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Huaxia University 1-7


"For the first time, go far, or go to the far south, be sure to take care of yourself!"

"When you go to school, you must have a good relationship with your classmates! You can bear it and take a step back!"

"Learning to study, try to get a scholarship, graduate to fight for direct transfer to heaven, then the aunt will be Guangzong Yaozu!"

"Parents... can't you be embarrassed." I looked at the black line. "I just go for half a year, and then I will come back on vacation. You are worried about what it is."

"Oh, then you are not the mother's heart."

"Okay, okay, Mom, the horses at the door are waiting for an emergency, then I will go first~" I can't stand my mother's numbness, and waved goodbye. "Oh yes! You and Dad take care of your body!"

Then, I jumped directly from the window of the fifth floor of my house. After a smooth landing, I was carried to the horse of the summer school in China.

After I left, my mother’s tearful expression lasted for about five seconds. But after five seconds...

"Wow! I finally sent away the little ancestor! We are completely free! Liberated!" My mom and my dad cried.

My dad sighed while holding my mom. "Hey, let this kid destroy our 18-year world of two people! Finally, go! Go well! Daughter-in-law, my ticket to Maldives has already been bought! Pick up the luggage!"

"Go! Go out and go! Come to my husband and kiss one... Wood~"

Don't they know that their son has developed a new style? . In the future, I am sure to be old and let you have no money to go out! I hate thinking.


My name is Luo Xuan, who used to be a mortal.

Since the boundaries between the gods and the world, people have become more familiar with the term fairy. Even a lot has been integrated into real life. For example, Donghai Longwang has teamed up with the National Meteorological Observatory to jointly create the most accurate weather forecast. For example, Wenquxing also established an educational counseling institution in the human world. Three years of rapid completion of Tsinghua University is not a dream.

For another example, the Divine World also opened a university.

There are many universities in the world, such as the Shenming Academy in Northern Europe, the Tenjin Base in Greece, and of course the Huaxia University in China.

This type of university is not for everyone. There is only one standard and qualification.

Recruited in this university is a student who has become a [God of Heaven] qualification.

I was originally an ordinary college entrance examination student. I was able to score 50 points higher than the liberal arts. , was admitted to a certain 985 colleges in China. But wait, wait, the result is to wait for such an offer letter.

"Congratulations to you... You have been selected by Huaxia University and become a student of Huaxia University..."

At that time, I got the first feeling of the admission notice.

"What kind of ghost do I rely on? Huaxia University? Which three technical schools are special?"

Check Baidu. "The search results are not displayed according to relevant laws and regulations"

Or the last letter to the Municipal Education Bureau, the Education Director congratulated my dad in advance, and then revealed a smile. This smile is like a man who has been in prison for ten years. He suddenly saw his roommate bent over and picked up soap.

And he played a Zen machine. "Buddha, can't say."

Go to your uncle, love to say no.

Then I later learned that I was a student selected by God. The first reaction at the time was.

"Is it a special thing to lie in the trough? Is it a god?"

“Which place is it outstanding? Is it more handsome than everyone else?”

This problem has been bothering me for a long time, until I met a headless giant in my dreams, and it was a miracle that I was not scared.

And this giant actually spoke with his belly button.

He said that he is called the punishment day, is my future mentor, to help me solve my [Dragon Elephant Lock].

I looked at this faceless giant: "What is the dragon elephant lock?"

The faceless giant simply explained it. It turns out that every mortal is locked, this lock seals some of your potential, and then he will open up some of my body's potential, making me more suitable for future cultivation.

"Wow, what do you mean by saying that from now on, I am like a Captain America, the captain of the American Captain Iron Man, become a superhero?"

The punishment day did hesitate, but still replied. "Yes."

The giant then left after I did something unspeakable on me. Of course I couldn't resist it. He lifted me up as simple as picking up a mineral water bottle.

But on the day of the dream, I have no abnormal situation except for the dream.

But then I found that my arm strength, bounce, speed and five senses have been amazingly improved. Moreover, I found that I can take things out of the air, and I can finally go to the convenience store without spending money.

After I reported this to my mother, my mother gave me a look and said that I would see this. So I followed a sentence, in fact, you can not spend money in the future lv shop. My mom immediately took my hand: my son! Go shopping!

Of course, in the mortal world, it is not allowed to use divine power. This is also what the giant warned me. Once it is discovered, it seems that there are serious consequences. What is specific, what is said in the dream, is not clear.

There are always so many, just want to tell you, what is the East China University, and how I inexplicably entered the university.

I rode the Tianma across the mountains and the sea, and also through the mountains. (to sing) Finally, under the guidance of the groom, came to a mountain.

The mountain top is empty, there is only one huge door, the door is more than ten meters high, and the groom takes me down.

"Gongsheng please."

"Hey, my big brother, I am Luo Xuan." I corrected him.

The groom suddenly stopped talking and looked at me like a fool.

Yes, I am afraid that the world will suddenly be quiet.

The groom said faintly. "All the students who came to this university are called Gongsheng. Next, through this door, you officially enter the new fairy world."

I am jealous. "New fairy world?"

The groom nodded. "Yes, this is the aerial zone between the fairyland and the human world. The Jade Emperor also established a university here to facilitate the cultivation of the tributes, without affecting the balance between the human world and the realm. More importantly, he has the same time as the human world. Views can also make everyone's life more adaptable."

"Understood. Then I will step on it." I looked at the groom and pointed to the huge Tianmen.

After getting the groom's affirmation, I stepped into the door step by step, and then a burst of glare broke out in front of me...

Then, everything that caught my eye overturned the worldview that I worked so hard to build for eighteen years. This is a colorful world. In front of my eyes, there are at least hundreds of classical temples, majestic and majestic, countless people driving white clouds, riding on the beasts in the air, playing around. In addition to this, there are magical creatures that I don't even know, and I wander in the air. Only part of it can be called famous, such as dragon, unicorn, 饕餮...

"That is the dragon!"

"That is Kirin!"

"That is the phoenix!"

"Wow that is a one-legged cow!"

The driver can't stand it anymore. "Stupid that is a yak"

Temples and pagodas can be seen everywhere. In the past, I just thought that the high-rise buildings were beautiful, but I didn’t expect the ancient buildings built in high buildings to be so magnificent and even overdone!

There are students everywhere, everyone is in the clouds, talking and laughing. In front of me, I have two handsome little brothers, dressed in white, holding jade fans, talking and laughing, and showing the king's demeanor in every move, quite pointing the way, stimulating the sense of words.

They are passing by me, I just want to hear what they have to say.

"I heard that, there is a good sister in the 3rd house of Yu's House, and the value is very high and the figure is very good."

"Go, look."

Then they flew over. see, this is very embarrassing.

The groom took me all the way to the clouds. In addition to the ancient buildings, the ambient feng shui around the buildings was also very beautiful. He looked at my novelty and looked around, a touch of the road. "In the future, you will study and live here. Your roommate will slowly help you to integrate into the new environment. There are 172 halls, including teaching halls, dormitory buildings, living halls, restaurants, etc. Pagodas, etc. The land is a good place to practice, and it is also the observation deck. The rest of the places will be slowly understood by you. Now I will only introduce you so much."

Later, the groom took me to one of the hundreds of halls and told me. "This is your bedroom, Royal Dragon Hall." Then he opened a piece of paper and looked at it. "There are three roommates waiting for you."

“Is there a roommate so soon?” I couldn’t resist the excitement in my heart. After all, this was my first time out.

However, the groom looked at the list of papers and smiled awkwardly. "Well, your roommates... well. I wish you peace."

I have a glimpse of my heart. "Have me peace? What the hell?"

The driver took a quick cough and said. "The things here are getting familiar. I have to go back to sleep." The driver quickly waved with me and me. Then hand me a business card. "Oh yes, what do not adapt to unfamiliar things, please contact me, this is my business card. After two days you have to come back to me to do a test, I am waiting for you in Yuqing Hall."

In the next second, the driver will turn into a light and disappear instantly.

"It's amazing for my brother, even the coachman is so embarrassed." I was surprised to see the lost driver, and then picked up the business card and simply looked at it. "Well... Yu Qingdian Health Section Chief, Antarctic Xian Weng." I scratched my head. This name is so familiar.

No matter what, the advanced dormitory will say!


I was completely shocked when I entered the Royal Dragon Temple.

I thought that after entering the main hall, there would be a wooden wooden bed with a wooden door, which is exactly the same as the Qing opera that I saw before, but I didn’t expect that everything in this temple... is a bit...

Too modern!

It's just like the most advanced housing in the world!

This is a two-story small apartment filled with modern atmosphere. Just like everyone in peacetime, I am going to catch up with my high luggage and look at this beautiful little apartment: there is a luxurious sofa; coffee table Huge LCD TV; vacuuming robot; refrigerator...

I secretly spit in my heart. Why is it so modern inside you that it is so rude outside, is it not good to directly cover the building? Just a picture of the magnificence outside!

Then, I shook my head and stepped in.

I saw three faces appearing in front of my eyes at the same time, and I was scared to the ground for a moment.


"Sleeping you"


I was scared to the ground, and then slowly blinked to see the three people in front of me. The middle is a little black Loli, with his hands on his waist and some helpless looking at me. Standing on his left is a 180-sun handsome man wearing a T-shirt. His facial features can go to the idol drama, but there is a small scar in the middle of his forehead. On the right side of Little Loli is a...

Lying in the trough! ** High-breasted big sister!

Slightly yellowish hair, tall height, fair skin, blue pupils, tall nose, thin lips, and the huge chest.

My God, I am not in the new fairy world now, I am in the fairy world, this person is simply a fairy!

Little Loli speaks first. "Oh, oh, this mortal is not so good, the courage is so small."

"Whether it will be too sudden. After all, it is just a mortal." Gao Shuai said.

"Well, but is this a mortal? It seems to be no different from us."

"Stop!" It’s too late to wipe the water.

"Is there any politeness! You suddenly yelled in front of my eyes, it is a personal fear," I said in a hurry, patted the clothes. "And, who are you?"

Gao Shuai male first came back to God. "Oh, don't be angry. Let's introduce, we are your roommate."

roommate? I licked the beautiful little Loli and the tall big breasts? roommate? ! Happiness came too suddenly, and the younger brother was not ready yet.

"The two sisters live on the second floor. Let's live on the first floor and introduce ourselves. My name is Yang Xiaoer."

"Hello, hello, my name is Luo Xuan." I also shook hands with him.

"The courage is small, and I don't recognize it." Lolita sister snorted. "My name is Liu Shuang, don't touch the enthusiasm of the old lady. After that, please give the old lady a younger brother, or you will have a good fruit to eat."

"Well, let's talk about Liu Sister." I thought this was probably the legendary sergeant. "I really have no interest in Xiao Loli, my sister is relieved!"

Liu Shuangbai gave me a look. "This is almost the same."

"Hello, my name is Qingxia." The big breasted girl smiled sweetly and shook hands with me. "Please take care of you in the future!"

Wow, Qingxia! This little hand is very tender. I reluctantly pulled back my hand. "Hello, I must take care of it and take special care when I need it."

Qingxia is a sweet smile. But Liu Shuang seems to understand the voice-over. "Friendly reminds you that you are not our first roommate. When you came, the Antarctic fairy did not tell you?"

"What?" I stunned.

"The first roommate was a descendant of the celestial official. When I came up, I played Qingxia. After that, I was scrapped of my legs. It took about ten years to get out of bed. The second roommate was a god reserve, and I touched it in the middle of the night. Lou said that I want to fight with the landlord, I was seriously injured, and now I should drop out of school." Xiao Loli said with a finger. "You, mortal, it is best to swear."

My scalp was numb, and the sergeant was not a sergeant. I suddenly thought of the strange expression of the Antarctic fairy, and suddenly understood what it was. "Big sister, don't worry, I am honest."

Yang Xiaoer took a look at Liu Shuang. "He is still a mortal, don't scare him, come, Luo Xuan, I will take you to your bed. Although there are two rooms downstairs, the room was put on by Liu Shuangjie, so you have to live with me. ""

Liu Shuang squatted on the sofa and began to change channels to watch TV. "If you don't come, I will also use it for your bed."

"Wow, this little Lolly, what kind of situation, such a person is like this, it is really magical creation!" I secretly said, and then followed Yang Xiaoer into the room.

In the middle of this, I and Yang Xiaoji began to clean up my bed. "Hey, what about the Liushuang, how do you feel that everyone is afraid of her."

Yang Xiaoji smiled. "No, the two sisters are very good, that is, the character is domineering."

"This is just a domineering, it is a tigress!" I said.

Yang Xiao Er, the boss of the pupil of the moment, rushed to cover my mouth. "Big brothers, this can not be said indiscriminately, waiting for a stroke of thunder and fire, you may not be used to the Huaxia University, and go directly to the Huangquan Technical School!"

I nodded and motioned that he could let me go.

Yang Xiao Er Chang breathed a sigh of relief. "Shuangjie is a fox demon who has been in the past three hundred years. It has the deepest skill in our bedroom. You can't escape his ears in these broken thoughts."

"Fox demon????"

Lying in the trough! This is really genuine, such as a fake fox demon!

"God, it’s a real fox demon! I actually saw the real fox demon!" I was excited. Just then, a voice came from my ear. "Yeah, do you want to go upstairs and have a signature?"

Eh? Where did this sound come from? I turned around and looked for it, but I didn't find Liu Shuang's figure.

Yang Xiaoji smiled. "Don't look for it. This is a secret. When you come here to study for a while, you will learn."

Rely on, is it a spell, bullying Laozi did not enter school?

Yang Xiaoer helped to pack up the luggage and the bed. "Well, tomorrow, you will go with me to report. Then I usually have a class with me. In our school, what class is chosen is my own freedom. Every year, I have a mana. Level test, only grade 7 can graduate."

"So, is it not a matter of years to study here?" I was amazed.

"Right. If you are fast, you may graduate within ten years. If you are slow, you will." Yang Xiaoji hesitated. "There are also four or fifty years old."

"I am going to... so potty, then I can't finish the business, isn't it a bloody?" I was afraid.

"Haha will not, in general, a certain number of years must graduate. It is impossible to complete the business, you can still drop out of school." Yang Xiao Eryi said seriously.

Wow, I am very comforted. After studying for more than ten years, I will drop out of school. My youth is really not wasted.

I instantly felt that it would be better to go to the 985 mixed diploma. After all, the impact that this Huaxia University has brought to me is too great.

"That Yang Ge, what is the level now?" I asked quietly.

He smiled heartily. "I am different from you. I belong to the Tianshen reserve, so the speed of cultivation is naturally faster, and it has reached level 4."

I rely on, from one year to four, people are more popular than people, goods are worth throwing!

When I hadn’t had time, I suddenly asked. "What is the Tianshen Reserve?"

Yang Xiaoji saw my incomprehensibility, he explained patiently. "There are about four people in our school. The first type is the most. It is the descendant of the gods. Most of them are children of the gods. They are sent to Huaxia University for training, such as Qingxia. The second is the demon, just like the double sister. The double sister is already a six-tailed fox demon. It has been converted to level 7 and is still able to stay in the campus."

"There is another kind, the number is relatively small, called the gods reserve. In simple terms, I am a mortal like you, but I am the heir to the gods, because the gods will also die and die, retired or something, but their The positions are also replaced by others. These mortals are called the Tianshen Reserve. In school, they will slowly pass the cultivation period and the growth period. After the completion of the work, they can change hands with the gods and inherit the position of the gods."

"My God, isn't this the equivalent of the graduation package?" I admire.

"Oh, probably, that's what it means?" he scratched his head.

"The last category, the least number, is your mortal." He looked at me. "Otherwise, we are so surprised to see you, we must know that mortals are in ours, there is no one, unless the qualifications are particularly good, they will be attracted to this university, so you don't have to worry about not being able to do business, maybe, Is graduation faster than me?"

"The trough, me? Just me? The qualification is particularly good?" I was shocked. which aspect? Is the value of sex or sexual ability?

"Oh, yes, who is the god of Yang, who you inherited?" I asked.

Yang Xiaoji said with embarrassment. "I, I only inherit one true king. If you say it, you may know that he is Yang Lan, Erlang Zhenjun."


Instant petrification.

I never imagined that my roommate, this 180-strong man, the rich and powerful man and animal, is inherited the legendary invincible god of the gods!

"Oh my God! Is there anything wrong!" I hugged his thigh in an instant, this is the legendary thigh!

"Then I can find Erlang God to sign in the future?" I thought about it, not right, maybe this roommate is Erlang afterwards, is it better to find him directly?

Yang Xiaoji smiled embarrassedly. "Well, but I haven't asked you yet. I have to have a mentor here. Like my mentor is Yang Lan, Luo Xuan, who is your mentor?"

I scratched my head. "My professor?"

I instantly remembered the faceless giant in my dreams. It seems to be my home...

"Oh, my tutor seems to be called ... torture day?"

This time it was Yang Xiao's turn to petrify.

I really want to hear the sound of falling objects on the second floor.

Liu double, who was eavesdropping on the second floor, took a cold breath.

"It turned out to be a punishment day... even if the punishment day turned out, would you even accept a disciple?"


"One person, I am drunk! Drunk, the beautiful pair is paired!"

"Axi, this is the ghost alarm clock!" I woke up in my sleep, and then I had not had time to stretch, and I was thrown to the ground by Yang Xiaoer.

What is the situation with mom? Is it the next horse to sleep?

"I am embarrassed, I thought I was a sleeper? I will change it later, then I will change it." Yang Xiaoji said with a little sorry, and then began to wear clothes.

Hey, under the fence, this is the reserve of Yang Lan Yang Shaobao, I will bear you!

"Do you want to get up so early every day? It’s only 6 o'clock in the morning." I asked with a sleepy eye.

"No, there are morning classes today, and as a freshman, you have to go to the Yuqing Temple to do a small test." Yang Xiaoji urged me. "Hurry up, or grab the front row!"

Hey, and the difficulty of being a roommate.

"That, the two big sisters upstairs don't have to get up?"

"When you practice to the sixth level, you can do whatever you want."

"Oh, yes, is this test the test that the Antarctic fairy said?"

"Yes, mortals come to school to conduct a test." Yang Xiao Erdao. "It's similar to your new life checkup?"

"No! You are afraid of infection in the fairyland?"

"Oh, I don't understand what you explain. You can understand that it is impossible to carry out the cultivation of the Dragon Elephant Lock."

Dragon elephant lock? Didn’t Master Jie Jie solve it for me? However, watching Yang Xiaoer rushing to wash, I did not ask more, and hurried out with him.

After I washed up with Yang Xiaoer, I went to the door of the dormitory and saw the palace outside the mighty. I looked at Yang Shaobao. "Little brother, how do we go to the Yuqing Hall."

Yang Shaobao smiled. "The temple palace you see now is the first day of Huaxia University. There are 36 heavens in the heavens. People say that the Jade Emperor is at the top of the 36th Heaven, and the space we are in is called the new In Xianjie, there is only three heavens in the new fairyland. The temple loft you see now is the first heaven. It is usually a place for students to live in the student dormitory, canteen, pub, etc. The second day is the teaching hall. If you want to go to class, if you want to go to class, It is necessary to climb to the second heaven, the second heaven is mainly the place where the teacher lives, the place where the teaching office is, etc. Today, we are going to the third heaven, which is mainly some public facilities, teachers and students. Can be used."

"Then, how are we going to heaven?" I seem to understand him without knowing it. "taxi?"

Yang Shaobao smiled smugly, only to see his meditation, and began to smog in front of him, and finally formed a cloud similar to the size of a single bed.

"Get on the cloud, or you can't get it."

My eyes are big. "I rely on, so embarrassed, go to school with a cloud?" I looked at this group of clouds like cotton candy. "This, I won't fall when I go up!"

Yang Xiaoer took me directly to the clouds. I was unstable. I fell on the clouds and touched it. It was soft and quite elastic. It was a bit like a trampoline played by a child.

"This cloud is also your spell?"

Yang Xiao nodded twice. "This is the glory of the clouds, you will know in the future, and you can buy a cloud in the Treasure Pavilion, but the price is not cheap."

Yang Xiaoji snorted and the clouds came up and flew straight up. I no longer say anything, silently admiring the scenery above the clouds.

"Hey? What are the people doing?"

I looked far away, I saw two young people in Chinese costumes whispering something around a person, and the man who was surrounded was unassuming, did not dare to resist, and then took something out of his pocket. Handed over to two young Chinese costumes.

"Oh, that's a member of the student union." Yang Xiaoji said with some disdain. "They are responsible for the order work of Huaxia University, and you will know later."

At about the time when Yu Yun had a fragrant incense, we finally came to a magnificent grand hall. This hall was solemn and solemn, and there were three characters on the plaque. "Yu Qing Temple." At the entrance of the Yuqing Hall, there are two guards of heavenly soldiers, and the end is extremely solemn.

But then I saw a few small banners under the Yuqing Palace.

“One of the top ten units in the world of 2017”, “First Prize for Sanitary Cleaning Work Evaluation”, “Top Ten Enterprise Units in Heaven”, “Oriental World Excellent Health Products Enterprise”, and other banners such as “Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation in Shihua, Miraculous Medicine” Pennant.

"What's the matter with this." I have a black line.

"Yu Qing Dian is actually like a health palace in your world, a hospital, a student is injured, and you will be sent to the hospital for treatment." Yang Xiao Er said softly. "Oh yes, these ratings are very common in the New Immortals. Even our bedroom is one of the top ten bedrooms in Huaxia University."

"Let's our bedroom?" I groaned, thinking of the clothes that Liu Shuangrushan usually stacked. "Are we still top ten? What about the other bedrooms?"

"Hey, the student union will check the people, whoever wants to give high scores, Liu Shuang up is a treasure of the sky. How can anyone not give high scores."

"Violent women, violent women." I shook my head and sighed.

At this time the guard at the door opened.

"What are you waiting for in the Yuqing Hall?"

"With a new qualification test."

"Bring it in!"

There was a thick voice inside, and Yang Xiaoji took a fist back. Then signal me to go in.

"Luo Xuan, you are advanced, I am waiting for you here, very soon, no pain," Yang Xiao Er looked at me, shouted.

"Wait a minute, what do you mean by not hurting? How do I feel that your heavens are weird and full of py transactions everywhere."

I shuddered and then entered the Yuqing Hall.

Under the guidance of Tianbing, I entered the Health Hall, ah, not Yuqing Hall.

There are some flowers and plants around, as well as strange animals. In short, I can't name them. After a few minutes, I finally stayed in front of a big boiler. This big boiler is very big, almost two of me. High, several dragon patterns were engraved on this large boiler. The whole boiler was green and the material looked like bronze.

Just as I watched the boiler, an old man with white flowers appeared. He looked at me and smiled. "Little friends, let's meet again."

I suddenly opened my eyes. "Hey, you are not the driver who sent me to the university! You are called **Xian Weng!"

The best of the Antarctic fairy is also blushing.

"Antarctic, not a ******. Ok, are you coming to give me a medical examination?" I looked at him. "Old gentleman, you believe me, I really don't carry any hepatitis A and H1N1 AIDS epidemic, you let me go!"

Antarctic fairy smiled. "Small friends say this, this medical examination is not to detect your physical condition, but to measure your [qualification value]"

He led me to the side of the big boiler. "This is the moon furnace, and you will enter the furnace. There are seven faucets on the outside. The higher your qualifications, the more the faucet will be lit up."

"I am going, you have to go inside this big boiler? Areukiddingme?"


I went, the Antarctic fairy will speak English, which really shocked me.

Antarctic fairy said. "In fact, it is very simple. You enter the furnace. After a few seconds, the test is completed."

"Old gentleman, your awkward onomatopoeia is not very good." I thought about it. "Hey, anyway, for a few seconds, then I will enter this big boiler to play." But when I was about to step into the boiler, the Antarctic Xian Wen suddenly stopped me.

"Little friends, you have to take off your clothes."

Look at it! Look at it! What am I saying! What am I saying!

"It’s not good to undress." I smiled awkwardly. "That, old gentleman, I am still a little virgin, just a little embarrassed, or do you want to avoid it first?"

"No! I have to check it out personally here. I have said it for a few seconds." The Antarctic fairy is aggrieved.

At this time, I suddenly thought about what Yang Xiaoji said to me. "It's okay, it doesn't hurt." I was so scared that my scalp was numb.

"Uncle, I really can't take it off."

"Take it off, very fast."

"Don't go, my first time, it's not good."

"Hurry off, don't delay the time, the new students have to come once."

"No, no, no."

"Is it true?"

"Not off!"

"Go to your uncle! Give your face a face! Don't take it off!" I saw that the Antarctic fairy was finally evil to the gallbladder. He waved his hand and I only felt a giant force to bring me to the air. Then he waved a few times at random, and my clothes fell off one layer to the side of the big boiler.

"Go in!" he screamed.

"Aunt, babe is not guaranteed this evening!" I said with tears, only a huge wave in the big boiler came in the moment, washed my body.

"Hey? It's really comfortable... oh no, how can I have this idea?"

Just as I was thinking about it in the boiler, the outer Antarctic fairy was a different expression.

Because he clearly saw that the 偃月法鼎炉, Qi brushed up the seven faucets!


The seven faucets only lit up for a moment and immediately returned to calm. Just like nothing happened.

"Strange..." Antarctic fairy wrinkled his face, and he patted the blue faucet. "Is it the faucet and the little temper? How come it is gone in an instant, strange..."

"Hey comrades, can I come out?" I called the martyr in the big boiler. The heat of the enthusiasm swept my body, like steaming in the steaming room.

The Antarctic Xian Weng shook his head and seemed to be unable to understand the abnormal behavior of today's Shen Ding. "But it. It is reasonable to say that the criminal day has already solved the dragon elephant lock for this kid. How can he not measure his potential value? Let’s talk about this issue again when the old man and the old gentleman play mahjong."

"Hey!" He meditated on the law, then waved his finger. The lid of the big boiler slowly opened and I climbed out of the stove like a coal miner. "Okay. Pack and go to class."

"Old comrade, you can't kill it. I used to take off my clothes and get so diligent. When I get dressed, I have to do it myself?"

"Or, will you go to the gods to steam and steam?"

My body trembled. "Wear! Wear it right away! I like this person to wear clothes!..."

I walked out of the Yuqing Hall a little bit, and I saw Yang Xiaoji waiting at the entrance of the main hall.

"how about it?"

"What? What about the sauna? The temperature is better," I replied.

"What sauna room... I asked you, how many faucets did you shine?" Yang Xiaoji was curious,

“Front? What faucet? Faucet?” I questioned. "I didn't see a faucet, how can I take a bath in addition to being able to steam?"

"Hey, forget it, play the piano on the cows... Let's go, don't catch up with the teacher of Jiangzi's teeth!" Yang Xiaoer speeded up the speed of the clouds.

"Okay, go to class.... Hey? Are you waiting? You say who the teacher is? Ginger teeth??"

The teaching hall is in the double heaven, according to Yang Xiaoer, at least a dozen teaching halls in the double heaven, it is easy to get lost when I first came, let me follow him closely. He came to the border of the Three Heavens, waved his hand, and opened a door slowly, which was the entrance to the next enchantment.

"Now you have just come to Huaxia University. You have to ask for the basic course of Manxian Studies first. As for your spell classes, they are taught by the tutor himself." Yang Xiaoji explained. "Although I am not sure, when will the criminal day come to teach you."

I looked at Yang Xiao's strange expression. "What do you mean?"

"The meaning is that we all know this person in the new fairy world, but no one has seen it." Yang Xiao Erzheng. "According to the truth, even if you are a big player, as long as it is a college person, we will always meet in three days, but this person, don't say me, even Liu Double has never seen it, has always been a mysterious figure in the college."

"Probably he looks a bit strange, it is quite scary to talk with the belly button every day." I vomited maliciously.

After chatting for a while, I finally came to the teaching hall. The teaching hall is five stories high and is extremely luxuriously decorated. The Yuzhu Yingmen, the dragon and the phoenix, the seven-color brilliance reflects the golden rubble, a bright scene.

Entering the main hall, I saw two young people wearing robes standing at the door of the room, seeing us, bending slightly.

"Oh... this is the Taoist boy of Jiang Ziya, who is usually responsible for waiting outside." Yang Xiao Er explained to me.

Entering the room, I saw a white-haired old man in an empty hall. He wore white clothes, white beard, white eyebrows, and looked a little like Gandalf. Seeing me, the smile is particularly splendid.

I found that the old people in this godland are all the same, and they all make a goose bump.

"Teacher, this is..."

"Jun Luo Xuan, from the mortal." Jiang Ziya confidently touched the beard.

"Great, what do you figure out?" I was astonished.

"Nothing, no, it's written on the list."


In this way, I listened to more than two hours of classes in the morning, until 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the teacher of Jiang Ziya announced the class, and there were three people who had not slept in the class at this time.

Yang Xiaoer, Zhao Xiaoming and Zhong Xiaodan.

I? I must have slept well.

In fact, I was very excited before class.

Because I know that I am likely to get rid of my 18-year Muggle career, learn spells, save the world, welcome white beauty, and reach the peak of life!

I will see who is not pleasing to the eye of an Avadaso! Ah, no, a fireball! It seems that it is not quite right. In short, it is a q skill to see who is second!

But I didn't think that the first sentence of the ginger tooth of the sacred bones was.

"Come on, let's continue to talk about Zhou Yi's divination."

I rely on, is it a teaching fortune telling?

Well, what we have learned before is Marxist philosophy, atheist and materialism. If you come up today, teach me to count, don’t you teach me to watch the feng shui look at the face and face the marriage?

"A good class, Jiang teacher is very accurate. And you have chosen this course, there will be an exam." Yang Xiaoji reminded.

"Okay, now we are talking about 艮卦. This 艮卦... 哎 is the focus on this side, draw horizontal lines, easy to test multiple choices... and then Kun 卦... Finally, we leave a homework Your emotional life, form a paper, sent to my mailbox on Tuesday. Ok, class!"

Finally, I insisted on the last one. Of course, I had a small roommate, Yang Xiaoer, and Yang Xiaoer’s Xueba friends, Zhong Xiaodan and Zhao Xiaoming.

"Hey, wake up, wake up at noon, go to dinner." Yang Xiao Er woke me up, this clock has been boldly left alone, leaving only a big fat face Zhao Xiaoming.

Zhao Xiaoming is not tall, slightly fat, and his face is round, but it looks very kind. He shook hands with me. "It’s awkward, this is a guest from all over the world. Have a meal at the Jiuxian Building at noon today?"

"Wine Immortal House? Is it a restaurant?" When I mentioned it, I suddenly came to the appetite.

“It’s not only the restaurant, but also the most expensive and luxurious restaurant in Huaxia University. It’s the food god.”

"So great? But forget it, I can't afford to eat. I count my living expenses, 1000 yuan a month, or order a takeaway!"

Yang Xiao Er smiled at me. "Today, not only you go, Xiao Ming and the two big sisters in the dormitory go together, it is for you to take the wind and wash the dust! You don't have to pay for it! Besides, how can you be more expensive?" Yang Xiaoji also looked at me with some kindness. This little fat man Zhao Xiaoming.

Zhao Xiaoming also smiled helplessly. "Yeah, if it is a question of money, it is really not a problem."

Yo? Is there a rich second generation in the gods?

Zhao Xiaoming's helpless way. "I am also a Tianshen reserve. The god that I inherited is called Zhao Gongming. He also has a nickname, called the God of Wealth..." Zhao Xiaoming had not finished talking, and he heard a loud noise.

He looked at me on the ground. "Luo Xuanxiong, what is this?"

"Xiao Mingxiong. Are you short of your son? Is that kind of thing that doesn't do the right thing?" I said with a look of truth, sorry, please insult me ​​with money!

At noon, I arrived at Jiuxianlou and found that Qingxia and Liushuang had booked a luxury bag.

I can only say that it is very luxurious.

It is about 100 degrees square meters, completely large single room, there are mountains and water in the room, accompanied by silk bamboo, paintings and paintings, the patina ancient style makes people feel clean and elegant, and the luxury big bag also has its own name. "Light chrysanthemum". Ah, the name of the more beautiful and more elegant, just when I even wanted to express my feelings, I heard a female voice in the house.

"Come, give the aging mother two big waists, and then make a whole trip to Qingdao!"

Ah, this violent woman who undermines the mood.

Sure enough, I saw Liu double feet on the table, next to her, Qingxia was sitting on the side. Zhao Xiaoming led us to take a seat, and then began a simple greeting.

"Yes, mortal, the head is not small. When I first came to the school, no one gave me the wine. I told you that the food here is quite delicious!" Liu double patted my shoulder. Said to me.

"so what? You are not a big waist?"

"Oh, it’s not a big waist, it’s a dragon waist!"

"I am going? Is it so embarrassing, really fake?" I was surprised.

"Of course it is a fake. The dragon is a kind of beast. It is inedible. It is the ordinary sheep's waist."

"Cut, I know, you are still so vulgar..."

"Heaven, thunder, fox, fire" Liu Shuang said casually.

"You still use it like this... the slang can't describe the beauty. It's cute, fresh and refined!"

"Ha ha ha, your bedroom relationship is really harmonious." Zhao Xiaoming laughed.


"Hey, how are you doing today? You came to the first day of Huaxia University." Liu double looked at me with a joke.

"It's very good. I accepted a day of feudal superstition." I said righteously. "But I have never experienced the education of Marxism."

"Less come." Liu Shuang dad gave me a slap. "We can't live very well today." She looked at Qingxia around her, Qingxia licked her mouth, and nodded her head.

"Is it not good? Isn't the student union's forgetful son come to play Qingxia again?" Yang Xiaoer tempted a question.

Teasing? Qingxia?

How do I want to take a knife and hack people with my hands?

"I rely! Tuning Qingxia? Who?" I asked. "Hey, didn't you give him a Thunderfire?"

"No, our Qingxia has sent him the 101st good card. This damage is far more than my Tianleihuhuo." Side said, Liu double stuffed a chicken leg into his mouth.

"In recent years, this group of students in the student union has become more and more mad." Zhao Xiaoming sighed.

"What is the institution of the student union?" I ate the waist of the sheep. "In my impression, is the student union not a errand for the teacher?"

Yang Xiaoer introduced. “Student Association, also known as the Student Management Committee. Because the Buddha of Heaven is busy in the weekdays, there is no time to manage this university between the heavens and the central area of ​​the human world. Therefore, we have to set up a management institution for student autonomy. Safety and living."

"Wow, isn't that the equivalent of the teaching director and the teaching director of our school?" I was amazed.

"Also added the Chief of Security, the length of the dormitory and the head of the canteen." Zhao Xiaoming interface.

"In recent years, the management of the Student Union has become more and more fascinating. On the one hand, they have passed the seven-level test, and their combat power is far superior to that of ordinary students. Even if we have grievances, we have not sent them. On the other hand, the gods are indulgent and unmanaged. Let the members of the student unions make a fortune. This forgetful son is one of the five presidents of the student union."

I waved my hand and stopped the shoulders of Qingxia. "Come, Qingxia, you can rest assured, I will protect you!"


Liu Shuang came up and gave me to the ground. "Take your pig's hooves away, don't take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of it. The one that needs the most protection is you. People's Qingxia is a five-level student. Can you use it?"

I touched the painful ass. "If there are outsiders, can't you give me some face?"

The whole table was a sneer.


“Is there a knock on the door?”

"Don't open it. If you smell this smell, you know that it is the scum male who forgets the son." Liu double said faintly.

"Do you know this? You will see?" I was taken aback.

I feel that since I entered this university full of gods, I went to a college math class in a kindergarten class. I can be surprised for a few days.

"It is the powder of the forgetful son." Zhao Xiaoming sighed. He didn't say that he invited me. He saw a white young man pushing in the door, forgetting that the son was full of oil, accompanied by a small sword at the waist, holding a treasure fan, and walked up to the table with a happy face. There are two small followers behind him. The two small followers are also a look of arrogance, and they are following the unforgettable son.

"Ha ha ha, Qing Xia girl, we really have a fate, then meet again, hahaha."

This forgetful son is really a forgetful son... This smile is really magical.

"Shut up, I don't welcome you here." Liu double did not give a good look.

"Hey little fox, how can you have your own things." Forget the yin and yang sullen smile. "You said that you are farther away from Qingxia. I am staying at Qingxia. I have not made a marriage."

"Indulge your uncle. Scrape the two or two oils on your face, don't blow the wind to my side, and grind me." I licked the pig's elbow while damaging the forgetful son.

Forget the son's face brush is white, and the small follower next to him immediately understands the spirit. "Fart, how many oils do you have on the face of my son?"


The face of the forgetful son is whiter.

"Ah no, I mean, how can there be wind in this building?" The small follower was most afraid of the sudden silence of the air, suddenly changed his mouth and found the world quieter.

Forget the worried son is holding the big white face. "Kid, you are so bold!"

Then, he rushed to me and took a palm to my chest. I still have half a pig's elbow in my hand, completely avoiding it. But Yang Xiao Er Yang Erlang, who is around me, is not vegetarian. He shouted carefully. Then take the palm to save.

Only one palm, I and Yang Xiaoer both flew out from the stool.

I slowly got up and looked at Yang Xiaoer, who fell to the ground. "I said the big brother, aren't you a reserve of Yang Lan? This combat power is not good, and you will be beaten by one hand!"

Yang Xiao Er gave me a look and then got up. "Don't look at him as a scum male, and he has already reached the level of the immortal."

“Just immortal? What level is it? Is it higher than level 7?”

In this case, Yang Xiaoer actually calculated the situation seriously. Then tell me seriously. "It probably has to be converted to level 10."

Qingxia ran to me and supported me. "Luo Xuan, are you okay? Is there any injury?"

"Ah! I hurt very much!" I took the opportunity to go to Qingxia's arms. Feel the warmth of Qingxia breasts. "No, nevertheless, I want to protect you! Because this is a man's inheritance..."

"Take your uncle." Liu Shuang and another kicked me out of Qingxia's gentle township. Then I looked at the face of "What is the old lady who wants you to hit me?" I figured out the fighting power. "Forget it, the enemy is currently, labor and life tolerate you!"

"You, dare, account, Qingxia's cheap?!" Forget the son clearly saw the scene just now. He screamed and ran to me again.

"Not good!" Yang Xiaoer and Zhao Xiaoming have shot, but it is clear that the two four-level masters were only shot at the ground. Liu Shuangfei was in front of him. "Forget your worries! Don't take a chance! Here is the wine building! Don't forget the school rules!"

At this time, Liu Shuang has already placed the posture of the thunder and fox fire. After Liu Shuang finished speaking, the body shape of the forgetful son was really stagnation, and then he jerked back and saw Yang Xiaoer meditation. In the next second, he pulled out a shiny steel gun from the air.

"Three-pointed and two-edged gods?" Forgot the shock. "You used to be Yang Xiaoer?"

I went to your uncle, did you come in and did not see it? Or is there only Qingxia in your eyes, directly neglecting our group?

"Don't go. I promise you can't go." This is the first time I saw Yang Xiaoer's domineering. He held the Shenfeng, played a flower gun, and then pointed to the face of the forgetful son.

"Oh, yes, the original Erlang Zhenjun passed the instrument to you. But it is also full of words to say that you want to stay with me."

"Not a big talk." Zhao Xiaoming also climbed up seriously. Then a serious saying. "If you don't leave now, I promise that in the future your students will engage in activities and I will not sponsor them anymore."

"I rely on, Zhao Xiaoming? Oh, Ming Ge, don't be angry." Forget the son's expression of a pair of wtf, and then just see the unforgettable son just ran to Zhao Xiaoming's side.

"Not going yet... or I will not really sponsor it later." Zhao Xiaoming said with a hard face.

"Go! Go! Immediately. This time counts me, next time I come to invite you to dinner." Forget the son lost a smile, then he stared at me and glanced. I saw a voice in my heart.

"Kid, let's wait."

Mom’s voice is also secret, and I have the ability to tell me with a big horn!

Then I didn't think that forgetting the son would be like a farce.

"You are all right." Liu Shuang looked at everyone and finally looked at me. "I know, you must be fine."

"No, no, I am especially big." I fell down in the arms of Qingxia.

"Tianlei, foxfire, anyway, the posture has just been put, just let it out."


After returning to the dormitory, Yang Xiaoer went out to wash, as long as I looked at the roof and did not speak.

As a mortal, coming here feels that the gap is really too far.

This feeling of inferiority, the sense of difference, is that I have never felt it wherever I went.

I used to think that Yang Xiaoer was the limit of cultivation, but now I saw Liu Shuang and Qing Xia. I saw the forgetful son. I know that I am not as good as the frog at the bottom of the well. Is it the next time you are in danger, will you still want to protect me?

no, do not want!
I want to be stronger! I want to be stronger!

A person suddenly appeared in my mind.

"Yes, I will go to the prison tomorrow! He is not my mentor? Let him teach me to become stronger!"


The next day, I went straight to the teaching office of Huaxia University early in the morning and went to a small, broken building in accordance with the instructions given to me by Yang Xiaoer.

"Wow, this is the teaching office of Huaxia University. Is it that they don't like learning how to get worn out like this?" I secretly spit. There are no stone lions and no guards at the door. It is just a small single room. It is similar to a traditional office layout. It is seeing a middle-aged man lying on a chair and screaming and screaming.

"Hey, hello, grandpa wake up, wake up!"

"Axi!" The middle-aged man seems to be very disgusted with someone disturbing his dreams. He slowly opened his eyes and licked me, it seemed to be a little spiritual. "Hey, mortal? Why, drop out."

"Hey can't because you are a god, there is no clerk's attitude, good cut?" I grinned. "You said that I have been in school for a few days, and even my own tutor can't find it. This can't be said."

"How do you want to take classes? The elective system can now be selected in the Internet. Nothing to bother me to sleep." The middle-aged Hu Yu man was going to sleep, but I was forced to pick it up.

"Hey! I have watched the course selection system! There is no class for my tutor!" I yelled. What do you think of students like me who are so motivated? "You look up, what is the name of my mentor? You look at where he recently attended class?"

Hu Yan’s eyelids jumped. Then I carefully looked at me in a circle. "You turned out to be a student of the criminal day. It’s no wonder that there is no class."

"how do I say this?"

"Oh, let's just say it. Generally, I teach the gods. I will live in the school or in my own fairy house, so I usually find them. But there are some gods, it’s awkward, I want to come to class, come to class, we don’t come to class. You can't manage it. Just like some very awkward professors in your university, you can't find it."

"I rely on? Then how do I learn, you are not reasonable." I was shocked. So, can't I learn spells? You said that the good end to give me a mentor, the loss is still my home.

Hu Yunan looked at me and shrugged. "There is no way to do it, you have to wait for him to come to you. But you unlocked the dragon elephant lock, cultivation should be no problem." Hu Yunan touched Hu Wei. "But the punishment day is indeed accountable to you, this mortal, you wait for me to find Kazakhstan."

Then Hu Xiong waved his hand and entered a different dimension space, then poured a piece of jade in his hand.

"Go, this is what the criminal professor left for you. The criminal professor also yells at me. If you don't know what you don't know, you won't understand it. If you can't do it, you will come to me, I will Can help you."

"According to this old boy is affectionate and righteous, do you know that I refused the well-known domestic 985." I did not see this jade. Rely on, if you can't learn the spell, you will sell the jade, at least it is worth hundreds of thousands...

When I walked to the door, I reacted and looked at Hu Xiaonan. "Hey brother, what is your name? How to find you later."

Hu Yunan scratched his head. "You can rest assured that I spend most of my time in this teaching office. My name is very good."

"My name is Lu Dongbin."

"Why are you taking my ankles?" Lu Dongbin asked inexplicably.

"I look at where the dog gave you the bite?"

I ran back home all the way, I saw that there was no one in the room, Yang Xiaoji, they all went to class, and I took out the jade that was given to me from my arms. I saw dozens of words engraved on it.

"Wow, is it a martial arts cheat??"

"I look at it... I want to practice this work, I must first!" I was scared, my God, it would not be a sunflower book! Do you still want me to break the male root! I am still a little virgin! Then I continue to look down. "……concentrate."

"If you want to practice this work, you must concentrate on it."

I am going to your grandmother. Who is scared?

I licked my mouth and continued reading. It was discovered that this jade was actually a slogan.

[When the gas is swallowed, the swallowing is stored, the storage is stretched, the extension is below, the lower is fixed, the fixed is fixed, the solid is sprouting, the sprout is long, the long is complex, and the complex is heaven.

The full text reads: "When the gas is deep, the deep is stored, the storage is extended, the extension is below, the lower is fixed, the fixed is solid, the solid is sprouting, the sprout is long, the long is retreating, the retreat is the day. The day is on; the ground舂 舂 。 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Stretching down is fixed and solid; then exhaling, such as the sprout of vegetation, going up, contrary to the path of the deepening and retreating, retreat to the top. So the sky moves upwards, the ground moves downwards. If you do, you will die. This article describes the whole process of internal gas operation when practicing Qigong. The system is quite complete. Some qigong scholars believe that this inscription mainly describes the practice of Xiao Zhou Tiangong and the precautions when doing work.

Don't doubt, I do use Baidu from the campus LAN.

I can't wait to sit cross-legged. Since it is a law of luck, then I have no luck with luck. I am eager to learn the appearance of the TV series, Dan Tian, ​​while meditation in the heart of the law, followed by the law of the righteousness to transport Dan Tian, ​​and soon, I feel that my belly has a hot breath, in my chest and abdomen Jumping up and down, this breath is very hot, only a few minutes, my upper body began to sweat.

"I shouldn't be mad at me. Is it so clever?" There was a glimpse of distracting thoughts in my mind. In a moment, this hot breath immediately rushed into my mind. I screamed and only felt that there was a back. The stock is cool.

"Mute your luck, don't be distracted!"

"Who am I dependent on?"

"Let you not have a miserable life! Don't you die?" The person behind seems to be unwilling to swear again.

I had to narrow my brain hole and take it seriously. This coolness lasted for a whole long time and then slowly dispersed. When I woke up, my mountain half-length clothes had been soaked in sweat.

"Cultivating immortals is still dangerous... but I don't know who the high man is. If you let me know, I must ask him for a pancake fruit."

I slowly got up and was preparing to write the homework left by the teacher of Jiang Ziya, but I heard the loud slamming of the door.


Open the door, I saw a small white face with a stinky fan standing in front of me, followed by two small followers. I have seen this little white face of the stinky fare, what is called the online game son, in short, the Internet addiction is very big.

"Ah, are you the online game boy? Why, come here online?" I smiled and greeted.

The forgetful son snorted and his little follow-up crossed the front of the forgetful son. "Hey, we have a good business, but have you seen any uninvited guests recently?"

I looked at the little smug look of the small class, and said dumbly. "Have."

"Oh?" Forget the worries of the son. "Quickly say, where?"

When I was about to speak, I suddenly felt a sound coming into my ear. "Don't be brother, don't tell them, I don't have any malicious!"

"I rely!"

I am greatly embarrassed in my heart!

The principle is really in my room!

In fact, I just wanted to say that I wanted to say that these uninvited guests just forgot their sons, but they did not expect to swindle the real visitors!

I forgot the worried son and looked at me with different expressions. I couldn’t help but walk a step. "Say, where are you talking about the uninvited guest?"

The sound passed into my ear again, sounding like a cute boy. "Don't tell his brother, I just saved you from the fire and I have saved you! You can't be ungrateful!"

what! It turned out to be the tall man! No matter what, I didn't want to give these people a good look.

"I said, you are." I said innocently.

"What?" Forget the son of a brow.

"Yeah, don't go to class during the day, you are not an uninvited guest, who is it?" I spread my hand.


A small follower obviously has no way to endure me. He stepped forward and hit the palm of my hand. I forgot the son to know that I was just trying to block the body, but the younger brother was too close and too close. stop.

I saw this in the palm of my hand, and I didn’t even think about it. I had to greet him with a palm.

"Hey." The two palms are opposite. I have taken a few steps back to stabilize my body shape. I just wanted to see the swearing swearing, but I saw it...

The little brother was beaten by me? ? ? ?

The younger brother was actually beaten out by me, squatting on the ground and vomiting blood.

I rely on?

I rely on!

I am so strong now? Invincible? I didn't dare to look at my hands and what was the situation. Is it the best thing to give me the magical artifacts, how can I improve so quickly?

The forgetful son is obviously shocked. Although his classmate of the student council is not high, only level 2, but it is far from being a mortal who has just entered school for a few days.

"What sorcerer did you cultivate? Actually hurt my younger brother? You don't know if you want to see the owner when you are a dog?"

I only want to ask for the shadow area of ​​my younger brother... I want to see the owner...

But I didn't have time to think about it. I only saw the forgetful son coming to me. At this time, my self-confidence was surprisingly inflated. If I want to force me to retreat from his younger brother, then I have to be able to resist the evil and resist it. Come! dry! Don't stop me! I hurriedly greeted me, but I saw the shape of my worries passing by me, and in a moment I flew out and fell to the ground.

"Don't be self-sufficient! Say! You have at least 2 levels of skill now. Who is the one who teaches you the evil?" The unforgettable son came to me and grabbed my collar. "Don't say, I will make you look good!"

"Axi... It’s still being killed by people. If you are a man, you still have to be down to earth..." I said while vomiting blood. Yeah, I have to know that Yang Xiaoer and Zhao Xiaoming are not his opponents. I am going to install garlic.

"Oh, my kung fu is a sacred religion, ... have the ability, you have the ability to find him!"

I was shocked by the forgetful son. I reacted instantly to the disciples of the criminal day. I want to know that the criminal day is one of the most powerful instructors at Huaxia University. I have never heard of any students he has received for so many years...

"Don't talk nonsense, how can a criminal professor teach you?" Unforgettable bite.

"Isn't you convinced? Don't be convinced, let's go find him. Ask, ah, you are so bullish, come to the Academic Affairs Office to find someone, don't be embarrassed."

Forget the worry and let go. "I don't have time to talk with you. Say, have you seen anyone!"

"I have said don't leave, wait for Yang Xiaoer, they come back from school, see me hurt like this, you can't go!"

I rely on, quite a kind, the pupils who leave school to leave are not only a sense of sight! But no way! Skills are better than people have to call the younger brother!

Forgetting the worried son obviously didn't want to delay the time with me. He waved his hand and left with the younger brother.

I wiped the blood from my mouth. "Hey, Supreme, should you show up? If you want to cut me now, I will recognize it."

At this time, a figure slowly emerged, the original so-called high man, is a super cute little! positive! too!

This little is too 130cm high, the face is round, red, and the head shape of a watermelon Taro, as if coming out of the second yuan, I never imagined that I had just guided me out of danger. Is it a child like a primary school student? ?

"Children, are you lost? Your parents? Is there a police station in Huaxia University, I am sending you?" I looked at him.

"No brother, I am coming to my sister."

"Your sister? Who is your sister?"

Xiaozheng looked at me too seriously. "My sister is Liu Shuang, my name is Qianqian, my brother, do you know my sister?"

"I rely on? Violent woman is your sister? She lives in my upstairs... but she is a fox demon! Then you..."

Thousands of smiles, and then a cluster of tails revealed. "Brother, I am also a fox demon, three tails~"