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Frequently asked questions about qualifying for the new season, the order does not know how to abandon the tower support, and assists not to protect the bear monster!


It has been more than half a month since the beginning of the S13 season. I believe many players have a certain understanding of the new version.

Recently, when I used the trumpet to make a position in the Star Yao Bureau, I found some serious problems. I want to explain it to you separately, so that you can pay more attention when you next qualify, to avoid stepping on the minefield.

1You must know how to abandon the tower to support the team economy.

The new version of the auxiliary equipment changes, so that the assistant can help the teammates push the line unscrupulously, which also strengthens the suppression of online heroes in disguise, especially when facing the double road, it will be very passive.

I often see a lot of players in the diamond star, like to forcibly guard the tower, reluctant to the income of the few small soldiers, resulting in the final "double harvest" of the enemy, the more inferior.

In fact, the significance of such a strong tower guard is really not great. It is also a shame and a loss of towers. It is also possible to let the resources of the Blue Buff field be plundered. It is better to abandon the tower directly from the beginning.

Abandoning the tower not only allows you to eat a line safely, but also has the strength to go to the wild area, and the most important thing is not to be snowballed by the enemy.

(Many people like to be greedy and cheap, and want to change one under the tower. In fact, one change is also a loss, because now the line is too valuable, a person is not as good as a wave of troops.)

If you see that the tower's blood volume is not much, and the opposite side is still fighting to force the tower, then there is really no need to defend, you can go straight to the middle of the road, or go to the blue buff wild area to clear the wild monsters Let's prevent the opposite side from stealing.

You can also go down the road to help your own shooter press the tower, let the wilderness and the mage go to the second tower, anyway, the idea must be flexible, not self-imposed.

The pace of the S13 season is accelerating. There is no need to lock yourself on the line. Sometimes you can directly abandon a tower, support your teammates, help the middle road to open the situation, and then change the tower to invade and gain the advantage of the previous period.

(In the new season, due to the reduced blood volume of the "Bear Monsters", the battle for this wild monster has become extremely fierce, so that the frequency of small-scale group battles in the middle of the road rises linearly. If you really can't find the rhythm, Going to the middle of the road is often better than going to other places.)

2Auxiliary to upgrade the third-level auxiliary equipment 8 minutes ago

There are two extremes in the current assistance. One is not to buy auxiliary equipment. I think that 30% of the auxiliary equipment is too poor, which affects my own development. The other is that I don't upgrade the auxiliary equipment and feel that I am not poor enough.

No matter what kind of situation is not very good, in fact, the new version of the assistant is really necessary to buy, this is a device that can improve the team's online suppression force. After assisting in possession, you can go online to help push the line. It is very easy. Can gain the advantage of the line of war, thus improving the success rate of the wilderness invasion area.

In addition, in order to ensure the flatness of the middle and late period, it is best to make the third-level auxiliary equipment before 8 minutes, so that it can make up for the economic gap in the medium term and make it easier for them to explore the field.

(If you don't upgrade the third-level auxiliary equipment before 8 minutes, it is possible that the economy is getting lower and lower, which will cause the enemy to directly collect the fire every second, but become a breakthrough.)

You can understand the new version of the auxiliary equipment as "rhythm", mainly for the purpose of pressing the line and letting the wilderness quickly brush up and grasp the initiative of the early rhythm.

Don't look down on this little rhythm. Sometimes you get a little advantage in the early stage, the morale of your teammates will be more, and it will definitely be more exciting.

3 to understand the protection of wild areas and invasion of wild

Everyone knows that the blood of the new version of the wild monster is generally much lower, so it is very convenient for some heroes who have AOE damage to steal the wild. Especially at the first level, there are often some orders to go with the assistant to steal the bear. Strange, leading to the development of their own wilderness.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to go to the grass under the middle road and open the field of vision to prevent the enemy from stealing the bear. If necessary, you can also call the wilderness and the next road to lie in the grass, ready to take the bag. Take a blood.

(especially when encountering a hero who is very fast on the opposite side of Guan Yu, Dian Wei and Dharma, it is really awesome to call a teammate to ambush)

In addition, some strong heroes on the line, after clearing the line of soldiers, also know how to go to the enemy field to steal wild snowballs and suppress the development of the enemy's wilderness, so that you can slowly grasp the initiative from the details.

(Don't drill into the tower every time you finish the line. Be sure to pay more attention to the small map. If you see the enemy playing away from the wilderness, go to the enemy field and go shopping. There are wild monsters to collect, slowly Pulling the economy down, or you will choose a strong hero on the line.

4, after the first operation of the line of war, then go to fight

In the Diamond Stars Bureau, I was most troubled. Before the fight in the middle and late period, teammates didn’t like to deal with the soldiers and then fight. They were often inexplicable, and then they won’t push the tower and defeat. Directly pushed to the ground, the rhythm is very chaotic.

In fact, the mid-late season of the S13 season is similar to the S12 season. After all, the damage of the defensive tower is still very high. If you really want to stabilize the high ground, you must pay attention to the operation of the line.

Before each group, you must keep the two lines of soldiers crossing the river, so that you will be able to push the tower, and it will not be pinned too much.

Of course, dealing with the line of war is not for you to carry it all the time. It’s almost a matter of crossing the river. It’s not very important to bring it down. It’s easy to be ambushed. When it’s time to be killed, it’s worth the loss.

to sum up

The details of the "new version of the auxiliary equipment" and the "bears three-person group" are the most exposed. Everyone must pay more attention to the usual rankings. When you see the teammates confused, you can appropriately remind you of the rankings. It will be more comfortable.


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