, and the time is constantly interrupted by various chores.

Moreover, I also kept the overall work schedule consistent with taking children, such as learning at 5:30 in the morning, half an hour of study at noon, and exercise habits.

2. Is it difficult to find a job for a full-time mother?

It is also difficult or difficult.

It's not difficult because if you are looking for a casual job (no need for specific industry skills), sales work (intuitive results in the short term), and work back to resignation, these three types of work will be easy. Find a job.

However, many full-time mothers need to change careers for various reasons, such as the need to work on a family basis, or some IT industry is too old to eat incense and so on. The so-called "return to the post does not transfer the post, transfer does not change the line", that is, you can find new opportunities in the upstream and downstream of the post.

My job search story

Some people say: Choice is more important than hard work. But in my opinion, it is because of hard work that it will bring the opportunity of so many choices behind. In particular, my master's degree, even a lot of companies invited to interview HR director and HR director, but I have no HR experience at all, so I dare not follow.

I shared a total of 2 weeks and interviewed 11 companies. The success rate of the interview was 82%. The success rate was not 100% as I expected. After all, I just started to think that HR does not need many thresholds, so I actually have depression.

In the first week of my job search, I did not take the initiative to apply for a resume, but HR took the initiative to contact me. My frustration is that some of the companies I interviewed were selling dog meat, especially in the insurance industry and start-up companies. They obviously interviewed HR positions and finally convinced sales positions.

In the second week of the job search, the company will take the initiative to attack the company, and the frequency of interviewing two companies a day. This week, I won many OFFERs from financial companies. But there is still frustration. Foshan is a 2.5-line city. There are not many Fortune 500 companies and foreign companies. This matter has really hit my ideals, so there is no such thing as a foreign company.

My current job is the HR of a taxation firm. In addition, due to my writing ability, the office director also gave the company's quarterly magazine to me as the editor.

I hope that within 1-2 years of work, I will be able to fully understand human resources management, and I will be able to inform you at this time next year that I have the position to take over the position.

Because of the blank period of the three-year resume and the transfer of the post, I was really questioned when I was applying for a job. My job search process is not a successful experience sharing in the traditional sense, and there is no chicken soup against the story, I am just an ordinary mother. After each interview, I will seriously make a re-issue for myself. Every failure point is my next improvement. At the same time, I hope that this article can bring you a little confidence and a little inspiration for returning to the workplace in the future.