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What is the superiority of ridiculing the "mother gun"?


These days, discussions about the "mother gun" occupied major forums and social networks.

A number of popular idol stars have been invited from the CCTV's "First Class of Schools" program group, causing many parents and onlookers to feel dissatisfied;

An article in the official media Xinhua News Agency commented that "the wind of the guns is a break" caused heated discussions.

What do you think about the "mother gun"?

There are boys who love to dress, and there are also rough girls.

We were educated from a young age: boys must have boys, girls should be like girls,

What exactly is it supposed to be?

Traditional view:

Boys act masculine, strong, courageous, independent, pursue achievements, and be competitive;

Girls act feminine, delicate, obedient, dependent, gentle, and tidy.
Now the point of view:

A girl is masculine, strong, courageous, independent, pursuing achievement, and competing. Everyone feels cool;
saying that a boy is feminine, delicate, obedient, dependent, gentle, and tidy, everyone will have a hint of ridicule;

If you say "women must have long hair, wear skirts, step on high heels" is a narrow perception of women,

Then why do men have to have "masculinity"?

A masculine boy is going to be called a "mother gun"?

First of all, the word "mother" is derogatory in the scope of everyone's understanding;

The relative "man" is derogatory;

Why should women be used as a humiliating vocabulary?

In the world, there are not many men who look very "man" but are irresponsible and not responsible.

Now that the boys have some requirements for appearance and clothing, or have skin care awareness, they will be said to be pregnant;

Isn’t the mother only judged by appearance?

Has a makeup been "mother gun", "not male or female"?
Why can't men make up?

Is the makeup itself low-lying?

Or does it give a gender color that is lower than that of a male?

So what is the "mother gun"?

Is it a straight male deer with a clean face?

Or is the muscle zero of the sisters in the circle?

It is estimated that even the person who invented the word did not figure out!

In the "Da Ming Gong Ci", the prince's deaf child said: "What kind of man must be? The man has the martial arts of the prince, and I am so charming and charming."

More than a decade ago, TV dramas pursued the liberation of personality, and now even the stereotypes of character can not be broken.

Women in the mainstream aesthetics of the United States have strong thighs and sexy buttocks, and they like to have a distinctive second sexuality of women. The mainstream aesthetic in East Asia is a favorite white and sweet wind, and may feel the elephant legs of European and American girls;

Muscular men are appreciated, and some people like thin, tender, youthful boys;

What is wrong with different aesthetics?

C Ronaldo has an interview saying, "Anyone can dress beautifully and beautifully. This is a culture. I want my girlfriend, mother, and sister to feel good."

Everyone likes different types. I like the natural clean look and I really appreciate the boys who don't wear make-up. Does this mean they are inferior?

People should have the freedom to do anything without harming others, so what orientation and what dress is a person's freedom.

Of course, it is also your freedom to be indifferent, but to impose your own judgment on the group, the intention to turn the private opinion into the mainstream value of the society is to oppress the minority.

Even if Zhang Guorong is talented and has the strength and gentleness and kindness, he is also controversial in the age of his presence. Wearing a women's costume on stage is accused by the entire Hong Kong media of "the shemale."

If we say that the aesthetic of "Mother" is not worth promoting,

I want to say that if even a certain aesthetic can not be tolerated, but also openly criticize, or even "destroy", this is terrible.

Why do you have to confront your appearance and personality?

A person's appearance "fathers" does not mean that he will be brave to bear; a person's appearance "mother gun" does not mean that he will evade responsibility; always judges a person through appearance, is it not a stereotype?

Some of the greased Jia Baoyu is ten thousand times stronger than a stinking scent like Jia Wei and Xue Yu!

In reality, some of the intense remarks in the Internet will really hurt some of the people who are sincere and kind, and hope that the world will embrace every boy who is kind and responsible, regardless of his appearance!

Staggered polymorphism is the source of happiness!

What is terrible is not the young mother, but the younger sister.

What is the standard of “mother”?
If it is said from the physical quality that the general physique of European and American males is the standard, the Asian males can be more than one and a half stars;
if they are spiritually responsible, they have the responsibility and courage and responsibility, which is a universal value, regardless of gender;
So what is it about when you scream "The young man is the Chinese mother?"

From a person or a refined or rough appearance, one can see a person's knowledge, cultivation, character, morality and quality?

If so, why do the worlds still have words from the experience of life such as "the appearance of the land" and "the human face"?

Everyone in history sees that the lie of "the beauty of the water" has long been untenable, so the pattern is refurbished - all blame the man too!

Wei Jin, the closest to feminization, said that in the new language, Rong Kang described the well-being: If the rock is independent of the lone pine, its drunk is also like the collapse of Yushan, which is my highest fantasy of the appearance of the ancient beauty.

The Qing Dynasty, which was poor and weak, was defeated by the Eight-Power Allied Forces because the men at the time made up their makeup or raised their eyebrows?

I seem to have heard the smug smiles of the people in the pot.

Red-faced, beautiful men or mothers, it is impossible to miss the country.

The most important thing for man is character;

The character is rotten, and then the mighty man is also a scum;

Good-looking, delicate, gentle, careful, and tidy boys can double their points.

Anyone can have something that they look down on, just as some people look down on the fat house;

But don't rise to the extent of personal attacks and persecutions, nor can you think that only the form that you recognize is the only one in the world;

Shouldn't the most precious education of a teenager be to let him learn to be respectful and tolerant?

No matter how the aesthetics change, it is good to keep the bottom line of morality, always emphasize the appearance too much, and ignore the inner education, it is the end of the cart!

The so-called "hard guy" who saw the wife of the domestic violence also saw the small meat that set off the whole family.

"Niang" is not terrible, narrow and scary!

Your gender should not limit anything you like.

Jolin Tsai's 2015 play world tour video "What's different?"

Ye's son is called Ye Yongzhen, and Ye Yongzhen was born in 1985.

Because of his "feminization" of temperament, he suffered from school bullying in junior high school.

When they went to the toilet, the boys took off their trousers on the grounds of "identifying the body", so that he did not dare to go to the toilet after class.

On the morning of April 20, 2000, Ye Yongzhen sang in his favorite music class. After singing, Ye Yongzhen raised his hand and told the teacher that he was going to pee. Because he was very embarrassed, the teacher promised to let him leave the classroom. WC.

In the fourth quarter, when the second-grade boys went to the toilet, they found that Ye Yongzhen was lying in the blood pool of the toilet. Ye Yongzhen was sent to the cardiology department and continued to coma. In addition, the intracranial injury was serious and the situation continued to deteriorate. At 4:45 am on the 21st. Divided into death.

Two years after the incident, Taiwan passed the "Gender Equality Education Law", and audio-visual works and books related to Ye Yongzhen also became textbooks or reference materials.

The social environment deepens the theory of gender distinction and puts a shackle on children who seem to “do not do things like this gender”;

Few people tell children that as long as he likes, feels comfortable and does not harm others,

Even boys can play dolls and watch Barbie's book. Exquisite gentleness is not the privilege of girls.

Advocating gender equality is not to override males. It is hoped that both men and women will enjoy the same rights and opportunities.

One of the conditions for equality between men and women does not include the right of men to choose not to be masculine?

The stereotype of gender is a double oppression of men and women.

It is believed that men must be masculine and powerful, and women must be gentle and tender. Any male or female who does not meet this standard may become the object of judgment. After stereotypes, it is prejudice, and further is discrimination.

When can we no longer be arrogant to others, and we will be moral models when we are not satisfied with each other. We can improve ourselves comfortably.

I hope that one day, we will not be bound by gender stereotypes.

Men can confide to others crying without being accused of weakness,

Older women who are not married will not be treated with the same vision;

Masculine, perseverance, independence, promising, and advancing will not immediately make people think of men.

Feminine, sensitive, gentle, and quiet will not be synonymous with women.

No single soul will be classified as simple and rude.

Physiologically, people are two genders, but definitely not only two kinds of faces, people of all kinds, people with their own personality and thoughts are the most lovely and interesting.

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Today, the man is accused of not having a man, maybe tomorrow, the woman will be accused of not having a woman...

Are the gentle, delicate and graceful boys around you accused of pointing?

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