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It took two years for Thomas to fall from the peak to the bottom. Why is his heart still high?


Today, Thomas signed the Nuggets with the veteran salary contract, and according to Thomas, this is the only team in the NBA who is willing to provide him with a contract team.

If things get back two years ago, the NBA is still in the 16-17 season, when the small Thomas regular season averaging 28 +6 performance, 53 points in the playoffs to save the team, died in a sister car accident In the case of the Celtics still in the playoffs, no one thought that Thomas did not have a ball after two years, maybe the Celtics can predict, because the Eastern Conference finals, Thomas It was impossible to understand the situation inside the Celtics, so when there was a chance to get Owen in the summer, Anji did not hesitate to trigger the trigger.

This is the proud capital of Thomas's entire career. In that year, he ranked the top five MVPs and was recognized by many players and the media. He led the Celtics back to the Eastern Conference finals for many years. This is what Thomas has always been very upbeat. the reason.

But after being traded to the Cavaliers, Little Thomas has been recovering from a hip injury in the early part of the season. He also missed the best time with his teammates, which led to a very chaotic Cavaliers before the All-Star Game this season. For the reason, Thomas has always thought that he is still a super giant in the league, but his natural physical disadvantage has made him a target, the Cavaliers do not have the defensive system of the Celtics, and Thomas's defensive disadvantages are exposed to the fullest. This is also the fuse of the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers' dissatisfaction with Little Thomas directly accelerated his departure time. In the middle of the season, the Cavaliers were undoubtedly the protagonists in the entire league. Little Thomas was one of the Cavaliers. At this time, Thomas had a lot of alliances. The team's unwillingness to take over, when the Lakers once again took over surgery due to injury, this former MVP candidate is already a league crossing mouse.

At this stage of his career, Thomas has to admit that his talent is not enough to play the superstar level in the NBA (at least his physical disadvantage can not be recognized by the fans), Thomas should not be so proud, after all, stay in the NBA You are already one of the best 450 players in the world to play basketball. You are still the strongest 175 on the surface.