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Everything you need to know about the barn door


There is now a very fashionable door called Barn Door, English is Barn door. Originally a warehouse door for foreign farms, it was later used indoors. The barn door is actually a kind of sliding door. The track is exposed, the installation is simple, and the hand can even DIY. The shape of the door can be wild or graceful, and it can be matched with almost any decoration style.

Half a year ago, when I searched the barn door online, the Chinese materials were still very poor. After half a year, it was not the same. The sellers on Taobao were everywhere, but the shops were mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Their taste and business. The sense of smell is really the best in China.

This is the first barn door I saw. At that time, I felt that the beauty exploded. Although I have seen it now, I don’t have much feeling. This door shape is also the most copied on Taobao.

Where can the barn door be used?

There is no door lock on the barn door, and the joint with the wall is not tightly jointed, so it is suitable for non-closed spaces, places where sound insulation and safety are not so high, such as kitchen, storage room, laundry room, cloakroom. Or make a partition, and it is very suitable for partitioning.

What wall is hangable?

Since the barn door is mainly supported by the track, the wall to be suspended must be able to be stressed, so it is best to bear the wall, and the hollow brick wall is not acceptable.

What materials are there in the track?

The main hardware of the barn door is the hanging rail of the hanging door body and the swaying device of the ground , that is, the ground rail . The wooden door must be fitted with a swaying device, and the glass door can be uneasy. The quality of the track determines the safety factor and experience of the door, so choosing a good quality track is very important and more critical than the door itself.

There are two main types of hanging rails: dark metal and stainless steel .

What is the hanging rail?

Personal preference for dark metal, and the simpler the look, the better: ▼

What are the materials of the door?

Solid wood, sheet, glass and even metal can be used to make the door. If you have old door panels and broken copper, it will be more beautiful.

Wooden door ▼

Metal door ▼

Glass door ▼

How can I use it, can I give a chestnut? Ok

Outdoor warehouse door: ▼

Use as a partition for large spaces: ▼

Households that require less privacy in the bathroom can be used as a bathroom door: ▼

The barn door is most suitable for use in the kitchen. Replace the glass sliding door of the road cargo: ▼

The most used place in foreign countries is the storage space: ▼

The cloakroom is also properly:▼

If you have a laundry room at home. . .

Brush a blackboard paint, you can be a blackboard wall: ▼

Add a door to the bookcase: ▼

Chinese people's favorite TV wall can also be used ~▼

Someone said, you are quite ugly, how ugly, okay, or don't make a video wall. . .

Purely decorative: ▼

How much do you have to love the barn door? . .

Friend's barn door oh~▼

Where can I buy a barn door?

Track hardware, recommended to buy in Taobao, because there are many homes on the Internet to do export, the quality is still relatively good.

Doors , Taobao's door shape is more, they are all foreign, so the style is not said, but the quality of the door is not good. In non-Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions, if you can find a professional production door in the local area, it is best to buy it locally, and you can refer to the online look, which is also more economical.

I have found several stores on Taobao. I think it is more reliable and I recommend it to everyone for reference.

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Left neighbor factory shop

Convenience store in Barn Gate

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