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Where did Tom Dwan go in 2016?


Where did Tom Dwan go in 2016?

A person who is harder to find than the thief Carmen (note: Carmen Sandiego, the famous thief in the cartoons of the 1990s) is not Tom Dwan. He once swept online poker with the ID "Durrrr", which attracted $2.66 million. After nearly two years, he seems to have disappeared from the earth.

Tom Dwan, who rarely appeared, prompted everyone to start wondering if he was bankrupt. It is true that every professional player with a certain amount of professional career needs to endure such doubts. But Tom Dwan's infamous time, people have to guess the authenticity of this rumor.

Today we will speculate on where Tom Dwan is going. Maybe you can understand that this genius youth is indeed bankrupt or just put away the edge.

Speculation 1: Tom Dwan is indeed bankrupt

One of the most common speculations now is that Tom Dwan has gone bankrupt, playing games that are not related to poker somewhere in the world. If he still plays poker, it may be because he has some support.

His ability to play cards allows him to squeeze out other people's financial support to make himself jump out of the pit.

Those who are considering funding him should be tournament sponsors. But do you remember when he last appeared in the tournament? I don't remember either.

Speculation 2: The funds are “injured” and need to be replenished to return to the high stakes table.

Another speculation is that in order to return to the high stakes table again, Tom Dwan needs to rebuild the funds. He is not completely bankrupt, but his current funds cannot afford the fluctuations caused by the high stakes. Some people say that Macao businessmen or other professional players have funded him and only gave him 10% of his profits.

Someone discovered Dwan in Macau last year. This further supports this speculation, although it has not exposed the so-called sponsors. Many large-scale events are held in Macau, and Macao's media resources are not as developed as the United States. So Macau is a good place to rebuild funds.

If this speculation is true, it means that Dwan is experiencing a relatively long-term downturn. This can lead some people to doubt his overall level of playing. What we can do is blame the fluctuations.

Speculation 3: Tom Dwan uses another ID to play online

Since he publicly quit X-Speed ​​Poker as a professional player, he has never seen him online. Based on his profitability, some people speculate that he is likely to rebuild funds through other IDs.

He can succeed in several ways: First, withdrawing from the hottest non-anonymous table platform is not at all difficult. Second, switch to a smaller table, which is usually not recorded by a website like HighstakesXX, or it is one of thousands of records. He may occasionally hit a high stakes table, but the number will not be as high as others.

Some people speculate that Dwan often plays on the XX star. He is unlikely to play on 888 or other similar sites. XX Star is a place that is easy to keep low-key and suitable for hitting a stake. It's hard to imagine him hitting a bet on the line. Maybe he was not sponsored to play the highest stakes.

Speculation 4: Dwan is good, just want to fade out of the poker circle

According to Dwan's actions in recent years, this speculation seems to be reasonable. There is nothing wrong with Dwan's funding, but he wants to fade out of the poker world. Over the years, Dwan has stood in the spotlight of the poker world and is one of the most sponsored players in the world.

Affected by the Black Friday incident, all the sponsorships are gone, plus the X-speed poker scandal (X-speed poker steals player funds), Dwan may be tired of his aura. Unable to adapt to the new X-speed poker, and finally prompted him to go to Macau.

The results of the Dwan Championship can reflect this. Since the beginning of 2014, he rarely put money in live tournaments. When people find him, he is not playing poker in Macau, or supporting the casino business in Macau.

When it is enough to play in Macau, it feels comfortable, Dwan is likely to return to the public eye. He may be waiting for the legalization of online poker to expand in the United States. Now, apart from the XX Star, there are few opportunities for other big poker sponsors to promote this development. Therefore, in the absence of any economic benefits, Dwan does not need to return to the spotlight.

Is Dwan really bankrupt? We don't think so. He is very likely to just take a break in Macau. When he returns again, all the poker media and poker fans around the world will welcome him with open arms.