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The most suitable love movie for girls


The most suitable 7 erotic movies to watch.

In the free time, holding a girlfriend on the sofa/bed to watch one or two love action movies. In the movie, you will have some unspeakable plots with your girlfriend. Of course, men are most happy. of

However, the film of the island country is too straightforward, and the girls refuse to look at it. Today, the kitten recommends 7 pieces, and the girls accept more movies.


"I love crazy Sex (port)" / My PS partner / My phone lover / My PS Partner

2012 (Korea)

The film is vaguely obscuring the sex in the title of the film. It is a love comedy with the theme of telephone sex. It tells the story of a pair of sentimental men and women who have started a love story because of a phone call. Lines and hilarious stories will bring different movie styles to the audience.

I want to be a creative singer, Sheng Sheng (Chi Cheng), and I learned that my ex-girlfriend had found Gao Zhuang Fuxin’s boyfriend, and she was greatly stimulated. She couldn’t sleep at night, and the feeling of inferiority and loneliness broke out immediately, and she couldn’t sleep for a night. He received a strange "porn" phone...

The passion shot in the movie is completely uncoded and occluded (as long as your resources are right), the ex-girlfriend of the actor is closer to the nakedness, and the sex lens deeply stimulates the hearts of the female audience, and can definitely provoke the other half. Awkward sex!


"The color of love"

2001 (Korea)

A young man who didn’t know why his parents were born back to the birth town to explore his own life, so he learned a long-lost story from the mouth of a neighboring woman: the young man living alone on the second floor through a small hole in the dilapidated floor A beautiful and sexy young woman who peeks downstairs often stays alone, and her husband, who is a security guard, occasionally returns home, just using her as a tool of venting.

One day, the young man had no intention of picking up the key to the door downstairs, so he sneaked into the young woman's room day and night, mimicking her husband's relationship with her...

The scale in the movie can be said that Korea is the beginning of the development of modern pornography. The lens is no different from the film. It is the plot that leads her to the mirror, and to the second half of the drama, she is already thrilled. In your arms, let you do whatever you want!


Sweet and Sexual Love

2003 South Korea

Although the personality of Jinke (Jin Songsu) is restrained, he always hopes that one-night stand can happen. At this time, he met Shen Xia (Jin Sirong), a girl who was frustrated. Shen Xia, who has lost love many times, has no confidence in love and wants to use her body for joy. The two people who met each other had a one-night stand. Afterwards, the winter department wanted to see Shen Xia often, and she left her phone.

Soon after, the two began to live together, but the life of cohabitation seems to be only for...

The beginning of the movie is because of sex

So it’s all from beginning to end, oh...


"Frost Flower Shop"

Year 2008

The film tells the story of the beautiful and dangerous love and betrayal between the Korean King, the captain of the beautiful youth team, Jian Longwei, and the beautiful Wang Hao...

Why do you recommend this because there are not only awkward shots, but also the female goddess Song Zhixiao, the male god Zhao Yucheng, but these two names are put together, there is a wonderful way, let alone they have to do something together. Wonderful things...



Japan in 2012

Carrying out a high-risk full-body cosmetic surgery, the Lilizi after reborn, with the artificial angel face and the devil figure, quickly became the top fashion magazines, as well as the international brand's royal model, realizing the dream.

While Lilyzi enjoyed the beauty of the colorful, unconsciously, the sequela of plastic surgery began to invade her carefully crafted body.

The heroine inside is beautiful, but the hidden crisis behind the beauty is the most exciting part of the show. There are also a lot of shots. The most exciting part of the erotic film is pornography and horror, giving you a chance to comfort you. She, then by the way in the drama of passion, do something you want to do ~~~


"Wife's Lover"

South Korea 2015

It is a realistic love film, released in South Korea on October 1, 2015. The story is old-fashioned, but it is not exaggerated. It tells the story and life experience of a woman after derailment. Many things have gone through before I understand the gains and losses. I feel that the two heroines in the film are worthy of praise and body...

Inside the lens, um~ wonderful



South Korea 2002

Ren Kui is a leisurely rural doctor. Although he is also a married woman, he never gives up any chance to rely on a woman to send a boring day. At the same time, he will enjoy all kinds of chaotic lust life until he meets Meijing. .

Ren Kui tried every means to win the good feelings of Meijing, and then completely occupied her. Meijing felt the pain in Renkui here to be comforted...

Why are all Korean and Japanese movies?

The reason is the same as why boys love to watch Japanese movies rather than Europe and America. It’s the girl’s desire for love.

If you want to watch a movie that can evoke their sexual desire with the female ticket, the above 7 can generally achieve the goal of the boy. Of course, I think it is very likely that you will see half of it. You have already been unable to describe it. Up...

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