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Coffee fat daily basics - coffee beans


Dear friends, everyone, coffee fat, today, update my knowledge of the column! It is about to celebrate the 11th National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival! Here, coffee is fat, I wish you all a happy holiday! Secondly, coffee fat should tell everyone a message, that is, during the eleventh period, coffee fat also wants to take a chance to take a break and play and walk, so the column may not be updated. Don't worry about your friends. After this holiday, I will still be back! I hope that everyone will follow me as always.

Let's start today's topic, let's talk about coffee beans.

Today's coffee beans, coffee fat does not want to start from the origin. Because I personally think that it was something that I have already said before, today we talk about the different flavors of coffee in different regions, so that friends who like to drink coffee at home usually choose the direction of coffee beans. Not much to say that we drove!

The first thing we need to tell is the origin of coffee - African beans .

The vast land of Africa can also be described as a vast area. When I think of Africa, I think of Zhao Zhongxiang's classic dubbing program "Animal World". It is not only a paradise for animals, but also the birthplace of coffee civilization. Ethiopia in North Africa is a hot term for coffee in recent years. The most famous coffee beans are found here. Even more famous beans have emerged in this cradle. For example, Yega Snowfield, West Damo, Kong Jia and so on.

Speaking of the characteristics of African beans, my friends who want to drink should have a deep feeling. acid! This one can completely tease the words of taste buds and saliva, and many friends who like to drink coffee are discouraged. Because this obvious taste is a taste that is very unacceptable to many traditional coffee lovers.

However, here is a brief introduction to coffee fat. African beans, whether it is Ethiopia's Yeka Sheffield or Kenya, the high sourness that makes many traditional fans sneer, but many new coffee people like it. Its sourness is concentrated in the first bite just drank. The taste is sour, but it is so pleasant! Like a fruit candy bitten in the mouth. Citric acid, citrus, with a hint of bayberry. There is even a taste of a very familiar grape. This is the unique front section of the washed African beans. It is very novel and unique and is loved by many young coffee lovers.

At the same time, the faint jasmine fragrance can be felt from the tip of the nose, which is actually the unique aroma of coffee flowers. The dark chocolate of the tail rhyme is relatively weak. A swallowing, the sweetness of the aftertaste will make people feel that it is still a wonderful experience.

Saying that the layers of washed beans are distinct, let's talk about the wild style of another African bean. African sun-dried beans.

Long-term sun exposure and high temperatures have brought another kind of unselfish gift to nature in Africa, where the water volume is not very abundant. Spread the picked coffee fruit all over the open space like a threshing field. After a long period of exposure, the surface of the coffee fruit will slowly fall off. At the same time, the aroma contained in a part of the epidermis penetrates into the coffee beans. The roasted coffee beans after roasting will have an obvious wine taste. This taste is like a waking wine. The aroma is overflowing with fruity aromas and a strong sweetness. Drinking a bite seems to have a lion-like feeling in the African grasslands under the scorching sun. This immersive taste buds experience may only be brought by sun-dried African beans.

So, like more fresh and layered experiences, the idea of ​​coffee fat is that you can try African coffee beans. This taste will make your eyes shine!

After talking about African beans, we are transforming a perspective. Banana leaves, big king brown, bright flowers of various colors will make you think of the smell of tropical rain forest? Now we are talking about the closest to us - Asian beans!

Asia is also a major producer of coffee beans in the world. Although a large number of economically grown coffee trees are the raw materials of instant coffee, Robusta species. But there is another world-famous type of coffee beans in Indonesia, that is Mandheling!

I used to introduce Mandheling this coffee bean in the coffee name. Today we are going to talk about his obvious features! The feeling that Mandheling brings to me personally is a strong simplicity and ultimate. To describe his words with a taste, I think many people will use dark chocolate to describe it. The mellow is undoubtedly the best vocabulary to describe Mandheling. The brewed Mandheling exudes a strong aroma of traditional coffee. It will let a lot of people know that you have brewed a cup of coffee with a very strong taste and high quality. If you use bitterness to describe the taste of Mandheling, I think it is more appropriate to use alcohol. His bitterness is not the ultimate bitterness, but a bitterness with cocoa aroma. In contrast, coffee fat thinks alcohol may be more suitable to describe Mandheling! If you are a coffee lover who likes the taste of traditional coffee, then I think that Mandheling, which has just been blasted into the second blast, is a good choice for you!

I once remembered that when I knew about coffee, I had a spokesperson for coffee beans, and I was called a spokesperson. Because it is a kind of anthropomorphic. The two sacks of coffee beans are the main image of the coffee produced in this area. That is what many people appreciate - Colombia. Yes, we came to the Americas from Asia.

The American Bean can be said to be the region with the most different taste of beans in a region. Different places make the characteristics of different beans. I think we should expand it to explain one by one.

Let me talk about Colombia first! The Arabica coffee beans in the Huilan production area can be said to be Colombia's national treasure coffee beans. The Colombia we usually say is also referring to him. The aroma of the baked nuts is fully utilized in the roasting of the coffee. The texture of dark chocolate mixed with cream has become the most popular place for this coffee. He doesn't have the extremes of Mandheling, nor the romance of Jeghefeh, as adept as an old housekeeper. Caring for. So no doubt he became the darling of most white-collar workers.

And he should also be one of the typical representatives of Central American coffee. Why is it one of them? Because there is another very famous coffee bean in Central America, that is Guatemala. I believe that this name may be familiar to many people. Sometimes Guatemala is characterized by the smoky flavor of the volcanic ash soil and the creamy, silky taste. But be aware that it is not an easy task to control such a coffee bean. The firepower is slightly larger, the smell of smoke is covered by bitterness, the firepower is slightly smaller, and the taste of grass and grain cannot be completely released. It can be seen that such a bean is enough to represent the obvious characteristics of Central American coffee.

I have said that China and the United States say South America. Here is the world's most cost-effective, and the most expensive coffee. That is the well-known Brazil. For coffee fat, Brazilian coffee is as famous as Brazilian football. For the evaluation of Brazil, I think it can be described as a big one. The biggest feature of Brazil is that it has no features. Yes, you are not mistaken~ This is the biggest advantage of Brazil. Unpretentious, moderate and introverted, and full of rivers and rivers. I remember the words that the teacher said when I was at school. It is difficult for us to make a bowl of water flat. However, Brazil has done this. If you are a coffee drinker, I deeply recommend that you taste Brazil. This is a no matter how you brew and what depth of baking you will not give you a cup of coffee that is unpleasant and unacceptable. It is this tolerance that makes him the most famous coffee. This is exactly what makes this a very famous breed in the history of coffee in the world.

If you like the coffee that is usually mellow and sweet, Brazil is definitely the best choice. However, all coffee is judged by people. Each has its own characteristics and has its own merits. This has made an important feature that coffee can be based on the world. No matter what the taste of coffee, in coffee fat thinks that there is no best coffee in the world, only the coffee you like is the best. So, if you like coffee, try different flavors and find your favorite flavor. A good cup of coffee can bring you a good mood of the day. I think this may be the biggest gain that coffee can bring you!

I am a fat coffee, a fat man who likes to share coffee with you! Welcome to pay attention to my public account coffee-pang and interact with me to learn more about the dry content of coffee!