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Research experience (1, how to check the literature)

The cover comes from "Ideal Sun", Chen Hongyu

Professional is wireless communication, and reading is now the sixth year. It is a painful and happy thing to do research, find innovations, and write a thesis. I want to summarize my experience here, intermittently, and may be useful in the future.

First of all, it is a problem that people who want to do research will definitely encounter. How to check the literature?

The literature is divided into Chinese and English literature.

Chinese literature can know online to find in China, the URL for the Chinese HowNet

English literature can be

1. The IEEE database IEEE Xplore Digital Library is searched above, but this is only the American Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It can be understood as an organization. The content of this database only contains the conferences and conferences that the organization has opened. The main subjects are electrical/electronic/communication/control/computer.

2, Elsevier (SD) journal database, Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books. The main disciplines are engineering, computer, physics and management disciplines. This database is better to recommend journals based on your thesis title and abstract, showing the review cycle. This service can be found in Journal Authors

3. Wiley Database, The main subjects are engineering and information.

4, Springerlik database, Home - Springer , the main subject is technology engineering.

Then the above is the database, and the articles in these databases are basically retrieved by EI or SCI.

EI search library for Engineering Village

SCI Search Library is Please Sign In to Access Web of Science

To do scientific research, we must look at the English literature. Do not do research without looking at the English literature.