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425 articles of the head of the king's diary: plunging



This kitchen knife market is a drawback

I used to cut the leeks, but now it is the direct leeks of the dealer.

Hey, hey, hey, leek!

At 1 o'clock noon today, I came to Xiamen from the two bosses. We chatted together at the office to have a tea chat. When we chatted, we sneaked a glimpse of the market.

Eos哗哗 rose to 20 RMB, and I was so happy that I almost jumped on the tea table. Bitcoin has also risen a few points, the wave field is more powerful, it has doubled, and the market sentiment has been ignited. Everyone thinks it will go up.

When I was soaked in tea, I was stunned at the glance.

Daxie plunged 10 points in an instant

10 points, in the stock market is the limit, a minute has happened, you and I have no time to be surprised.

When I wrote the diary, now it is more than 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the market has dropped 10 points, eos from 20 yuan, Tongtongtong fell down 17 yuan, I 3w eos, 100,000 yuan is gone.

You said that I still have the heart to drink tea.

I can only use tea as tap water, and stuffed my head with two big mouths.

However, I am very happy today. I have met two new friends and talked about a lot of money. When I was in love with c. When I was rushing to raise crowdfunding, they were afraid of not being able to grab it.

When I was grabbed, I earned it.

They put some of the tokens of the year into a wallet. At the peak, the market value was more than 30 million, which was a profit. Now, when you look at the wallet, your heart is cold, and it is worth more than 300,000.

At the time of 94, a lot of people lost RMB in three yuan. From the beginning of 2017 to today, it has only been more than a year since the beginning of the year. The currency circle has already had two rounds of bulls and bears.

We talked to the end and reached a consensus

Every round of bull-bear conversion, there will be a company rise, personal rise

Of course, the most important thing is that every round of bull-bear conversion is a wave of opportunities for riches.

The head of the king's eos ecology 43rd: How do assets control themselves?

Friendly reminder: Every day I write in my diary is my own life and what I think. It does not represent any investment advice. Please treat all the leeks and leeks with wisdom. Do not operate with the warehouse. Please invest in cash and stay away from leverage!