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After reading the "Kite Runner"


After reading the kite, except for social unrest, war, racial discrimination... worthy of reflection, I feel that the storyline in the book deeply touched me. I saw a lot of readers who didn't like Amir in their childhood, and liked the sensible and brave Hassan. I also like Hassan's well-behaved and sympathetic to his experience, but my inner balance is more inclined to Amir, I want to hold him a small hug. Compared with Hassan’s misfortune, I am even more pitiful to Amir. From the beginning, I think Amir really is not like his father’s. He sometimes wonders if Amir will be his mother and Others born, after reading through, found that Amir’s character is most like his father’s. “There is a father who has his son.” They all have crimes because of certain ideas. Amir has the right to save Hassan. But after all, he is a good person in his bones. Only a good person, a conscience person will be painful after making a mistake. The feeling of burning fire prompted him to later redeem his soul. Amir is poor. I have never seen my mother since birth. The beautiful, noble and elegant woman can only see from the photos. It is difficult to know the story about her mother from others, and the closest to him wants to know about her mother. The story is still heard from a professor who is begged by war. If the mother is alive, Amir should grow up to be a person who loves and sees the happy little prince. ! My mother said, "When they are prepared to deprive you of something, they will make you so happy" implies the beginning of the tragedy. Although Amir lived in a magnificent house, there was no need to worry about food and clothing, but he couldn’t get all his father’s love. He lived in doubt every day and was blinded by a hidden lie. He didn’t understand why there would always be Hassan separated his father's love, this lie caused the shadow of his heart and the weakness of his character for the first half of his life. His inner loneliness, he longed for the care of his father, he longed for his father to seriously accompany him... He did not get the father's love and favor, but also shared with Hassan. Although I finally forced Asan, my relationship with my father fell to the freezing point. After going to the United States together, there is still no kind of harmonious father-son relationship with Dad. I feel that a person can face a hard life, but can not face the lies of a beloved father, but hope that others can enjoy their father's love in the most frank and frank way, instead of living under a lie. Although Amir has material enjoyment, the shadow in her heart cannot be remedied. Hassan also had his luck. Although he was racist, he had a heart and soul to hurt his servant's father. There was another father who loved him in another way. His heart is not lacking in love, though mother The debauchery hurt him, but his mother did not die. At the end of her life, she also made up for some of the missing maternal love... This is what Amir can't match. His only beloved father gives his servant to his servant. Sang, sometimes let him groan, I think this is a big shadow for a child! Under the ignorance of the reason, I did not know why Amir tried to find a way to please Dad. He is poor. He bears his father's sin and is deprived of the right to know the truth. If he knows the truth, I think he will be really happy. He will relieve himself and understand his father's attitude towards him... A father owes The debts underneath were borne by two sons, and sin made his two sons unable to live happily. Fortunately, Amir has a chance to redeem. When I was studying, I didn’t cry very much, but when I read the post, I felt that I was crying on the pillow. I was so distressed that Amir, especially after he knew the truth, when he redeemed his soul, he did what he did. It was done by Hassan. It is a pity that his father was gone. He could not see his son and redeemed his soul.
Standing alone is easy to be lonely, panic, and one stands at the bottom of the valley, no matter where you go, it is upward. I think this sentence is enough to explain why the character of Amir and Hassan is so different, and the environment affects human nature. Everyone is greatly affected by the environment during the process of growing up.