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How to keep your face fresh during the summer


Summer is coming, except for the air-conditioned room, I don't want to go anywhere. Summer skin care can also be said to be a technical life, how to keep your face fresh in the summer, avoid the minutes to go out and finish, emmmm~ you need to switch to summer skin care mode.

Well , let's get down to business, as a mixed oil skin , let's talk about the summer in the "light and face", how should we keep our face fresh!

Basic skin care part - refreshing is very important

The cleansing part is still used by Fu Lifang silk , with Luna cleansing instrument , to do a thorough cleaning, this is still more important.

In the toner part, I use the doctor or the healthy water . It is very refreshing. It contains cool ingredients such as alcohol and mint . When it is applied, it will feel cold and the alcohol can help penetrate .

However, this is only for oily skin. Dry skin or sensitive muscles may not feel so good with this type of toner. It is recommended to use a milder product .

The best parts I used Paula salicylic acid cream , very refreshing, especially for oil skin, a very friendly, oil control effect . Use Le Dun CC essence before going to bed , this is also relatively refreshing type, liquid, better absorption, can be used to lighten acne marks .

The eye cream section was said together. In the summer, I prefer to use AHC eye cream , which is cost-effective and the focus is enough to be refreshing . For dry skin , the use of Ke Yan's avocado eye cream will be more moisturizing and better.

Emulsion part by Sekkisei or Fusuo autonomous circulation Inn moisturizer No. 1 are relatively fresh selection Sekkisei more suitable for oil skin insensitive skin , can regulate oil secretion , and I selfish in that desired whitening, the same, This lotion is not recommended for sensitive muscles or dry skin because the alcohol content is really irritating .

Infusa's self-regulating milk is much milder, with no irritating ingredients such as flavors and a moisturizing feeling. But remember to apply it with a cotton pad to avoid greasy feeling.

Finally, the spray is used to close the tail. In summer , the blue spray of the skin is used. It is suitable for the oil skin. It has the effect of controlling oil , mainly to stabilize the skin. Remember to gently massage the face with a soft towel after the spray is absorbed, so as to absorb the excess water and avoid drying the face after drying. For dry skin, it is recommended to use Ou Dili's grape spray , the water mist is very fine , and it is also very moisturizing . It can also be used to spray the face every day and replenish water at any time.

Ask me what skin care products are used behind? NO, such a hot day, I can only do it here.

Makeup part - streamlining is king

Summer makeup is cruel, sweat every minute, so be sure to streamline! Isolation, sun protection, loose powder is basically OK, do not want to add extra burden to the skin, forgive me not a delicate girl.

The cream has a good oil control effect. Sophia's makeup before the makeup is more suitable for oil skin use, and the oil control effect is also quite good . If it is dry skin, you can try RMK isolation . After painting, the skin feels good and it won't feel dry .

I have basically kept the sunscreen for a thousand years. I still use a small gold bottle . Because it is really safe, I will always use it. It is a bit of alcohol. It is quite refreshing overall. Biore's small blue bottle is also very refreshing, cheap bowl , can be applied to the face, can also be applied to the body, but these need to remember to apply.

Loose powder is a good thing for the oil skin. Which oil-skinned girl does not use this secret weapon in the summer? Loose powder can help the skin get rid of the greasy state, dry and clean . I don't have a lot of requirements for the choice of loose powder. The effect of Yin Shi's popular Mint loose powder control is quite good, and the price is also very cabbage. Givenchy four-color loose powder is also a relatively classic product, it is not easy to remove makeup.

There is also the domestic product Xie Yuchun duck egg powder is also worth a try, the effect of loose powder is really different from person to person, who knows who.

Finally, I would like to recommend a very good product, which is to dye the eyebrow cream . It really saved me. I recently tried and found that the color of the eyebrows can be kept for a long time, and sweating is not afraid. I used the Da Chong eyebrow cream , which is cheap enough and used very well. Of course, I have not tried other things.

These are some of the experiences about summer skin care. In fact, there are some that have not been written. I hope everyone can make a refreshing girl in the hot summer.