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After the entrepreneurial failure debt, some of my thoughts and reflections!


Public entrepreneurship, innovation. Under such a slogan, many people may, like me, find a gap or project, and if they are hot, they want to start a business and then hope to be a successful life. But many people, like me, have failed in business and have a lot of debt. Just like some entrepreneurial comrades around me, I slowly find a job to make money and pay debts.
In the past two years, I started a store business, started a business for 2 years, and failed, all kinds of consumption, office, equipment, and purchase. It is no small overhead. After the debt, I will re-examine my past. Because there are debts to be paid, the next few years may be to fight for debt.

Let me talk about my thoughts. There are a few things to note.
1. Don’t borrow
money to pay off your debts. You have to borrow money to pay off debts, especially credit cards or usury. In this case, you may not be able to afford it, and your parents will be affected. I am most afraid of being passive after debts, not wanting to work to make money, just thinking about paying debts easily, that is impossible.
2. Don't lose credit.
If you have a credit card, some of them are credit cards. Don't use new cards to raise cards like others. If credit is exhausted one day, these credit problems will always be a problem in your life. Don't lose your credit. Treat your family and friends with money, don't ignore them, give them confidence, and specify a repayment plan. Don't contact because of debt. This is also a credit issue.
3, consumption reduction, saving money
Since the business failed, do not install any rich people. Control your own consumption, buy things to buy practical, don't spend money for vanity, it is a bit.

On how to save the future
1, a variety of ways to make money to try to
work, you can also use time to make money, by the way to accumulate their own social circle. You can go to the stalls and learn how to make money on the Internet. Because there are a lot of debts, you have to take several jobs to pay off your debts. Then take the opportunity to explore more ways to make money, unsure of the investment, the amount is too much, do not do, do some small-cost business like stalls.
2, adjust your mood and state,
although you know that no debt is very easy, but since it is already, let the past failures go, not too tangled. Try hard to cheer, the future is still bright!
3, after learning a skill specialty
, I started looking for a job, but found that although I understand everything, but not profound. I feel that I can't do anything, and I don't have any confidence. Therefore, I feel that there must be a specialization in the industry to learn a skill that I can master. Although it may be very hard, but to work hard, this is a good way out.

In general, debt is not terrible, and terrible is negative. If you work hard for a few years or less, you can still pay off your debts. I believe that there will be opportunities in the future and it will be very bright. Life may have changed. When there are debts, it is also a tempering of life. Trying to get out of failure will have a different life. Refueling efforts, I hope that because of entrepreneurship, because the dream friends, can come out and face it positively.